10 Tell-Tale Signs a Girl is Testing You Through Texts

If you think text messages are just for LOLs and OMGs, you may be mistaken! Texting is now an accepted part of everyday life, including romantic relationships. If you text a girl you like, she might put you through the ringer to see if you’re worth her time. The good news is that you might be able to tell if she’s testing you so you can win her over. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of potential ways you can try to figure out if a girl is texting you to test you.

1. She is never the first to text you.

It could imply that she wishes for you to pursue her. Even if she likes you, she may wait for you to text her so she doesn’t appear desperate. Don’t take it personally if she never initiates your conversations, and don’t be discouraged if she never does. Message her if you like her! Who cares who started the conversation once it’s started?

It feels good to be wanted, and if she waits for you to start the conversation, it could mean she wants you to want her.

Don’t put too much stock in it, either. If you want to text her, send her a text! To start the conversation, send something amusing, such as a meme or a picture of your cat.

2. She does not respond to your text message right away.

A delayed response may indicate that she is playing hard to get. Even if you feel compelled to respond immediately when she sends you a text, don’t be upset if she doesn’t. She might be trying to test your patience to see if you’ll keep sending her messages. Keep going if she continues to respond, even if it takes a minute!

It’s also possible that she’s preoccupied with something and won’t be able to respond right away. In that case, it’s critical that you exercise restraint or you’ll come across as needy. Allow her to respond before passing judgement.

3. She sends you one-word or short responses.

She could be putting your patience to the test. If she makes little effort in her responses, it doesn’t necessarily imply that she finds you annoying. Remember that she is still responding to you when she is not required to, so she is still interested in texting you. Maintain your composure and keep the conversation going. It could all be a ruse to show her how hard you’ll work to win her over.

She might not be interested if all of her texts are one-word responses. But if it’s only on occasion, it could be because she’s busy right now or doesn’t like texting in general.

4. She tries to make you feel bad about yourself.

She may be testing your reaction to see if you react negatively. She may try to make you feel bad for taking so long to text her, or she may claim that she has been waiting for you all day. Don’t apologise, even if she’s just teasing you. Apologizing for no reason could send the message to her that you’re fine with being treated unfairly. Instead, simply explain that you were too busy or unable to check your phone.

For example, if she texts you and asks, “Where have you been?” I’ve been expecting a response from you.” You could say something like, “I was working today, how was your day?” or something witty like, “Did you miss me that much in class?”

5. She inquires about your previous relationships.

Knowing about your previous relationships could indicate that she likes you. The more they get to know you, the more they’ll want to know about your ex-wives. Don’t lie or avoid the questions. She may be putting you to the test to see how truthful you are about them. She may also be attempting to determine why your relationships ended in order to determine if you are good relationship material. Just be truthful and open with her. Try not to bad mouth your ex-partners in order to make yourself look better; otherwise, you may come across as arrogant.

For instance, if she inquires, “Why did you guys break up?” Instead of saying, “Oh, she was crazy,” say, “It just didn’t work out and we’re still friends.”

6. She discusses her exes.

She might be testing you to see if you’re a jealous person. Pay attention to what she says because it could be a way for her to express her dissatisfaction with a relationship, especially if she talks negatively about an ex. Don’t lose your cool or become envious. That could be exactly what she’s looking for—whether you’re possessive or jealous. Learning about her previous relationships is a natural part of getting to know her.

Don’t be offended if she texts you something like, “Yeah, I saw that movie with my ex.” Instead, simply continue the conversation with something like, “That’s cool, how was it?”

7. She changes her plans at the last minute.

It could be a litmus test to see if you’re willing to commit to making future plans. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 minutes or 5 days before your scheduled meeting. Don’t be upset or question her reasoning if she cancels on you unexpectedly. Maintain your cool and tell her you’ll try to meet again another time. Then, work on scheduling another date or meeting with her to demonstrate that you are still interested in pursuing her.

If she texts you that she won’t be able to make it, say something like, “No worries, let’s try to get together soon.”

Keep in mind that if she cancels on you repeatedly, it could be because she isn’t interested. If she cancels more than three times, it’s time to move on.

8. She just happens to be attending the same event as you.

It could be a coincidence, or she’s testing your reaction. If you text her and mention an event or party that you’ll be attending, don’t be surprised if she texts back saying she’ll be there as well. This is fantastic news! Tell her how happy you are to see her. You could even plan a gathering before or after the event. Make the most of the opportunity to show her that you’re interested.

If she tells you she’ll be at the same party as you, you could say something like, “That’s awesome! Do you want to get some pizza first?”

9. She says she’ll meet you at the specified location.

She might be attempting to persuade you to give her a ride. Of course, she could be sincerely stating that she intends to drive herself. It never hurts, however, to offer to pick her up. Even if she declines, she might be grateful for your offer. Even better if she accepts!

For example, if she says she’ll meet you at the restaurant, bar, or event, you could simply say, “Need a lift?” It’s innocuous and harmless, and it demonstrates your courtesy.

10. She requests your assistance.

She may be testing your willingness to assist her. If she asks you for help with something as simple as running errands or moving furniture, it could be because she desperately needs it. However, it’s also possible that she wants to see how willing you are to go out of your way for her. It may also imply that she wishes to spend more time with you. In any case, it’s a win-win situation for you!

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