How to Persuade Your Girlfriend That You Are the Nicest Guy She’s Ever Met

Ementes Technologies
Ementes Technologies

Girls are all different, and thus have different ideas of what is “sweet,” but at least one of these will work!


1. Make an effort to be a gentleman. This is a simple step. Simply do the things that every girl fantasises about her prince charming doing. This could include holding open doors, carrying books/bags, and patiently waiting for her.

2. Make a gift. Avoid drugstore items and instead choose something meaningful to her. Try to recall a storey she has told you and find something to remind her of that time.

3. Be an attentive listener. Every girl enjoys conversing. It’s critical that you be the guy who listens. Don’t just mumble or respond with a single word. Make an effort to contribute to the discussion.

4. Little things have a big impact. Although it may not appear to be significant, saying caring things to her or doing something she normally dislikes (such as a chore) will register in her mind, making her think you are very sweet.

5. Learn about her family and friends. The more involved she is with those she cares about, the better. If she sees you with her parent(s), she will realise how sweet you are.

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