How to Treat Girls With Respect

Women and girls are frequently treated with disdain in our society. This is due, in part, to men and boys not fully understanding how to treat them with respect. When interacting with others, including girls, you should try to be as respectful as possible. Learn to respect girls’ bodies, emotions, and opinions, and to communicate with them in a way that demonstrates you care about their thoughts and feelings.

Method 1: Speaking Respectfully to Girls

1. When speaking, make eye contact. You make eye contact with someone when you speak to them. This demonstrates that you are paying attention and are focused on the conversation. This rule applies equally to both boys and girls. You demonstrate your respect for her by making eye contact with her.

This does not imply that you should look her in the eyes without blinking. You can let your gaze wander, but try to keep it as focused on her eyes as possible.

2. Allow her to express herself. Avoid dominating the conversation by listening to what the girls have to say. Conversation between two people is a two-way street. Allow her to respond after you say something. When she says something, wait until she finishes before responding. If you’re paying attention, your response will be relevant to what she’s said and will add substance to the conversation. Use neutral statements to show you’re paying attention, such as “yes,” “I see,” and “uh-huh,” to practise active listening.

To keep her talking, ask probing questions like, “What happened next?” and “How did that make you feel?” as well as “What are you going to do now?”

Reiterating to ensure you understood what she said, for example, “It sounds like you’re saying .” Is that correct?”

3. Examine your attitude toward women. Basically, every culture has its own version of “The Golden Rule,” which states, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” This, of course, applies to females as well. Using derogatory and disrespectful slurs (from calling her a “gold digger” to implying that boys are smarter than girls) is not an appropriate way to speak to or about girls. Take some time to reflect on your attitude toward girls to help you identify any biases you may have.

Do you, for example, associate women with certain occupations, behaviours, or social roles? Do you have reservations about women in positions of power? Make a list of what you consider to be your biases against women.

Allowing others to behave in this manner is not acceptable. If a friend is being disrespectful to a girl, call them out on it and correct them.

4. Take care of your demeanour. Avoid obsessive swearing, passing gas, burping, and other such behaviours. While it is best to avoid doing these things around anyone, girls are less amused by them than boys. Accidents happen, for example, a burp may escape after dinner, which is fine. Please excuse me and continue.

Try to be courteous by saying please and thank you, paying attention during conversations, offering assistance, and opening doors.

The goal is not to be a robot, but to avoid being deliberately rude.

Method 2: Respecting Women’s Bodies

1. Before touching another person, ask for permission. This rule applies to everyone: there are no exceptions to who has the right to consent to or refuse consent to physical contact. Girls’ bodies, on the other hand, are notoriously objectified. Respect her by recognising her right to choose who touches her body and when and how they do so.

It should be noted that this does not include allowing anyone to decide that you must touch them. You also have the right to decline contact if you are not comfortable with it.

2. Recognize that “No” means “No.” Society appears to be disconnected from the concept of consent on a regular basis. Most people recognise that if consent is not given, you should not touch or continue to touch a girl. Many of these same people, however, believe that the validity of a girl’s objection to being touched is dependent on a variety of other factors (e.g. how she is dressed, how much she likes you, etc.). This is not correct. “No” means no, end of storey.

This isn’t just for romantic situations. The rule applies to any type of physical contact.

3. Keep an eye out for comments that may have an impact on her body image. You should not compare a girl’s body to the bodies of other girls. This could be interpreted as a direct insult to one or both of the girls you’re comparing. Even if you’re not referring to the girl who’s listening, mentioning other girls’ bodies can imply that you’re referring to her body as well.

It is acceptable to compliment a girl on her appearance, but do so respectfully. “I think you’re beautiful,” is far more respectful than “You’re hot.”

Instead of complimenting a girl on something she can’t change, like her eyes, compliment her on something she can, like her killer shoes.

4. Understand when to leave a girl alone. A girl may not always want your attention. You should respect her wishes and leave her alone in these situations. It is impolite to continue talking to her, complimenting her, or otherwise pursuing her attention if she expresses a desire to be left alone.

If a girl expresses a desire to be left alone, simply say something like, “I’m sorry. “All right, I’ll leave,” or “All right, have a nice day, “and then depart

Method 3: Consider the Emotions of Girls

1. Avoid lumping all females into the same categories. Each girl is unique and has different needs than the others. It is frequently offensive to a girl to assume that she likes certain things simply because she is a girl. This implies that all girls are the same, which is not the case. You must first recognise that each girl has her own distinct personality before you can respect her needs and opinions. Consider the assumptions you have about girls and work to overcome them.

If you are unsure about a girl’s needs, simply ask her.

2. Recognize that her feelings are valid. You will not always understand another person’s emotions. This is frequently revealed when boys and girls struggle to understand each other’s points of view and feelings. Even if she does not feel the way you believe she should, or if you do not understand how she came to feel the way she does, you must accept that this is how she feels. Her feelings are valid and do not have to meet your criteria in order to be significant.

Inquire, for example, “How does this make you feel?” When she responds, pay attention and don’t dismiss her feelings by saying something like, “Well, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Demonstrate empathy and emotional validation. For instance, you could say something like, “You appear to have had a difficult day. It must have been agonising to sit through that meeting/class.”

3. Make an effort to meet her needs. First and foremost, when showing a girl respect, remember that she is her own person who is responsible for her own happiness. You have no control over her happiness. That being said, if a girl decides to rely on you, do your best to meet her needs. Encourage her on a daily basis and be supportive in difficult situations.

If you are unsure, you can always ask her what she requires.



Girls’ Opinions Should Be Respected

1. Recognize her point of view as equal to yours. When it comes to facts and figures, those things speak for themselves. When it comes to personal opinions, you must recognise that a girl’s opinion is just as valid as your own. She is not any less intelligent or capable of forming a coherent opinion because she is a girl. You can disagree with her, but you must also respect her point of view.

2. Make valid arguments. Stick to the facts if you disagree with a girl. It is completely disrespectful to dismiss her opinion by saying something like, “Well, of course you think that, you’re a girl.” If you disagree with her, state your case with facts (or your own opinion), but do not dismiss her because she is a woman.

For example, if you believe a Lamborghini is superior to a Ferrari and she disagrees, present the statistics for each vehicle. Don’t say things like, “This just goes to show that girls don’t know anything about cars.”

3. Inquire about her thoughts on a regular basis. You value someone’s opinion if you respect them. Ask a girl for her opinion on things on a regular basis to demonstrate that you care about what she thinks. You can agree or disagree, but you should show genuine interest in and consideration for her viewpoint.

For example, rather than assuming she’ll want to do whatever you decide on a Friday night, you should ask her where she wants to go.

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