How to Get People to Dream About You

It can be difficult to persuade someone to fantasise about you. You can try to influence other people’s dreams, but it may not work because the subconscious creates dreams to help you deal with problems. Nonetheless, you can use the techniques in this article to influence someone you know, first by entering the person’s mind before he or she goes to sleep, and second by being memorable in general.

Method 1

Getting in the Person’s Mind

1. Try showing the person a photo of yourself. This trick will be more effective if he or she keeps you on his or her nightstand. If you are the last thing a person sees before going to bed, she is more likely to dream about you.

2. Near bedtime, call or text the person. If you talk to the person before he goes to bed, he is more likely to think about you when he sleeps.

3. Speak with the individual. Wait until the person is sound asleep. While the person is sleeping, say something quietly to them, such as “Dream of Nicky” or “Didn’t Nicky look pretty tonight?” Be careful not to wake them up.

This may work because you have a habit of incorporating sounds and sensations into your dreams. As a result, if you use your voice to communicate with someone, you may be able to trigger your image in her mind.

4. Make use of a distinct odour. Introduce the scent to the sleeping person, whether you have a signature perfume or a favourite soap. Smells, like sounds, can be incorporated into dreams, and if they remind the person of you, you may appear in his dream.

5. Make a video of yourself. If you can get the person to listen to it before going to bed, you might be able to persuade them to dream about you.

6. Leave a memento that will remind the recipient of you. For example, leave a favourite necklace that reminds him of you behind. Try leaving it on his nightstand as a reminder of you before you go to bed.

Method 2

Being Memorable

1. Allow your distinct qualities to shine through. Whether you like big glasses or have 20 cats, it’s the little things that set you apart that make you memorable. Don’t be afraid to show that side of yourself to the person you want to fantasise about.

2. Be true to yourself. That is, don’t keep your thoughts or opinions to yourself. Being true to yourself will help you stand out.

For example, if the person you’re trying to attract asks you what kind of movies you like, don’t just say, “Oh, you know, comedies.” Please be specific: “I really enjoyed the latest Star Trek film. I know a lot of Trekkies disliked it, but I enjoyed the plot.”

3. Give the individual a compliment. People enjoy being complimented on their appearance, and complimenting someone will increase your chances of being remembered.

4. Try something out of the ordinary. To make an impression on someone, you must stand out from the crowd. As a result, you must do things that are out of the ordinary. Put on a silly hat and surround the person with it. Make him or her a cake. Do something that will make him or her remember you specifically.

5. Pay close attention. Listening intently is one way to demonstrate your interest in someone. You demonstrate that you genuinely care about what the other person thinks or says. Because this trait is uncommon, it will help you stand out.

6. Consider using a hook. If you’re just meeting someone, tell them something interesting about yourself. The best types of hooks are amusing.

Assume you’re going to meet a sister’s friend at a gathering in Arizona. “Hello, I’m Carrie’s sister from Oklahoma, but I tried to leave the tornadoes behind,” you could say.

7. Choose topics that interest you. Avoid questions about the person’s job or the weather when starting a conversation. Instead, try a more interesting topic, such as a current local play or a great book you recently read.

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