How to Be Playful with Your Boyfriend

Being playful with your boyfriend can help to spice up your relationship and make it last longer. Add a little flirting and teasing to your relationship if you want to be more playful with your boyfriend. Additionally, by trying new things together, you can be more spontaneous and fun. Alternatively, put your own spin on popular, easy-to-play games.

Flirting and Teasing Method 1

1. Make up amusing nicknames for each other. Silly nicknames are fun because they make both of you laugh. They can also be an inside joke. Consider your partner’s favourite things, bad habits, and embarrassing relationship mishaps when choosing a nickname. Then try to make it into a nickname.

Assume your boyfriend attempted to make you breakfast in bed but set off the smoke alarm. You could call him “Smokey” if you both laughed about it.

As another example, suppose your boyfriend despises sports but spent an hour playing a basketball arcade game in order to win you a teddy bear. You could refer to him as “MVP” to remind you both of the incident.

2. Playfully tease them to make them laugh. Choose topics that you and your boyfriend can both laugh about when you tease him. You want him to be amused rather than hurt. Make sarcastic jokes about your relationship blunders, your boyfriend’s bad habits, and the qualities you admire in him.

Assume your boyfriend accidentally bought you the same gift twice. You could make a joke about it by saying, “I guess I know what I’m getting for my birthday.”

If your boyfriend is frequently late, you could start saying things like, “Let’s meet at 6:30 Liam Standard Time.”

You could compliment him and say something like, “You really need a haircut, but I’m loving this werewolf boyfriend look.”

3. To tease your boyfriend, touch and tickle him. Being flirtatious and playful necessitates some intimacy. To show your interest in your boyfriend, make light touches on his arms, neck, back, and legs. Alternatively, tickle him lightly to make him laugh.

Tickling is a great way to be intimate in a silly, playful way because it is something you can only do with someone you are close to.

4. Take something he owns and make him chase you. Take his hat, his book, or his video game controller. Then tell him that he’ll have to catch you in order to get it back. Allow him to chase you for a few minutes before allowing him to catch you. When he grabs you, laugh and collapse into his arms.

It’s best to avoid taking anything important, such as his phone or wallet. Take something that will not be broken or damaged to keep the game fun and silly.

5. Feed each other delicious treats. Putting food on each other’s lips or tongues is both intimate and playful. Take turns feeding each other gently. Here are some ideas for treats:




Bite-size candies

Ice cream

Donut holes


Wear blindfolds while feeding each other to make things more intimate. One person will be blindfolded while the other feeds them. The blindfolded person must then guess what the food is.

6. Send flirtatious or playful texts to your boyfriend. Memes, pictures of you, references to inside jokes, or sexts are examples of this. Send him at least one playful text message per day. You could, for example, send him a funny meme in the morning and a flirty photo right before date night.

Send only what you are comfortable sending. If you don’t want to send sexy photos or texts to your boyfriend, you don’t have to.

7. Keep a couple’s journal in which you can exchange amusing love notes or stories. Your notebook will be a fun surprise for the two of you! Get a journal or notebook that you can share with others. As the first entry, write a sweet or silly note to your boyfriend and give it to him. Invite him to respond with a note.

Love notes, silly stories about you two, or favourite memories from your relationship could all be included in your entries.

Set a goal for how frequently you will write in your notebook. For example, you could decide to exchange the notebook at least once a week.

Don’t be concerned about taking up an entire page.

Method 2: Be Spontaneous and Have Fun

1. Go to a nearby park and have some fun. Play on the playground equipment, a frisbee, or the splash pad, if one is available. Plan a picnic in the park and then play some games if you have time. This is a fun, free way to mess around with your friends.

If there’s a pond, feed the ducks.

If your city has more than one park, visit each one.

2. Set up a pillow fight for fun. Make a note saying, “This is a pillow fight.” Place the note on a pillow near the door of the room you’re in. Then summon your boyfriend to the room. Attack him with your pillow as soon as he picks up the pillow to start the fight.

Don’t hit him too hard because a pillow can injure someone.

Laugh and scream to make the fight more entertaining.

