How to Leave a Married Man

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It’s possible that it was an accident; you were unaware that he was married. Alternatively, it’s possible that the relationship was planned in advance. It doesn’t matter how it happened, you ended up in a relationship with a married man, and now you don’t want to deal with it or him any longer.


1. Make a list of all of the reasons why you should leave. If you stay, you’ll only be hurting yourself, his children, his family, and his wife, as well as the people around you. Also keep in mind that the majority of men who cheat for the first time will cheat for the second time. This implies that he will eventually cheat on you.

2. Make a final decision on whether or not to leave. Perhaps you’ve tried to leave before, only to be promised that he’ll leave his wife soon, and to be told how much you were cherished by him and his wife. Perhaps he has rekindled his interest in you. However, it has been some time and he is still with her. After a long time, you’ve had enough. Make the decision to permanently end your relationship with him.

3. Inform him that you would like to meet him in a location that you are aware is potentially dangerous for him. If he agrees to meet in a potentially dangerous location, try to show him affection while watching him back away. Whatever the difficulty, the fact that he will not be intimate with you in public, nor will he want to go somewhere where he might be seen, will only serve to strengthen your resolve to end the relationship.

4. Inform him that you’ve had enough and that you’re leaving. That you want out, and that you may even love him, but it isn’t enough for you any longer. You’ve been hearing his promises for a very long time, and he’s never followed through on them, so you’ve had enough. Even if he cries out and begs, maintain your composure and strength. It makes no difference how he reacts; you are leaving him.

5. Change your phone number and do not put his in your phone’s contact list. One of the most effective methods of ending a relationship with a married man is to end it completely and completely. There will be no late-night calls, and there will be no calls during the day when he is at work away from his wife and children. In the event that he does not have your phone number and you do not have his programmed into your phone, you are less likely to call him. In addition, he will be unable to contact you.

6. Take steps to prevent him from accessing your email, social media accounts, and other accounts. You do not wish to be contacted or reminded in any way. So keep him away from any and all places you can think of. He needs to understand that you’re finished. This is just one example of how you’re demonstrating your love for him.

7. Inform him that if he does not leave you alone, you will contact his wife. Usually, just the threat of being confronted is sufficient to drive him away. Moreover, when he does, remind yourself of how easily he was able to leave and realise that you will find someone much better out there very soon.

8. Get out there and do things you enjoy. And while you’re out, try to flirt with someone. Even if you’re not ready for another relationship, don’t curl up in your bed and cry. Get out there and make connections with other people, particularly with other men. Make a strong impression by demonstrating that you are a sexy, attractive woman who will find someone much better very soon.

9. Take time to pamper yourself. Relax in long bubble baths and indulge in lingerie that is solely for you because you deserve it. Remind yourself that you do not require a man, particularly a married man, to show you and make you feel beautiful.

10. Prepare to cut him off if necessary. If he shows up at work, have a coworker ask him to leave if he refuses to comply. You should not answer the door if he comes to your house or call you, and you should hang up on him if he calls. Remove all communication with him. You will be able to move on more quickly if you have nothing to do with him.

11. Start dating as soon as you’re ready. After that, begin a relationship with someone. Alternatively, a few someones. Simply put, don’t get involved with a married man ever again. If you meet someone who is married, keep the heartbreak in mind and move on without allowing him to become too close. You will meet someone single who is the perfect match for you.

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