How to Turn a Guy On

It’s simple to turn a guy on once you know what to do. To turn on a guy, you must be confident, know how to flirt, and learn to be sexy and bold when kissing or approaching the bedroom. Follow these simple steps to learn how to turn on a guy in a matter of minutes.

Method 1

Flirt with the Guy

1. Use your body language to flirt. If you know how to flirt with a guy without saying anything, he’ll be turned on quickly. You don’t even have to say hello to make a guy feel hot and heavy if you know how to work your body. A few minor changes to your body can have a significant impact. Here are a few examples of flirting with your body language:

Hold the guy’s gaze for a short period of time. Look at him, lock your gaze for just long enough for him to notice how seductive you are, and then look away. This demonstrates that you aren’t afraid to look at him, but you’re also too shy to stare.

Maintain an open body. Do not cross your legs or fold your arms over your chest. “Hey, what’s up?” your body should be saying.

To get his attention, if you’re wearing something with a zipper or a necklace, fiddle with the area near your cleavage.

Find ways to rub up against him. When you’re already talking, lightly graze his knee, brush up against his hand, or place your hand on his forearm. Do it just long enough for him to want more. Don’t procrastinate.

Lick your lips every now and then. If he’s staring at you from across the room, put on some lip balm.

2. Say something flirtatious. Once you’ve piqued a guy’s interest with your body language, you need to pique his interest even more with your words. You just have to be fun, show that you know how to laugh and tease, and make the guy even more turned on even if you’re not saying anything life-changing. Here’s how to go about it:

Keep it simple. Remember to keep it lighthearted and playful, and the guy will want you even more. Flirting isn’t about being serious; it’s about expressing interest and having fun.

Maintain eye contact while speaking. Make him feel important. If you break eye contact occasionally to look at your feet or blush, the guy will think you’re demure and will be even more attracted to you.

Speak in a low tone of voice. You don’t have to whisper, but you should speak in a lower voice to make yourself sound sexy and entice the guy to lean in and get closer to you.

Make fun of him. Show him that you’re not afraid to play around, and he’ll want to tease you back. Making it clear that you don’t take yourself too seriously will make the guy think you’re fantastic in the bedroom.

3. Flirt with your actions. Any guy will be turned on if you can flirt confidently, independently, sexily, and boldly. He’ll be completely hooked once he gets a better sense of who you are from the way you act. Here’s how to entice a guy with your actions:

Be assured. Guys are attracted to confident women. If you can act confident when you talk to him or share information about yourself, he’ll believe you’ll be able to carry that confidence into the bedroom.

Be self-sufficient. Women who don’t require men turn them on. Tell the guy about all of the things you enjoy doing alone, and tell him about your busy weekend. Clingy girls who have nothing better to do but hang out with guys do not turn them on.

Be seductive. To show a little leg or cleavage, you don’t have to be trashy. Show some skin and don’t be afraid to crack a raunchy joke or make a dirty innuendo if the mood strikes you. Your sexiness will pique the guy’s interest even more.

Take a risk. Bold women turn on guys, whether they’re bold over a cup of coffee or in the middle of a make-out session. Be daring by doing something out of the ordinary, such as wearing something hot and outrageous or getting down on the dance floor during a wild jam.

Method 2

Turn Him On with Your Kisses

1. Learn how to do the French kiss. The French kiss is simple, but if you want to really turn a guy on, you must be able to perform it correctly. Though you don’t have to kiss perfectly the first time, keep in mind that kissing is the gateway to other sexy acts, so if you show him you’re a good kisser, he’ll be even more turned on because he’ll be wondering what else is in store for him. Here’s how to do a proper French kiss:

Don’t get too excited. Gently insert your tongue into his mouth and investigate. Don’t use your tongue to kill until you’re sure it’s the right time.

Be gentle with yourself. Move your tongue slowly and gently around the guy’s mouth. Don’t slosh it around and spit all over the place.

Don’t forget about the rest of your body. Wrap your hands around his back, shoulders, and neck, pressing your chest against his.

If you get tired of the French kiss, try a variety of other kisses.

2. Put the A-frame back together. Another sexy twist on the traditional French kiss. While kissing, stand about a foot or two away from your guy, so that you have to lean in and grab each other to get closer.

Every time you move back in after pulling apart, you’ll end up rubbing your hips against his, and he won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.

