How to Get Beautiful While You Sleep

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If you want to look and feel your best, you must get a good night’s sleep. Aside from getting enough sleep, there are numerous other things you can do to maximise your beauty benefits. Your body regenerates itself while you sleep, and you can use these natural processes to improve the appearance of your skin, hair, and other body parts! There are even some simple methods for styling your hair while you sleep.

Method 1 Getting Beautiful Hair

1. Apply a store-bought hair mask to your hair. If you have dry or damaged hair, apply a hair mask while you sleep to replenish it. Most will require you to wash your hair the following morning, so make sure you have enough time.

Wrap your hair in a towel, a t-shirt, or even cellophane wrap to keep the products in place.

These products may stain your pillowcase, so cover it with a towel if you’re concerned about your wrap not staying in place.

2. Construct your own conditioning treatment. You can make your own hair mask at home if you don’t want to spend money on a store-bought one. Homemade hair masks are even messier than store-bought ones, so wrap your hair tightly and give yourself plenty of time the next morning to wash it. There are numerous recipes available online, but some common moisturising ingredients include the following:



Olive oil

Raw egg

Shea butter

Aloe vera




Coconut oil


3. Make waves. To get beautiful waves in the morning, try pinning your hair up in small buns or braids before going to bed. Alternatively, you could try wrapping your hair around a headband. Allow your hair to air dry in the morning, apply a small amount of styling product if necessary, and you’ll be ready to go.

Depending on your hair type, you may want to use a light hair spray, curling product, or even tanning oil to help your waves last.

4. Get rid of the frizz. No matter what type of hair you have, tying it up in a silk scarf before bed can help keep it looking great between shampoos.

If you don’t want to sleep with a scarf, try sleeping on a silk pillowcase. It will cause far less friction than a cotton pillowcase, resulting in less frizz.

Method 2 Getting Beautiful Skin While You Sleep

1. Maintain a clean face. The most important thing you can do at night for your skin is to wash it. Removing all dirt and makeup from your skin allows it to regenerate and prevents breakouts.

Keep your hair away from your skin during the night to keep your face free of oil. Wrapping it in a silk scarf will protect your skin as well as your hair.

2. You should sleep on your back. Friction between your face and your pillowcase can cause wrinkles to form, so sleep on your back if possible.

If you simply cannot stop sleeping on your side, try using a pillowcase made of silk or satin. Because these materials produce less friction, they reduce the likelihood of wrinkles.

It’s also a good idea to change your pillowcase every few days because the oils from your face can quickly accumulate on it.

3. Raise your head. Even if they’ve gotten a good night’s sleep, some people’s eyes are puffy in the morning. This could be due to fluid buildup, so elevate your head slightly while sleeping to avoid it. Two pillows should suffice.

4. Apply eye cream. If you’re concerned about puffiness or dark circles under your eyes, apply a generous amount of eye cream before going to bed.

5. Moisturize. Apply a generous amount of moisturiser to your skin before bed for healthy-looking skin with a dewy glow. This is especially critical during the winter.

When moisturising your face, use a product that will not clog your pores.

If you have other skin issues, such as dark spots or wrinkles, you can find night creams that are specially formulated to address them while also providing your skin with the moisture it requires.

Apply a generous amount of lotion or petroleum jelly to your feet, then cover them with plush socks.

6. Hydrate. In the dry winter months, supplement your moisturising regimen by drinking plenty of water and using a humidifier.

7. Make a face mask at home. Try sleeping with a homemade mask on your face for radiant, nourished skin. Keep in mind that this will most likely be messy, so you should probably cover your pillow with a towel. There are numerous recipes available online, and some of the most common ingredients are as follows:

Olive oil




Brown sugar

Lemon juice


Essential oils

8. Combat acne. If you have acne-prone skin, use a salicylic acid-containing acne cream at night to combat the bacteria that cause blemishes.

Applying a clay mask before bedtime can help with stubborn blemishes.

Apply a mixture of cinnamon and honey to your face before going to bed for a more natural treatment.

Method 3 Reaping Other Beauty Benefits

1. Use a lip conditioner. Your lips require moisture to remain kissably smooth, so pamper them with a deep conditioning treatment. There are numerous options available in beauty stores.

You can also use olive oil and honey to make your own overnight lip treatment. If you want to exfoliate your lips, mix in some brown sugar and massage it into your lips.

2. Rejuvenate your cuticles. To soften and minimise the appearance of unsightly, rough cuticles, use store-bought cuticle oils or balms.

You can also keep it simple by applying petroleum jelly to your nail beds at night. Wear a light pair of gloves to bed for best results.

3. You can tan while sleeping. Apply an overnight self-tanning mask if you want to wake up looking like you spent the evening on a sunny beach. With just one product, you’ll have a subtle glow and moisturised skin.

4. Take care of your lashes. Apply a dab of castor oil to your eyelashes before going to bed each night if you want healthy, long lashes.

5. Make your teeth whiter. Brush your teeth as usual, then dip your toothbrush in some baking soda and brush them again. Do not rinse your mouth.

If you do this more than once a week, you risk damaging your teeth!

You can do this at any time of day, but you should avoid eating or drinking for at least one hour after application, so bedtime is ideal.

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