How to Remove Stick On Lettering from a Boat

When it comes to removing stick-on lettering, things can get a little complicated. However, there are a few tricks that can be used to get that glue off of your boat.


1. First, try to get in touch with the company’s executives. Before you begin, there is a simple solution: simply bring the boat to the company that applied the lettering and have them remove it for you from the water. In most cases, this is a very affordable and convenient option if you need new graphics installed anyhow.

2. Heat can be used to get rid of it. In the event that you do not wish to use the services of a company, you can do so on your own initiative. Begin by using a hair dryer or a heat gun to dry your hair. (When using a heat gun, exercise extreme caution because they have the potential to blister gelcoat.) Heat up the sticker’s surface, then slowly peel back the sticker with your nails or a razor blade while still heating the sticker. Once you’ve gotten it started, it’s best to use your hands and slowly pull while still heating what is still sticking; this method will leave no sticky residue.

3. Make the decision to use a blade. This method is also effective, but it leaves a sticky adhesive residue behind. To begin, use a razor blade. It is generally recommended to purchase long, skinny razors with extendable blades, though this is a matter of personal preference. The short, fat ones are also effective. Try slipping the blade under the letters to see what happens. The majority of letters should be able to be completed in this manner. While scratching the fibreglass should not be a problem as long as you are cautious, keep an eye on what you’re doing with the blade.

4. Remove any remaining substance from the area. Of course, even if you remove all of the letters with the razor blade, there will still be a sticky residue on the surface of the paper. This is a straightforward problem to resolve. When you use a rag and a product such as mineral spirits, lacquer thinner, or cleaning alcohol, the sticky residue should be easily rubbed away.

5. GooGone or WD 40 can be used to remove stains. In fact, either of these substances is capable of removing virtually anything with an adhesive backing.

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