How to Be a Favourite Niece or Nephew

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The lives of your parents’ aunts and uncles are intertwined, and as a result, they become an integral part of your own life as a result. Maintaining a healthy relationship with aunts and uncles is extremely important for our family’s overall well-being and happiness. The following are some points that will help you understand how you can become more popular with your aunt and uncle.


1. Please be respectful. A crucial component of being a good niece or nephew is to be considerate of others. Respect your aunt/religious uncle’s beliefs as well as his or her personality. It is also important not to argue with them in a rude manner. By refusing to disagree, you are demonstrating acceptance of their viewpoints. If you disagree, express your point of view and listen calmly to their points of view. Please refrain from yelling or screaming; it will not benefit any of you.

2. Make an effort to be friendly. If you have younger cousins than yourself, make an effort to establish a relationship with them by offering to babysit them, teach them, advise them, or simply play with them. If you have older cousins, treat them with respect and acknowledge their philosophy and way of life as well. Inquire for guidance and express gratitude for all that they do to assist you. If they tell you to do something, follow their instructions unless it is immoral, illegal, or harmful to your own health.

3. Be considerate and helpful at all times. If they are unable to complete a task on their own, offer to assist them instead. Examples include walking their dogs, running errands, and repairing minor issues around the house. Cook them a bowl of vegetable soup and serve it to them if they are sick. According to tradition, bringing tea or coffee to one’s beloved elders every morning and asking them if they require anything every evening is a very good deed. Try to do this with sincerity, and don’t stop until you feel like it is a dreaded part of your life that you must avoid at all costs.

4. Don’t be afraid to be generous. When you pay a visit to your uncle or aunt, remember to bring something for them. Homemade or baked goods are a good idea for a party. In the meantime, a hug or a warm compliment are wonderful things to give to someone who isn’t yet able to make things for themselves. Other than that, be thoughtful. Consider what they enjoy and bring it to them to show them. For example, if your aunt enjoys jewellery, you could give her a pearl necklace with the inscription “For the shining pearl in your soul.”

5. Make an effort to be religious. If your aunt/uncle are religious and practise a religion that is similar to yours, take them to your sacred site and worship reverently with them. In the event that they do not adhere to the same religion as you, pay a visit to their worship sites and observe some of their rituals, and ask them to do the same for yours. If they are not religious, take them on tours of different places of worship where they can learn about their beliefs.

6. Acceptance is key. You should be friendly with your aunt/pet, uncle’s even if you don’t care for him or her. If they like something that you despise, accept their preferences but do not feel obligated to follow their lead. Make a point of cherishing any shared interests and enjoying them together. Meanwhile, be respectful and obedient to the rules of the household. If you believe the rules are unjust, you should attempt to have them changed in a civilised manner rather than disobeying them in a rebellious manner.

7. Please be considerate. Random acts of kindness should be performed. Make an effort not to forget important dates such as holidays or birthdays. If you do, make it up to them with a thoughtful gift and an affectionate smile on their face. You should never lie to your aunt or uncle, and you should treat them with as much kindness and respect as you can.

8. Thank you for everything. Remember to be grateful for the time you have spent together. Watching old films or looking through photo albums, playing golf, swimming in the sea, reading together…whatever it is that you and your aunt and uncle enjoy doing, make the most of every moment.

9. Make each and every visit to your uncle or aunt a special occasion by making them feel important and appreciated.

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