How to Restart a Conversation with a Guy

You’re chatting with this guy, and you feel a genuine connection… until he stops responding. Don’t be concerned. There are numerous ways to re-energize your conversation and get things moving again. We’ve compiled a list of clever ideas that might pique his interest.

1 Recognize that it has been a while.

Before resuming the conversation, bring up the elephant in the room. Jokes and one-liners are effective icebreakers, but they are not your only option. Simple messages such as “Hey stranger” or “It’s been awhile” are also effective ways to restart the conversation.

“Long time no see!” you might say. “How are things going?” or “Hello, stranger!” “What have you been doing?”

2 Expand on previous topics.

Reread your previous messages to see where you both left off. Choose one of the topics you discussed earlier and incorporate it into your current conversation. You could also ask him questions about his family, hobbies, and interests.

“How’s the soccer season going?” you could ask. or “You mentioned applying to a couple of universities previously.” Have you received a response from them?”

“Have you seen any good movies lately?” or “Did you hear they’re rebooting this TV show?” are also excellent ways to start a conversation.

3 Send a captivating message.

A cryptic but intriguing message may pique his interest. Mention something cool or funny that happened to you recently, or something exciting that happened in your life, in a cryptic manner. Put this cool, exciting event in the form of a vague question or statement, such as “You won’t believe who I just saw!” He’s likely to respond if he’s interested.

“You’ll never guess where I was last weekend!” you could say. or “Something incredible happened to me in class today.”

You could also say, “Something crazy just happened to me, and I needed to tell someone.”

4 Give him a compliment.

Inflating his ego is an excellent way to elicit a response. You don’t have to go overboard for this; a simple, sincere compliment is an excellent way to break the ice after a long pause in a conversation. Mention how good he looked today or make a sweet remark about how he’s on your mind.

“You look like you were born to wear that hockey jersey,” you could say, or “Congratulations on making the debate team!”

You could also say, “Man, I need a new TV show to binge watch.” You have great taste—what shows do you watch?”

5 Inquire about his thoughts.

There’s a good chance he’ll respond if you send an interesting question. Inquire about his thoughts on something, whether it’s school-related, sports-related, or completely unrelated. There’s a good chance he’ll message you back to express his thoughts.

“What do you think of this band?” you might ask. or “Would you rather have a billion dollars or be fluent in every language in the world?”

6 Make a witty assumption about him.

Make it appear as if you know something about him and see if he confirms it. Send a friendly message in which you state your guess. He may respond in order to confirm or correct your assumption. Furthermore, these remarks are an excellent way to compliment him subtly!

You might say something like, “You look like you could run a mile in 6 minutes” or “You must spend 2 hours getting your hair to look this good.”

You could also say, “You seem more like a cat person than a dog person,” or “I’m sure you’re a secret physics genius.”

7 Make a meme for him.

A well-crafted meme is worth a thousand words. Look through your saved photos and old photos for a funny meme or picture to send over. He might respond if he gets a good laugh out of it. Alternatively, feel free to create your own meme to re-ignite the conversation!

You could parody the classic Bernie Sanders meme by sending an edited image that says, “I am once again requesting the answers to tonight’s math homework.”

You could also send a gif or screenshot of something you think he’d find amusing, such as a silly animal or a scene from a popular TV show.

8 Pretend you accidentally messaged him.

Sending him random messages is a fun and spontaneous way to get his attention. Send him a random emoji or something along those lines. Then, send a follow-up message explaining that you accidentally messaged him. Turn this “mistake” into a new topic of discussion!

You could send a random string of letters and then say, “Oops! I didn’t intend to send that. But, while I’m here, hello there, stranger!”

You could send him a random GIF and then say something like, “Whoops, wrong person!”

9 Make a witty one-liner.

One-liners are a ridiculous way to restart an old conversation. You could send something as simple as, “I’m just going to shoot my shot here,” or you could make a more daring move, such as inviting him to ask you out. Experiment with various jokes and one-liners until you find something that works for you!

If you’re reviving an old Tinder or Bumble conversation, you could say something like, “I think you forgot to ask for this!” and then provide your cell phone number.

“How long have you been waiting for me to respond once more?” or “Are you expecting me to come to you?” If that’s the case, you win!” are some clever lines you could try.

10 Use sarcasm.

If he has a dry sense of humour, an ironic message might work. Make a witty, sarcastic remark about how he hasn’t responded to you in a while. This may be hit or miss, but there’s a chance he’ll enjoy the sarcasm and respond with a message.

You could say something like, “Wow, you’re really chatty today!” or “You’re typing so quickly that I can’t keep up!”

11 Modify the structure of your conversation.

Changing from text to images may catch his attention. Instead of sending him a message, send him a picture, GIF, or voice memo. You could even invite him to video chat with you if you’re feeling particularly daring.

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