How to Keep Your Feelings Secret from a Girl You Like

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Perhaps she’s dating your best friend. Maybe you’ve already dated her and broken up with her, but you still have feelings for her. Whatever your reasons, there may be times when you want to keep your romantic feelings hidden from the girl you’re interested in. Taking care to conceal your emotions both in and out of her presence will aid in keeping the truth hidden.

Method 1: Hiding Your Emotions in Front of the Girl You Like

1. If necessary, lie. When the girl you like confronts you directly, it can seem impossible to keep your feelings hidden from her. Maintain your composure and react realistically. Acting surprised or startled may give away that you’re concealing something. Do not respond in a jittery manner.

Direct questions can take many forms, but if she asks, “Do you have a crush on me?” or “Do you have feelings for me?” you could respond, “No, why do you ask?” or “Certainly not, whatever gave you that idea?”

If you’re not comfortable lying, rely on ambiguity. Using the preceding example, you could simply respond, “What makes you think that?” or “Why do you inquire?” without the explicit denial.

Perhaps lying isn’t the best option. She may be inquiring about your feelings because she has feelings for you as well.

2. Keep an eye out for your own unconscious invitations to affection. Certain unconscious cues indicating attraction are conveyed through body language. For example, frequent, seemingly unnecessary grooming (touching your hair or smoothing your clothes), facing your body towards her, and thrusting your chest out and shoulders back are all signs that you are attracted to someone in your presence and want them to notice and touch you. Most of these can be avoided if you are aware of them and actively seek them out in your own behaviour.

Keep in mind that unless someone is actively looking for them, these cues are effectively invisible. You don’t need to be concerned about sending out “attraction messages.”

3. Show affection to a different girl. If the girl you like thinks you already have a girlfriend or are interested in someone else, she won’t realise you have feelings for her. You can effectively hide your feelings for another girl by showing or expressing affection for her. When you’re within earshot of the girl you have feelings for, casually mention to a friend that you think another girl is cute. This will give her the impression that you are uninterested in her.

Do not date someone else just to deceive the girl you like. This third party’s feelings may be hurt.

4. Keep an eye on what you say. Keep your mouth shut around the girl you have a crush on. If you do speak, make sure your words are deliberate and well-considered. Talking too much or too nervously will alert her to the fact that something is wrong with your demeanour.

If the conversation veers toward romantic or potentially awkward topics for you, try to steer it back toward topics that aren’t so close to home.

Always maintain a steady, normal tone of voice. When you’re speaking to her, don’t stutter or mumble. Communicate with them as you would with friends and acquaintances.

5. Use distractions to divert her attention away from you. Distractions can be either solitary (such as watching a TV show) or shared (such as playing a video game) (for instance, a puzzle you work on together). In either case, your distraction should be something that does not require you to engage in conversation. If you are forced to communicate with each other, you may find it difficult to conceal your emotions.

If you can’t distract her, distract yourself. When she’s around, play a videogame, read a book, or play on your phone/tablet. Find an activity that you can do by yourself, even if she is nearby. Whatever you do, make sure it eliminates the possibility of you expressing your feelings to/about her.

6. Spend as little time as possible with her. When you’re with her, it’s more difficult to avoid situations in which you feel emotionally compelled to confess your feelings for her. If you absolutely must spend time with her, do so in a large group or at a party. You can easily avoid her and spend time talking to someone else in a group situation, or you can wander off so you’re not near her.

7. Act as if you’re uninterested. Maintain a pleasant but detached demeanour when the girl you’re interested in is present. Take it easy. Ignoring her or pretending you’re too busy to bother her will irritate her and hurt her feelings. Show only a passing interest in what she has to say, no more than you would with any other friend or acquaintance.

When you’re with the girl you like, don’t become withdrawn or unusually quiet. Such behaviour is a telltale sign that something is wrong with your emotions.

8. Keep your gaze away from her. She is, in your opinion, the most beautiful woman the world has ever seen. You only have one eye on her. Leaning forward in your seat with your palms on your chin, on the other hand, is a dead giveaway that you have feelings for her. Wear sunglasses (weather permitting) if she is present, and look away from the ground or at a fixed point in the opposite direction from where she is to best conceal your feelings.

Method 2: Withholding Your Emotions from Others

1. Don’t share your emotions with anyone. If your friends discover that you have feelings for a particular girl, it is possible that they will tell their friends, who will then tell their friends, and so on. This information will eventually reach the ears it was never meant to reach: those of the girl you like.

2. Keep a journal. In the diary, write down all of your thoughts and ideas about the girl you like. Write down the things you want to say to her but aren’t sure how.

Do not express your emotions on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Even if you’re vague, someone might be able to figure out what and who you’re talking about, and your cover will be blown.

3. Take up a new hobby, such as painting, skating, or playing an instrument. The more you concentrate on something else, the less you will concentrate on her. Your new hobbies will provide you with a much-needed distraction while also assisting you in masking your emotions. Find something that you enjoy and that positively engages your attention and energy.

Practicing a skill will help you gain confidence. If you are hesitant to reveal your feelings to a girl you like because you are unsure of your ability to woo her, gaining confidence by learning new skills may be able to solve your problem.

4. Spend no time with her. There is no way to express your feelings if you are not in her presence. You’ll never be in a situation where you inadvertently admit to your feelings for her, or where you’re so frustrated by not being able to express yourself that you spill the beans. Furthermore, you won’t have nosy friends noticing your possibly unusual behaviour when you’re in the presence of your crush. Instead of her, spend time with your family and friends.

Online interaction and texting are examples of avoidance. Instead of spending time with/around her, do not browse her social media profiles or text her.

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