How to Tie a Babushka

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Whether you want to look like A$AP Rocky or you just like the classic babushka look, tying your scarf around your head will ensure that your outfit is fashionable and chic no matter what you choose to wear. It’s possible to tie your scarf in a babushka style to add a streetwear element to any outfit, or you can keep it classic by opting for a vintage aesthetic. Prepare yourself by gathering your silk scarf and brushing your hair.

Method 1 Classic

1. Pull your hair into a low ponytail at the back of your head. If you have long hair, make sure it is out of the way so that you can tie your scarf properly. Pull your hair back at the nape of your neck with a hair tie or a scrunchie, and then secure it into a ponytail or a bun with an elastic band.

It’s possible that if you wear your ponytail too high, it will cause your scarf to bump against the back of your head. Make an effort to keep it as low as possible to ensure that your hair blends in seamlessly.

In the event that you don’t pull your hair back, it will protrude from underneath the scarf.

2. Make a triangle out of your scarf by folding it in half. This method of folding works best with a silk square scarf that is square in shape. Fold two points together to form a large triangle, making sure the pattern side is facing outwards the entire time.

You could also use a short shawl to accomplish this.

You can use a scarf that is as large as 3 by 3 ft (0.91 by 0.91 m) or as small as a bandana to cover your head.

It is not necessary to worry about folding a rectangular scarf into a triangle if you have a rectangular scarf.

3. Fold the long side of the paper over about 1 inch (2.5 cm). To make a small hem, take the long end of your scarf and fold it over itself just slightly. This will give your babushka tie a neat appearance, and the fold of your scarf will not protrude over your forehead as a result.

The hem does not require any additional attachments; once it is placed on your head, it will hold itself in place on its own without any additional assistance.

4. Tie the scarf around your head so that it forms a triangle with the point of the triangle near your neck. Lift the scarf up and over your head, keeping the pointed end facing down, and position the hemmed end at the very top of your forehead to complete the look. Check to see that the ends of the scarf are all the same length.

Don’t be concerned if your scarf doesn’t appear to be perfect just yet. You’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments in a split second.

5. Make a double knot with the ends under your chin to secure them. Holding both hanging ends of the scarf in your hands, pull one over the other to tie them together. Repeat the process to create a double knot to ensure that your scarf stays in place on your head.

Due to the slipping nature of silk scarves, a double knot will be required to keep it closed.

If you don’t want to tie your scarf together, you can simply pull the ends across your neck and allow them to rest on top of your shoulders instead. They may, however, not stay in place all day if you do not wear a jacket on top to keep them in place.

6. If your scarf is too tight, loosen the knot by pulling on it a few times. If the scarf is feeling a little tight around your face, insert your fingers between your face and the scarf and pull outwards. Pulling down on the knot will loosen it and allow you to move around more freely.

If you notice that your scarf is shifting during the day, you can adjust it as needed.

Method 2 Styling

1. To look stylish, opt for a pair of large sunglasses. Make sure to put on a pair of large sunglasses before heading out if you want to appear like a celebrity. If you have a look like this, you will most likely turn heads for the right reasons.

A$AP Rocky frequently sports a pair of large sunglasses along with his babushka scarf when attending red carpet events.

2. Apply some red lipstick to give yourself a little diva glam. Make sure to put on your brightest red lipstick before heading out on the town if you want to channel a 1950s diva look. Put on a bit of black winged eyeliner to complete your look and make it even more glamorous.

If you really want to go the extra mile, you could try matching your red silk scarf to your red lipstick.

3. Pull your scarf back three inches (7.6 centimetres) to show off your beautiful hair. Alternatively, if you’ve styled your hair and want to show it off, bring the front of your scarf back to the middle of your head. Make a sweeping motion with your bangs, allowing them to fall over the scarf so that people can get a glimpse of your beachy waves or springy curls.

If you choose to wear your scarf in this manner, make sure that the knot is extremely tight, as it is more likely to fall off the back of your head.

4. Layer two head scarves together to display multiple patterns at the same time. Take a small scarf and tie it around your neck like a traditional babushka scarf. Afterwards, take a large scarf and drape it over your shoulders, pulling the front of the scarf back to the middle of your scalp. Tie the larger scarf under your chin so that you can see the pattern of the small scarf sticking out just a little bit more from underneath.

On a chilly winter day, wrapping your head in two scarves is a cute way to keep your head warm.

Scarves with different patterns, such as stripes and polka dots, can be mixed and matched with scarves in solid colours.

5. Make a bow out of your knot to add a touch of elegance. Put your scarf on as you normally would, then tie it once under your chin. As an alternative to simply knotting the ends together, tie them into a large bow underneath your chin.

If you want to make your scarf look a little more put together and elegant, this is a great technique to use.

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