How to April Fool Your Girlfriend

April Fools’ Day is a day for playing practical jokes on those who are close to you, including your girlfriend. A good April Fools’ prank will be unexpected, playful, and a little silly at the same time. It should make the person laugh while also giving them a mild scare at the same time. You can April Fool your girlfriend by pulling a prank on her at her place of residence. You can also create prank items to give to her, such as a fictitious parking ticket, a fictitious dessert, or even a fictitious marriage proposal.

Method 1 Pulling a Prank in Your Girlfriend’s Home

1. Fill her room with balloons to make her feel special. A simple and entertaining prank is to blow up a bunch of balloons and scatter them throughout her room. This should be done while she is at work or at a friend’s house to avoid interrupting her workday. Make certain that the balloons completely fill the room. Close the door after you’ve finished filling the room so she’ll be in for a pleasant surprise when she opens her bedroom door after you’ve finished.

Make use of balloons in your girlfriend’s favourite colour to make the prank a little more memorable for both of you.

2. Post-It notes are strewn across her room. Using bright post-it notes to cover her entire room from top to bottom is another effective prank. Post-It notes are strewn across her furniture, the walls, and the windows of her room, creating a visual collage. Place Post-It notes on her computer and other items to remind her.

This should be done when she is away from home for the night or out of town. As a result, when she returns home, she will be treated to a pleasant surprise.

3. Wrap her belongings in tin foil to keep them safe. Tin foil is a low-cost and simple way to play a practical joke on your girlfriend. Wrap everything in her bedroom in tin foil to keep it from getting dirty. Remove the items from her bathroom or living room and cover them with tin foil. Pick a room she frequents and make it more difficult for her to get into by covering it with tin foil.

Consider wrapping her possessions in several layers of tin foil if you have the time and energy to do so. It will be more difficult for her to unwrap each item as a result of this.

4. Place toast in her shower to warm her up. By placing slices of toast in her shower, you can give her a nice, “toasty” experience. Place a few slices of freshly toasted bread in the bathtub for her. Next, observe her reaction when she goes to take a shower or a bath, if she does so.

Method 2 Giving Her Prank Items

1. Make a fictitious parking ticket for her. Make a template out of a real parking ticket and personalise it with her name. Increase the price of the ticket significantly. Include a brief explanation of what the ticket is for and make it appear plausible, such as when she ran a red light a few days ago, for example.

After that, you can mail the ticket to her. Alternatively, you could pretend to have received the ticket in the mail and hand it over to her that way.

Make sure you tell your girlfriend that the ticket is a joke and not a real ticket, especially if she appears to be very concerned. “April Fools!” you can say to her as you rip up the bogus ticket.

2. Make mayonnaise and put it in her toothpaste. Remove the toothpaste from her mouth and replace it with mayonnaise. This should be done while she is sleeping or away for the day. Then observe her as she tries to brush her teeth with mayonnaise instead of toothpaste in the morning for a few minutes.

3. Make a spoof version of Oreos. Remove the cream from the Oreos and replace it with toothpaste to make them more palatable. Then hand your girlfriend a box of the phoney Oreos and stand back as she devours one after another.

You should watch out that she doesn’t eat too much of the fake Oreo because eating too much toothpaste can make her sick.

4. Send her a prank text message to make her laugh. You should respond to her text by sending her a message that says, “This number has been disconnected.” Please get in touch with your service provider.” As an alternative, you can send a message that says something like, “Who dis?” or “I don’t have this number in my contacts, sorry!”

If your girlfriend appears to be perplexed by the message, you can send her a text message that says “April Fools!” to let her know you are joking around.

5. Give her a glitter bomb to make her feel special. Glitter bombs can be made by filling an envelope with glitter and placing it in the freezer. Afterwards, hand her the envelope so that she can be showered with glitter.

Do not throw the glitter bomb at her because doing so could cause injury.

6. Make a fictitious proposal. Packing a ring pop in a ring box and wrapping it with a bow is a nice touch. Once you’ve finished, give it to your girlfriend as a gift. You’ll want to see her reaction when she pulls out the ring pop instead of the actual engagement ring.

This prank can be quite intense, and it should only be attempted if your girlfriend has a very good sense of humour in general. This type of prank may cause her to become enraged, so proceed at your own risk.

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