3. Take silly selfies to send to him later. Make your boyfriend do silly poses or make silly faces with you. Take a lot of selfies and laugh at how ridiculous you both look. Then, a few days later, send him your favourite silly photo to keep the laughter going.

You can also use one of your amusing selfies to create a personalised birthday or anniversary card for your boyfriend. It’ll be a fun, playful reminder!

4. As a way to play together, create a craft project or a recipe. Being creative together is an excellent way to inject some fun into your relationship. Choose a craft or recipe that you both want to try. Then gather your materials and spend an afternoon making it. Don’t be concerned about doing it correctly; sometimes a failure is more enjoyable than a success.

Cook a fancy cake, paint an abstract painting, make holiday decorations, build a birdhouse, make candles, or use modelling clay to make sculptures of your favourite characters.

5. Celebrate a fictitious relationship “holiday” just for the two of you. Consider your boyfriend’s recent achievements or the first time you did something together. Then, set aside a special occasion to commemorate it. Make a special meal, get a small gift for each other, and toast the good news.

Make the anniversary of your first kiss, for example, a monthly holiday. If you kissed on October 14, you’d have a reason to celebrate every 14th of the month.

Similarly, congratulate your boyfriend on making the soccer team, receiving a math award, completing the video game he’s been working on, or receiving a promotion.

Always be on the lookout for new ways to celebrate with your boyfriend. This will make you both more aware of the positive aspects of your relationship. It also allows you to have fun together.

6. Take them on an adventure date. Adventures are always enjoyable, and they help to keep your relationship fresh. Choose an activity that allows you to try something new, and then see where the day takes you. Here are some suggestions:

Take a hike.

Visit a rock climbing gym.

Go geocaching.

Take a trip to the beach.

Tour your hometown.

Tip: Don’t try to plan your adventure ahead of time. Simply choose a location or activity and watch how things unfold.

7. Begin a hobby together. A couple’s hobby can help you become closer while also keeping the fun going. Choose something you both enjoy and begin doing it together. Here are some suggestions:

Play a sport, like tennis, bowling, or one-on-one basketball.

Take dance classes.

Collect comic books.

Try live action role playing.

Take a pottery or art class together.

Method 3 Playing Games

1. If your relationship is new, play two truths and a lie. Take turns telling each other two truths and one lie about yourself. Then, have your partner guess which one is a lie. They have a point if they are correct. If they’re incorrect, you get a point. The player with the most points wins the game.

If you’re of legal drinking age, you can play this game while drinking. Instead of awarding points, you take a drink whenever you make an incorrect guess or your partner guesses your lie.

While this game can be played by any couple, it is easier if you don’t know each other very well.

2. Use Never Have I Ever to get to know each other better. This game is excellent for uncovering all of your partner’s secrets. If you’re not drinking, you each start with 10 points. Take turns stating something you’ve never done before. If the other person has done it, they are penalised one point. Whoever runs out of points first is the winner.

This game is frequently played while under the influence of alcohol. If you have done something, you take a drink in this version.

3. Roll a die to determine whether you’ll hug, kiss, or do something else. This game can be as sinister as you want it to be. Take it in turns to roll the die. Whatever number appears will tell you exactly what you need to do. Discuss with your boyfriend what each number represents. For instance, your die could represent the following:

1-Kiss your partner’s cheek.

2-Kiss your partner’s lips.

3-Hug your partner.

4-Give your partner a 2 minute massage.

5-Feed your partner a candy.

6-Give your partner a compliment.

4. Make a scavenger hunt for couples. Create your own scavenger hunt list or find one online. Then, collaborate with your partner to locate every item on the list. Allow your hunt to become as ridiculous as possible!

Keep track of who finds each item first, and then award a prize to the winner at the end.

You can tailor your scavenger hunt to any location.

Make a digital date night out of a scavenger hunt. Each teammate will create a list of ten items. Then, exchange lists to see who can finish theirs first. Send a photo to your partner when you find something.

5. Have a game night as a couple with your favourite board or card games. A game night is always a good way to have a good time. Gather your favourite games, snacks, and drinks, and settle in for a night of laughter. Here are a few 2-player board and card games to try:

Exploding Kittens


Connect 4







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