How to Get Her in the Mood

You’ll need to mentally and physically set the stage if you want to get her in the mood. It is said that a woman’s arousal is determined by the 24 hours preceding her entry into the bedroom. Listen carefully, be patient, and go out of your way to show her how much you value her. Above all, remember to concentrate on your lady’s distinct desires!

Method 1: Expressing Your Appreciation

1. Congratulate her. Make her feel wanted and show her how much you value her. If she doesn’t sense your desire, she may find it difficult to relax her guard. Self-esteem can be difficult to manage. Tell her she’s beautiful on a regular basis, and especially when she least expects it.

Make a point of complimenting her beauty. Choose your favourite body part and tell her why you like it. “You’re so hot,” don’t just say it. Tell her, “You have the most beautiful eyes,” or “Your back muscles are so strong – all of that yoga is paying off!”

Compliment her intellect or personality. Tell her how much you admire her storytelling ability or how passionately she explains her ideas. Mention how much you admire her kindness, compassion, or organisational abilities. Don’t just concentrate on her body.

Congratulate her on a particular action or event. Bring up something recent that happened: “I was very impressed with how you handled your sister’s situation today. I understand how frustrating it is – but you were so patient and kept everything together.”

2. Make an extra effort to assist her. Don’t offer to do the dishes or unload the car; simply do it without her asking. Cooking dinner or cleaning the garage will delight her. Take the kids out for the evening so she can have some alone time. Giving selflessly to the relationship may strengthen your bond in and out of bed.

Many full-time working women still do more than half of the housework and childcare. If she claims to be too tired for sex, it may be time to relieve her of some of the burden indefinitely.

3. Figure out what makes her tick. Ask her about her fantasies the next time you’re cuddling. When you’re intimate with each other, pay close attention to what drives her insane in bed. If it’s working, keep doing it!

Don’t think that a one-size-fits-all approach will work to turn a woman on! Everyone has different desires and preferences, so don’t be afraid to ask what she likes.

4. Pay attention to what she says. In your relationship, be humble and compassionate, and go out of your way to listen to what she has to say. If you aren’t listening to her, she may not believe you value her opinion. If she does not feel respected, she may find it difficult to open up to you.

Don’t just try to win the next time you have an argument. Apologize and take into account her feelings. Make her feel as though she has been heard.

5. Groom frequently and thoroughly. Brush your teeth, shave, and commit to a healthy lifestyle. Take a shower and put on some makeup. Try to maintain the same level of cleanliness that you had when you first met. Going above and beyond on a regular basis is more likely to remind her of what a desirable partner she has.

Method No. 2: Spending Quality Time Together

1. Together, you should work out. Many women report higher levels of arousal following exercise that increases blood circulation in their pelvis and throughout their bodies. Spin, climb, yoga, or acro-yoga are all good options. Together, go for a run, a bike ride, or a long hike.

This can be an excellent way to energise the physical side of your relationship. When you exercise, you are consciously engaging with your body – and when you exercise with your partner, you are also engaging with her body. Compliment her body and impress her with your own athleticism.

2. Do something that she is enthusiastic about. If she enjoys reading, take her out on a date to a local bookstore, write her a romantic note, or spend an intimate day reading together. If she enjoys dessert, surprise her with some or plan a weekly Wednesday night dessert date. When she tells you what she likes, show her that you are paying attention.

Choose something you enjoy doing as well! Find the points where your interests and hers intersect.

3. Rent a sexy film. Even if your lady isn’t into erotica, a steamy scene in a drama or rom-com can help you get her in the mood. According to a Northwestern University study, women are frequently more aroused by erotica than men are.

4. Find a reason to get dressed up. Put on a suit and tie, shave, and groom yourself properly. Make a recommendation that she wear your favourite tight shirt or dress. Then, treat her to a romantic evening out. Looking good can translate into feeling confident in bed.

Procedure 3

Turning Her On in the Heat of the Moment

1. She’ll be surprised. Approach her from behind and kiss her neck. Examine her stomach and breasts. Make her feel your desire by running your hands over her body. Slowly press yourself against her back and grind.

2. Take your time when it comes to foreplay. Dim the lights, turn off your phone, and make an effort to be completely present in this intimate setting. Examine her body with your hands. Kiss her gently at first, then passionately as the mood warms. Undress her slowly and carefully, allowing her clothes to fall to the floor. Look her in the eyes and smile.

Giving her a massage is a good idea. Practice your foot or back massage so you can truly assist her in relaxing. Warm up her muscles while lavishing her with affection.

Run your fingers or your lips over her joints. The neck, inside elbows, and back of the knee are more sensitive than the rest of the body.

Feel her thighs. Work your way up and down her legs slowly. Grab her backside and press your fingers into her hip.

3. Speak in a low, seductive tone. Slowly and seductively whisper your compliments or come-ons into her ear. Tell her how badly you desire her. A gentle brush of your lips with a low voice can help turn her on.

4. Incorporate toys and other kink elements. Invest in female-oriented bedroom accessories. Give her the toy as a gift and tell her you’ll try it out later.

5. Take command, unless she prefers not to. Some people prefer to be dominant in the bedroom, while others prefer to be submissive. Recognize cues that indicate whether or not she prefers to be in command. Keep in mind that she may like to be in charge at times, but she also enjoys it when you make the moves. If she always waits for you to begin the transition to the bedroom, she may prefer it if you are slightly dominant.

Don’t be afraid to approach her. If you’re at ease, you can simply ask, “Do you find that you’re more dominant or submissive in bed?” You could also say it as a statement: “I enjoy the feeling of being in command of the bedroom. How do you feel about it when I do that?”

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