How to Make Stuff in Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a straightforward game in which you begin with four fundamental elements. After that, you put these simple objects together. You can then combine those objects to create ever-more complex objects as a result of your efforts. This emindsca teaches you how to combine items in Little Alchemy in order to create new items.


1. Drag and drop the fundamental elements onto the screen. The game begins with four basic elements: earth, air, fire, and water. These are the elements that you will use throughout the game. To play with them, simply drag them from the right-hand sidebar onto the screen and drop them where you want.

2. Combine the fundamental elements. Click and drag elements from the sidebar to the right, then drop them on top of an item on the screen, and you’ve completed your transformation. As soon as you create a new item, it will appear in the sidebar to the right of the screen, where you can combine it with other items. The four basic elements can be combined to create the items listed below.

Lava: Combine earth and fire.

Energy: Combine air and fire.

Steam: Combine fire and water.

Dust: Combine earth and air.

Mud: Combine earth and water.

Rain: Combine air and water.

Sea: Combine two waters.

Pressure: Combine two air or two earth.

3. Combine the fundamental elements with secondary components. Consider the following items, which can be created by combining some of the secondary items with the four fundamental elements:

Garden:Combine plant with plant.

Brick: Combine fire with mud.

Obsidian: Combine water with lava.

Volcano: Combine lava with earth

Gunpowder: Combine dust with fire.

Steam: Combine energy with water.

Plant: Combine earth with rain.

Geyser: Combine earth with steam.

Stone: Combine lava with air.

Earthquake: Combine earth with energy.

Grass: Combine plant with earth.

Dew: Combine grass with water.

Sand: Combine stone with air.

Glass: Combine sand with fire.

Pond: Combine garden with water.

Cloud: Combine steam with air.

Sky: Combine cloud with air.

Sun: Combine sky with fire.

Moon: Combine sky with stone.

Mountain: Combine earth with earthquake.

Explosion: Combine gunpowder with a fire.

4. Combining two of the same item is a common occurrence. After you’ve created a sufficient number of items, you can begin combining two or more of the same item to create more complex items. The following are examples of items that can be created by combining two pieces of the same item:

Flood: Combine two rain together.

Wall: Combine two bricks.

House: Combine two walls.

Village: Combine two houses.

City: Combin two villages.

Mountain range: Combine two mountains.

Ocean: Combine two seas.

5. Combining two secondary items will result in the creation of additional items. Here are some examples of items that can be created by combining the secondary items created from the four fundamental elements.

Swamp: Combine plant with mud.

Hourglass: Combine sand with glass.

Time: Combine sand with glass.

Eruption: Combine volcano with energy.

Ash: Combine volcano with energy.

Atomic Bomb: Combine energy with explosion.

Eclipse: Combine sun and moon.

6. Continue to combine items. In total, there are over 500 possible combinations in the game. Even if not all of the items can be combined, keep trying to see what you can come up with. Eventually, you will be able to figure out how to create animals, humans, and even extraterrestrials.

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