How to Get Your Cousin to Like You

Relations between cousins can be very close and deep. Maybe you were too close, but have separated due to physical distance, misunderstandings or problems within your family. No matter what situation you are in, you can like your cousin and turn the relationship into something that is meaningful to both of you.

Part 1

Building the Relationship with Your Cousin

1. Find the generalities. A good way to build your friendship with your cousins ​​and get them is to find your similarities. These will give you a starting point for your interactions.

On the surface it may seem as if you and your cousin don’t have much. But if you keep your contacts consistent and ask them questions about their lives, then you are likely to find things that are similar to both of you, such as some simple to personality-like hobbies. For example, perhaps you both like to play online games or enjoy Pinterest. You can set up matches against each other or follow their Pinterest boards.

You can use not having multiple similarities to benefit both. It can give each of you a different way of seeing the world or familiarizing you with the new activities you enjoy. For example, if your cousin loves hiking and you never go hiking, consider a hike together. You can enjoy it and even if you don’t, it will still help them more like you because you are open to new experiences.

2.Talk and laugh often will make your relationship with your cousin as often as your schedule permits. By keeping your conversation positive and light, you will often laugh and strengthen your relationship even more.

Social media has made it easier to stay in touch with cousins. You can find different ways to keep in touch with your cousins ​​on websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The prevalence of cell phones has made it easier to send text messages. You can either send traditional text messages or use free messaging services like Weber and WhatsApp.

Online video chatting, through applications such as Skype or FaceTime, makes it easy to get in touch in an even more personal way.

Remember to live positively and respectfully. Do not insult or voluntarily hurt your cousin. If you accidentally hurt him, apologize and move on.

3. Do fun activities together. Spending time together in various activities and having a good time not only helps build your relationship, but also builds trust.

Laughing at your cousin or laughing at something funny will help them to like you. Everyone loves a person who makes others happy.

Be flexible in what you do. You don’t necessarily like every activity your cousin suggests or likes, because they don’t necessarily have the same taste as you. But being flexible will help build your relationship. Your cousin should also be respectful of your choice.

Be sure to spend time together outside of family gatherings. They can often be stressful and cause unwanted drama in relationships.

4. Show genuine interest in them. Listen to what your cousin says and draw threads from the conversation with them. This shows that you pay attention to what they say and are genuinely interested in them and your relationship.

The best way to show interest in your cousin is to ask them questions. They can be as simple as asking “Do you like …” to tell them something about their education or where they live.

Part 2

Gaining Your Cousin’s Trust

1. Be a good communicator. Being a good communicator has two parts: speaking and listening. Talk with your cousin and listen to what they have to say. This will let them know that you are serious about them and your relationship.

Be consistent in your communication. Once you restore contact with your cousin, be consistent in your communication. This does not mean that you have to answer messages or calls immediately, but having regular contact will build trust between you two.

One of the most important components of gaining your cousin’s trust is by listening to them. Show them that their interests and problems are important to you. For example, if they are having trouble at school or with friends, talk to them about their feelings and help them find a solution to the problem.

Sharing secrets with each other will also help in gaining the trust of your cousin. Just make sure not to tell anyone your secrets because it can cause conflict.

2. Reach out to them. Re-establishing contact with your cousins ​​will get you on the right track to gain their trust and make them like you. Keep your first messages simple so that you don’t overwhelm your cousin.

There are different ways to reach your cousin, including a letter, an email, or a phone call. Social media is also an option: you can make your cousin a friend on Facebook or follow them on Instagram. Even this small gesture helps to pave the way for further communication.

Start with a simple message like, “We used to be so close and I’ve missed you. It would be great to get in touch more often if you want to.” This kind of message lets them know your feelings and puts the ball in their court about further contact.

3. Be respectful and flexible. Make your cousin feel comfortable and relaxed when you are talking or spending time together. Being respectful towards them and being flexible in your behavior will help in gaining their trust and they will like you more.

Your cousin may have different beliefs and values ​​than you. Respect and appreciate the differences that show that you are serious about your relationship.

Being respected includes not insulting your cousins ​​or their family members. Taunting or taunting them or telling their secrets to others is also a sign of disrespect.

4. Meet each other in a non-family gathering. Once you have a chance to establish frequent contact with your cousin, suggest meeting the person. However, avoid doing this in a family gathering, which can be a very stressful and disturbing problem.

Keep your first meetings simple. Suggest a coffee, lunch, a movie or sporting event. Once you can get a chance to see each other in short spans, you can meet longer.

Part 3

Maintaining the Relationship with Your Cousin

1. Stay in touch. When you will be in very close contact with your cousin or will not be able to come together, it is natural to have a period there. But even sending a simple message like, “Hey there, hope you’re doing well” allows them to tell that they’re important to you.

Keep in touch with your cousins ​​on websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Call or text them. You can either send traditional text messages or use free messaging services like Weber and WhatsApp.

Online video chatting, through applications such as Skype or FaceTime, makes it easier to keep in touch in a more personal way.

2. Continue to show you care. In addition to keeping in touch, it is good to show your cousins ​​that you care about them. There are many simple ways to do this, from remembering their birthday to helping with a problem.

Remembering important dates for your cousin will help maintain your relationship. Write down birthdays, anniversaries, and important upcoming events so that you send them to your cousins ​​on these dates.

Offering to help your cousin when they have a problem or otherwise, also implies that you still care about them. This can be as simple as helping their child sit in a regular cancell, helping with homework, or shopping for a particular item of clothing.

3. Keep your relationship respectful and positive. It is normal for any relationship to fluctuate, but by keeping your behavior respectful and largely positive towards your cousin, you will be able to maintain your relationship for a long time.

You will sometimes have negative feelings or moments in any chat or interaction. Try your best to handle these situations calmly and respectfully and then move on.

Avoiding family drama will help you to maintain a respectful and positive relationship with your cousin.

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