How to Attract a Man’s Attention

If you’re attracted to a man and want to get his attention, your approach will differ depending on whether you’ve made eye contact with him or if you’re attracting his attention from across the room. If you’re already talking to him or plan to talk to him, be yourself and show off your best qualities (without coming across as conceited), because catching his attention from across the room will most likely focus on your appearance and body language.

Part 1: Getting Ready to Attract His Attention

1. Improve your self-esteem. Before you try to attract any man, whether across the room or directly in front of you, you must first believe in yourself. One of the most attractive things you can do is to love yourself and recognise how amazing you are. When you love yourself, others are more likely to do the same. To build your confidence, do the following:

Concentrate on your positive qualities. These should include both physical characteristics and aspects of your personality that you appreciate. Choosing to focus on the positive rather than the negative can help you feel more at ease in your own skin.

Remind yourself how fantastic you are. Consider your accomplishments and the incredible things you have accomplished in your lifetime.

Consider how you can improve the aspects of yourself that you dislike. Consider dying your hair if you don’t like the colour. If you don’t like how easily you become stressed, try some relaxation techniques. However, keep in mind that you should be making these changes for yourself, not for the sake of attracting someone else.

2. Dress to the nines. When you feel good about yourself on the inside and out, you can start focusing on attracting a man’s attention. Begin with your clothing. You should wear something that makes you feel both comfortable and beautiful, if not sexy. However, instead of trying to catch a guy’s attention by wearing a dress with a neckline that reaches down to your belly button, wear an outfit that complements your personality and, most importantly, makes you feel fabulous.

If possible, show your neck and shoulders. Many men think a woman’s neck and shoulders are the most alluring and attractive parts of her body. Instead of wearing a dress that barely covers your breasts, try a halter top dress with a loose updo to show off your neck to your man.

Don’t forget to get some nice shoes. Again, wearing shoes that you are comfortable in (meaning you can walk in them) is essential—if you are tottering around in sky-high heels, you may appear to have had one too many drinks.

3. Make sure your hair and makeup are in order. After you’ve chosen an eye-catching outfit, it’s time to do your makeup and hair. There’s no need to go overboard with makeup, but if you think you’d look great with a lot of eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes pop, go for it! Do whatever makes you feel the most confident and sexy—when you feel confident, you will undoubtedly attract men’s attention.

Choosing a hairstyle can be challenging. It is critical to consider your face shape as well as the texture of your hair. Click here to learn more about selecting a hairstyle.

4. It smells amazing. A man will notice if you smell good. A man will notice if you smell bad. As a result, make sure to apply deodorant and spritz yourself with your favourite perfume. Using perfume can boost your natural pheromones, making you more appealing to the opposite sex. Some scents that are thought to work well for attracting a man’s attention are:

Sandalwood and rose.

Jasmine, please.

5. Wear a statement necklace. Wearing a necklace that draws his attention to your neck can assist in capturing a man’s attention. Many men regard a woman’s neck as a feminine and captivating part of her body, so flaunt your elegant neckline by wearing a necklace that complements your features.

Part 2: Getting His Attention from the Other Side of the Room

1. Make sure you don’t have anything stuck in your teeth. Flashing a parsley-riddled smile may not be the best way to catch a man’s attention, so make sure you have no chunks of anything in your teeth before flashing a man your pearly whites. After you’ve finished your meal, chew a piece of gum to remove any visible stains on your teeth.

2. Make direct eye contact. When you find the man whose attention you want to entice, start making subtle eye contact with him. Do not, however, stare—unless you are exceptionally skilled at eliciting a seductive stare, you may come across as creepy rather than flirtatious. Instead, keep your gaze fixed on your man. Wait until he notices you looking at him, then hold eye contact for a second before looking away. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you could even smile at him while maintaining eye contact (if you can flash a one-second smile).

3. Send a message with your brows. Once you’ve made a few attempts at eye contact, the next time you lock your gaze, raise your brows for a fraction of a second before quickly dropping them and looking away. This communicates to him that you have noticed him noticing you.

This may lead him to believe that he has met you before. This might entice him to come over and say hello.

