How to Spy on Your Man

Do you ever have the feeling that your relationship is too good to be true? Do you ever wonder what your man is doing? If you feel compelled to spy on your man and invade his privacy, go ahead and do so, but be prepared to answer his questions about your actions. Remember that trust is the foundation of all relationships.


1. Inquire about what your man is telling you. Some men are liars and will lie to you in front of your face because they believe they can always get away with it! You can spy to find out the truth, and then decide whether to save or end your relationship. You can move on once you accept that you are being lied to and that your man is sneaky and devious.

2. Make his phone your closest companion. Some men, believe it or not, have everything on their phones! Examine his phone to see if he has any apps that appear strange or suspicious. You’d be surprised to learn that an app that appears to be a game can actually be an app for hidden text messages and other things! Keep this in mind, and keep an eye on what he downloads on his phone!

3. Check to see if he has a social media account or a Snapchat account. You’re aware that there could be nasty girls who send naked pictures of themselves to him privately and you’d have no idea. Instagram, for example, now has a direct message feature where users can send private photos back and forth. You should look into who has been messaging him.

4. Check to see if he takes his phone to the bathroom and keeps it safe all day.

5. Does he go to bed and turn off his phone so he doesn’t have to worry about you going through it while he sleeps? If he does this all the time, you can assume he is concealing something. If he only keeps it once in a while, it could be because he has deleted everything and isn’t concerned.

6. Check to see if the phone numbers in his phone belong to the people he has saved them under! Make mental notes of the phone numbers because it’s possible that he has his friend James’ phone number in his phone and it’s actually Jennifer!

7. Consider this: does he always stay late at work on certain days, and does he ostensibly always pick up shifts? You should double-check because they can pretend to be picking up a shift so that you are not suspicious if they are gone all day! You need to get your butt in the car and stake out! You even get to see who he’s going out to lunch with.

8. Find out if he goes to the bars on a regular basis. You can almost guarantee that they are flirting and getting numbers! They may not be saying it all the time (depending on how much of a POS he is), but they are flirting and getting numbers! They make excuses and blame the alcohol. Don’t let your man tell you lies.

9. Put an old cell phone in his car or a tape recorder under their seat, and they won’t know you’re listening in on their conversation. You never know who they are conversing with on their way home from work or anywhere else!

10. Don’t drive yourself insane by going commando on them. Just make sure you pay attention to the minor details that they believe you are ignoring! You don’t want to live a lie, so stop wasting your time and get on with your life. That way, you won’t have to be concerned about anything.

11. At the end of the day, you decide what you want to do, but keep in mind that a man will only disrespect you if you allow him to! When you forgive them and return to them, they will make it appear to be your fault by saying, “Well, you stay with me, so why shouldn’t I cheat?”

12. Remember that “to catch a player, you must first be a player.”

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