3. Other parts of his body should be kissed as well. Kissing isn’t limited to the lips, honey. If you maximise your kissing abilities by kissing him all over his body, you’ll turn your guy on even more. You can kiss him on the neck, upper chest, and even the bottom of his earlobes if you’re just making out.

If you’ve removed his shirt, try kissing him above his waistband.

Tell him you’ll kiss him anywhere but his lips. That will pique his interest even more.

4. You should not be afraid to bite. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with your guy, you can step up your kissing game by incorporating some small love nibbles into your routine. Simply try some gentle bites on various parts of the guy’s body, and he’ll be even more turned on. Here are a few locations where biting will really turn your guy on:

Make gentle bites on his earlobes.

Try some gentle bites on his neck, but be careful not to leave any marks.

In the midst of a kiss, nibble on his lip.

Don’t be afraid to bite his chest or even his nipples if his shirt is off. Men’s nipples are also an erogenous zone.

Method 3

Turn Him On in Bed

1. Take chances. To turn him on, you must demonstrate that you are open to hooking up in whatever way feels right to you. If you want to have sex in the same place and position every time, he won’t be as turned on as he would be if you demonstrated that you were open to anything. Here’s how to be daring when you’re having sex:

Make love in unexpected places. Choose a new area of your house to make love in, check into a hotel, or make love in a secluded or scandalous location. Your daring spirit will pique his interest.

Make new positions for love. Though your guy may enjoy it if you’re always on top, he’ll appreciate it even more if you mix it up and try to have sex in a different position every time you enter the bedroom.

Get a little sexy in the water. Make love in the shower, or hook up in a hot tub or a pool. If you can be sexy in almost any situation, your guy will be more turned on.

2. Allow yourself to be spontaneous. If you want to turn on your guy, you should not only show that you’re willing to do anything, but that you’re willing to do anything at any time. If you’re only daring during designated hook-up times, it’ll start to feel like a routine. Here are a few ideas for being more spontaneous:

Connect whenever you want, even if you’re both just watching TV. Show him what you want, and he’ll accompany you to your bedroom.

If you’re out in public and really want to get it on, just whisper it in his ear and find a more private location.

Surprising him as he wakes up or gets into the shower. You never know when he’ll be open to the idea of having sex.

3. Be a little filthy. Guys appreciate it when you’re self-assured enough to get a little dirty. He’ll be turned on before you can rip off his shirt, whether you’re talking dirty or just doing something raunchy. Here’s what you should do:

Experiment with some dirty talk in the bedroom. Tell him how much you enjoy what he’s doing to you and what else you want.

Tell him about your sexual fantasies, no matter how filthy they are. See if he can make it happen for you.

You can have your way with him if you tie his hands to the bedposts. Take it in turns.

Go to the sex store together and get the sexiest lingerie and props you can find. Bring them out whenever you want.

4. Have some fun with new sex scenarios. When you mix in some role play or raunchy scenarios, any guy is guaranteed to be turned on. Experimenting with various scenarios will not only spice up your sex life, but will also allow you to have more fun and explore your bodies and desires in new ways. Here are some entertaining scenarios to try:

Pretend you’re his boss and boss him around until he allows you to do whatever you want. Change roles.

Try having sex while wearing almost all of your clothes. Or have sex while wearing only one person’s clothes.

Pretend you’re in a big fight and you’re having makeup sex.

Put on some raunchy costumes from the sex store and engage in some role playing.

Dress formally and act as if you’re going out for a special occasion. Then strip off each other’s clothes and go for it.

5. Make sure he’s constantly thinking about hooking up with you. Even if you’re not having sex, the thought of sleeping with you should never leave the guy’s mind. You should always keep him turned on and wanting more, whether you’re in a different state or sitting across the dinner table from him. Here’s how to go about it:

Maintain your sexiness. Whether you’ve been hooking up for months or just had your second hook-up, keep looking hot, showing some skin, and taking care of your hygiene so your man always wants more.

Check to see if your man is thinking about sex when you’re not around. Send him a dirty text every now and then, have phone sex with him, or simply call to remind him of something sexy that happened in bed the night before.

Make it clear to him that you want him. Tell him this whenever it feels right, even if it’s at a time when you know you can’t possibly have him – it’ll make him want you even more.

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