How to Know if a Girl Is Serious About You

Are you ready to take the next step in a relationship but unsure if the girl you’re interested in is on the same page? Some girls will express their feelings right away, but your partner may reveal her feelings in a more subtle way. We’ll go over the most common ways she may express her true feelings, and if you notice any of them, you’ll know she’s ready to take your relationship to the next level!.

1. She responds quickly to your messages.

When she wants to be serious, a girl will not waste time ghosting you. Keep track of how long it takes her to respond to your messages. While you shouldn’t expect her to text or call you right away, she will at the very least respond as soon as she is able. Someone who is interested in you will not want to keep you guessing because they will be eager to continue talking with you.

If she doesn’t respond for days at a time or doesn’t seem interested in the conversation, she should keep it light.

2. She remembers the little details.

Even if you say something in passing, she will pay attention. Check to see if she is giving you her undivided attention while you are speaking to her. If she’s paying attention, she’ll remember what’s important to you and keep it in mind for the future. When she brings up the topic again or surprises you with something you mentioned in passing, it means she is attentive and cares about the things that are important to you.

If you mention that you enjoy ice cream but are lactose intolerant, she might surprise you with a dairy-free version of your favourite flavour.

As another example, if you tell her your mother is having surgery, she will inquire about her recovery.

Some people don’t have as good a memory as others, so don’t be discouraged if they don’t remember everything you’ve said.

3. She starts deep conversations with you.

If she is interested, she will want to learn more about you and your beliefs. Rather than bringing up mundane topics such as the news or your job, listen to see if she inquires about your past or family. She may also try to learn more about your goals and aspirations for the future. If you hear her talk about marriage or children, it could be a sign she’s ready to settle down.

If she is truly interested in you, she will initiate conversations on a regular basis. Make sure you discuss deep topics as well, so it doesn’t feel one-sided.

You should feel at ease expressing your personal opinions and beliefs in her presence. She does not have to agree with you on everything, but she should be open to your point of view.

4. She encourages and supports you.

She wants to see you happy, so she will encourage you. When you’re passionate about something, see if she’s there to support you. Keep an ear out for words of encouragement, pep talks, or offers of assistance. Someone who cares about your goals wants you to succeed, so they will go out of their way to assist you in realising your dreams.

If you’re feeling frustrated, see if she can provide positive reinforcement to boost your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself.

5. She likes sharing personal space.

Is she content to be in the same room with you even if you’re doing something else? If she wants to be closer to you, she will make an effort to see you in person and spend time with you. Even if you’re cooking, working, or simply relaxing, she’ll be thrilled to share a space with you.

It’s fine if you don’t want to be in the same room as someone else. Everyone requires alone time, and she will respect it if you simply ask.

6. She shows you physical intimacy.

Cuddling and hand-holding strengthens your bond even more. Take note of how she moves closer to you, cuddles with you, reaches for your hand, or hugs you. Even if it isn’t sexual, a girl who is interested in you wants you to show that you care so that she will feel more at ease with public displays of affection.

Some people have different boundaries than others, so being touchy-feely in public may not be as comfortable for them. However, if it persists, it may indicate that they aren’t as interested.

7. She says “we” instead of “I.”

The word “we” indicates that she is invested in your future together. Observe whether she refers to herself individually or to you as a couple during casual conversation. When she uses words like “we” or “us,” it indicates that she is thinking about the two of you together and is not as anxious or avoidant of the relationship. However, if she refers to herself as “I” or “me,” it could indicate that she isn’t ready to commit.

For example, when discussing your relationship with her friends, she may say, “We had such a fun time this weekend,” rather than, “I had a lot of fun this weekend with him.”

8. She plans her time around your schedule.

If she’s actively looking for ways to meet up, it’s a sign she’s serious. Rather than making plans at the last minute, she will ask what you want to do together ahead of time. She might try to find out when you’re available so she can work around your schedule and come up with a few things to do. While you don’t have to spend every night together, it’s a good sign if she’s looking for ways to see you more frequently.

For example, if you mention that you need to go grocery shopping, she may ask if she can accompany you so that you can buy ingredients and cook a meal together.

If she is invested in your relationship, she may also refuse to go out with friends in order to spend more time with you.

9. She includes you when making decisions.

Even for minor decisions, she will solicit your feedback and input. It could be as simple as what outfit she should wear or as complex as a career change, but see if she asks about your thoughts. That means she respects your viewpoint and considers how the decision will affect you as a couple. While she can still make her own decisions, she cares about you and wants you to feel heard in the relationship.

If she makes decisions that you disagree with, be wary of controlling behaviour. Make sure to express your concerns as soon as possible.

10. She leaves things at your place.

If she knows she’ll be visiting you frequently, she might keep some items there. Watch to see if she asks if she can keep some clothes, a toothbrush, or shower products at your house. She expects to visit frequently enough to use the items she is leaving with you and is invested in the relationship because she is leaving them with you.

If you want to test the waters, get her a toothbrush or something small to keep around your house. Even a small gesture can make a big impression and show her you’re serious about the relationship.

11. She introduces you to friends and family.

Meeting people close to her indicates that you are an important part of her life. Check to see if she wants to go out with some of her friends or to a family gathering. That way, you can take your relationship to the next level by meeting her loved ones and getting their honest feedback on you. If you haven’t met anyone yet, you can always ask her directly if she wants to get together.

If you’re serious about the relationship, show her off to your friends and family.

It may be more difficult to meet her friends and family if they live out of town, but she could offer to call or video-chat with them instead.

If she actively avoids introducing you to anyone close to her, it could indicate that she does not see your relationship as long-term.

12. She tells you directly

Some people may be self-assured enough to express their emotions. If she is truly interested in you, she may contact you and discuss the next steps in the relationship. Listen to her and let her express her feelings so you can get a good idea of what she wants from the relationship. She may request exclusivity or inquire as to whether you are experiencing similar feelings.

If you’re still on the fence and want to get serious, don’t be afraid to bring it up yourself.

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