How to Be Romantic on Your First Date

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First dates can be a variety of emotions, including fun, nerve-wracking, and exciting, but they should always be romantic in nature. This is your opportunity to establish chemistry with the other person and determine whether or not you are a natural fit. A little romance will almost certainly increase your chances of getting a second date, so read on for our suggestions for setting the mood.

1. Pick a romantic location.

Consider a unique location where you and your date would enjoy spending time together. The location could be something spectacular and historical, or it could simply be something significant to you and your date. For example, if they enjoy wine, a romantic getaway at a vineyard would be appropriate. If they prefer the outdoors, you could suggest a beautiful arboretum or rose garden as a possible destination. Make an effort to choose a location that feels intimate and special to them. The combination of dinner and a movie is far more romantic!

If they are interested in the arts, you could suggest that they visit a museum or an art gallery.

2. Do an activity where you can be close.

Look for opportunities to be physically close and active in order to arouse intimacy. The couple could spend their time together participating in a salsa class, going for a swim at the beach, or visiting an amusement park. Instead of sitting and watching something, engage in activities that keep you active and allow you to converse with one another. You’ll have more opportunities to make a meaningful connection if you do things this way.

Take a pass on sitting through a lengthy concert or show because this will prevent you from having much interaction with your date during the event.

3. Prioritize conversation.

Concentrate on conversing rather than entertaining your date. In the first date, you’re trying to get a sense of the person—what they’re interested in, what their personality is like, whether or not they’re humorous. Keep the conversation light by asking about their favourite bands, their favourite foods, and places they’d like to visit in the future. Pay close attention to their responses because expressing genuine interest in the other person is unquestionably more romantic than tuning out to a movie or other distraction.

Don’t feel obligated to bring up heavy topics of discussion. Politics, religion, and interpersonal relationships should be saved for another time.

Consider this: were you a fun way to pass the time, or did you wake up to the sight of the sunrise because you spent the entire night chatting with someone?

4. Put your phone away.

Give your complete undivided attention to your date. This may not appear to be a particularly romantic gesture, but it is significant to the majority of people. Consciously consider how many times you reach for your phone without even realising it. Make a point of turning off your phone and not looking at it at all during the day. Instead, devote your entire attention to your date. They’ll most likely feel a stronger sense of connection as a result of this.

You’re unable to turn off your phone? Configure your phone to operate in silent mode and make a point of not checking it frequently.

5. Flirt to spark a little chemistry.

Flirting is a great way to show someone you’re friendly and interested in them. Say something cute and romantic, such as, “I’m sorry if this comes across as awkward, but I get extremely nervous when I’m around beautiful women.” Whatever you say, make sure it’s genuine! Here are a couple of additional lines that you can use:

“You look absolutely stunning in that suit.”

“I believe that everyone in this room is envious of me. I’m in a relationship with the most attractive/beautiful person in the room.”

“You probably get this compliment all the time, but you have a beautiful smile.”

6. Dedicate a song to them.

Request that a band perform a song or that you sing karaoke for your date. Pick out a romantic song that you think your date would enjoy and dedicate it to them if you’re in a bar or restaurant that has live music or a DJ playing during your visit. If you’re at a karaoke bar, offer to sing a romantic song for your date if you’re looking for something a little more lighthearted but equally romantic. Although your date may be surprised, flattered, or amused, it is likely that they will be charmed by your efforts above all else.

Who knows what will happen? If it appears that the relationship has a chance of succeeding, this could even become your song.

7. Display open body language.

Lean in close to your date by turning your body toward him or her. Instead of crossing your arms, keep them open and free. This can give the impression of being defensive. You want your body language to convey that you are relaxed and comfortable with your date.

Many people also find it more comfortable to sit next to one another rather than across from one another when they’re conversing. Because you’re physically closer to each other, this appears to be a more intimate situation.

8. Show some physical affection.

A simple touch conveys the message that you are interested in what they are saying. You could rub their shoulder, hold their hands, or simply touch their arm to make them feel more comfortable. Small gestures like these help to create a bond between you and your partner, which can help you both feel more comfortable in each other’s company.

Do not wait until the last minute to complete this task. If there hasn’t been any physical contact between you before one of you leans in for a goodnight kiss, it can be uncomfortable for both of you.

9. Find a romantic spot for a first kiss.

If you feel a connection with your date, inquire as to whether you can kiss them. If you and the other person are really clicking and they’ve initiated physical contact, it’s possible that they’re feeling romantically inclined as well. Although you should not feel obligated to kiss on your first date, it may seem natural at the time. Possibly you and your partner are both leaning in toward each other in front of a stunning sunset, or the other person is pulling you closer as you prepare to say goodnight. If you and your partner are both comfortable with the idea of kissing, that’s fantastic!

If your date does not want to kiss you, don’t feel bad about it or force it. The reason for this could be that they do not feel a similar connection, or that they simply want to get to know you more.

10. Be yourself.

Putting on a false persona and pretending to be someone you are not is not romantic at all. You don’t want to fool the other person into thinking you’re playing a joke on them. Instead, be completely transparent and honest about your identity. Living as your true, authentic self is a romantic experience! Take a moment to remind yourself that the person has expressed an interest in going on a date with you, so act naturally.

Dress comfortably, act confidently, and enjoy yourself on your date in order to feel more relaxed about it.

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