4. Give him a friendly smile. Feel free to smile at your man after you’ve made eye contact with him several times. Smiling makes you appear approachable and open, which is what you want if you want him to approach you and talk to you.

5. When you’re sitting, cross and uncross your legs. If you have a killer set of legs, don’t be afraid to flaunt them. Instead, grab a man’s attention by shifting your seated position every few minutes. This movement may help you catch his attention.

Crossing and uncrossing your legs can be considered a flirtatious gesture. However, don’t make this movement too often or you’ll appear anxious or as if something is wrong.

It’s also important to keep your legs crossed in front of the guy in question. Slow and deliberate in your movements, and use the narrowed space to lean your legs closer to his.

Don’t, on the other hand, keep your legs tightly crossed and tucked directly underneath your body the entire time. This is frequently interpreted as a sign of disinterest. If you don’t think you can cross your legs comfortably in his direction, keep them uncrossed rather than cross them away from him.

6. Spend some time with one or two close friends. Some men believe that approaching a woman who is with a small group of friends is easier. Take advantage of this by grabbing some wing-women and hitting the town with these ladies. When your guy approaches, your wing-women will know to talk to you before fleeing.

Wing-women are your friends who know you’re trying to attract a guy’s attention and will go out of their way to make you look great.

If you have a large group of friends, try pairing off with a smaller group of friends once in a while to give your man a chance to approach you confidently.

Part 3: Maintaining His Attention While Speaking with Him

1. Be true to yourself. Be confident in yourself when he approaches you or when he approaches you. Don’t try to be someone else; you’re already incredible as it is. If you start the conversation pretending to be someone else, but later realise you want to see this guy again, it will be much more difficult to set the record straight, so just be yourself from the start.

Sincerity is a good policy, especially if you intend to see this man again. If he asks you to introduce yourself, be direct but NEVER try to brag too much about yourself, even if it means being “confident” in any way.

2. Display your intelligence. Don’t be afraid to use some wit. Most men find intelligence appealing. Being yourself entails not making yourself appear stupid in order to attract the attention of a man. Be self-assured in your intellect.

Discuss topics that interest you or that you know a lot about to demonstrate that you are not afraid to be smart.

Keep in mind that some men may be turned off by intelligent women. However, there are many who are, and a man’s level of interest varies depending on his intentions. Most men seeking long-term romance place a higher value on intelligence in a woman than men seeking a casual fling.

3. Don’t be afraid to guffaw. Feel free to crack a smile and give in to the giggles, whether you make him laugh or he makes you laugh. Laughing can be endearing, and having a sense of humour will undoubtedly catch and hold a man’s attention.

Don’t make yourself laugh at the guy’s jokes just to make him happy. However, don’t be rude if you don’t think he’s funny; instead, consider changing the subject.

If the guy you’re talking to doesn’t seem to enjoy laughing or is put off by your ability to laugh easily, he might not be the guy you want to attract.

4. Discuss topics about which you are passionate. All men find passion to be a very appealing quality. Talking about things that interest you can reveal some wonderful aspects of yourself, such as your intellect, your thoughts, and your loves.

However, don’t spend too much time on a topic where you do all the talking. If you continue to talk about your horseback riding career for 45 minutes, you may lose his interest or come across as arrogant.

5. Take note of what he is saying. While talking about your hobbies and interests is important, listening to what your man has to say is just as important. Showing that you are interested and actually conversing with him will entice him to keep his attention on you.

When he tells a storey, look him in the eyes and laugh at his jokes (if you think they are funny). In order to demonstrate that you are paying attention to what he is saying, ask questions.

6. Make physical contact. Break the ‘touch barrier’ while talking with your man by placing your hand on his arm when you laugh, or brushing your knee against his if you’re seated. By breaking down this invisible barrier with physical contact, you may be able to keep his full attention on you. Other methods for breaking down the touch barrier include. But don’t make it too obvious until he realises you’re doing it on purpose:

When you pass him something, brush his hand with your own.

When you’re walking side by side, you should brush his arm against yours.

7. Tell a storey with your hands. When you fidget or hold your hands out in front of you, you may give the impression that you are using your hands and arms to create a barrier. Set aside whatever you’re holding, whether it’s a drink, purse, or cell phone, and use your hands to animate a storey you’re telling.

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