How to Have Aurora’s Personality from Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty, the third Disney Princess film, was released in 1959 by Walt Disney Studios. Sleeping Beauty is a beautiful storey about a young lady who was unknowingly cursed as a baby by the evil fairy, Maleficent, and who grows up to be a beautiful young lady. The girl cursed herself, saying that she would “prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, and DIE” before the sun set on her sixteenth birthday. Fortunately, Merryweather, the fairy who hadn’t blessed her yet, changed the curse slightly, preventing Aurora from dying and instead causing her to fall fast asleep until she is roused by true love’s initial kiss. Aurora exudes a dreamy, feminine demeanour that is captivating. Continue reading if you want to learn how to be more like her!


1. Maintain your dignity. Graceful in the sense that her movements are delicate, as if she is floating in the air. Aurora’s movements are always graceful, no matter what she is doing. When she’s strolling through the forest with her animal companions, she walks with such poise and perfect posture that it’s hard not to notice. Whenever she goes out to pick some berries, her arms are always fluid – she never makes any abrupt movements, like a ballerina would do. You must first perfect your posture before you can learn to be graceful. Your shoulders should be a little back and down, your head held high, and your spine should be completely straight. Following that, you must become more conscious of your movements and work on being graceful. Last but not least, you could enrol in dance or gymnastics classes. This will assist you in becoming extremely graceful.

2. Please be considerate. Being kind to others entails being friendly and sweet to them. Aurora is never unkind to anyone in her life. She has a natural ability to make friends, and even if she didn’t have this gift, she would have no trouble making friends in any situation! You can be more kind to others by thinking more positive thoughts about them rather than negative thoughts about them. See the positive qualities in others and offer genuine compliments. Increase your smile and genuine sweetness.

3. Don’t be afraid to speak up. This entails feeling nervous and unconfident in the presence of strangers. Aurora demonstrates this when Prince Philip startles her, and despite the fact that an encounter like this was something she had only dreamed about, she reacts in a shy manner and attempts to flee the scene. Shyness can be disguised as nervousness when meeting new people. Talk in a soft, sweet tone of voice.

4. Make a dreamy entrance. The meaning of dreamy is frequently associated with having one’s head in the clouds and fantasising about wonderful things such as meeting a prince. In any case, this is what Aurora had been daydreaming about. She even had dreams about him, which she shared with her animal companions. You can make yourself more dreamy by daydreaming about the ideal partner, a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, or your ideal job. Consider all of the wonderful possibilities that exist.

5. Please be respectful. Respect implies having admiration for someone and treating them with kindness. Aurora expresses her gratitude to her three guardians. When they ask her to do chores, she doesn’t make a fuss and simply follows their instructions. She holds such high regard for them because they hold her in such high regard and adore her to the moon and back. It all boils down to repaying the favour owed. If your mother or father is constantly doing housework and they ask you to assist them on occasion, please do so. This will help you to be more respectful of them. Even better, offer to assist them yourself, and they will show you the same courtesy.

6. Make an effort to be romantic. Aurora is, by nature, a hopeless romantic. When she first meets Prince Phillip, she is shy at first, but soon loses her shyness and begins to smile sweetly at him, holding his hand as they dance, go wandering, and then watch the sun set in the distance while she leans softly against him. If you have a partner, try to be more romantic by daydreaming about them more, looking at them lovingly in the eyes, smiling sweetly to them, and gently kissing them more.

7. Take a walk in the fresh air. Aurora isn’t the type of girl who would prefer to spend the entire day at home. She enjoys going into the woods to feel at peace and to be able to express herself freely by dreamy, telling her animal friends her feelings. In addition, she enjoys singing, humming, and dancing in the forest. It’s almost as if she merges with the natural world. You can accomplish this by spending more time outside and taking in the scenery. Take a walk through a forest or some woods, and don’t be afraid to sing and dance. You could even pretend to communicate with the animals.

8. Show your emotions. Aurora shows her emotions, them being shy, happy, sad, dreamy etc.

9. You have a strong sense of commitment to what is important to you. When Aurora was informed that she was in fact a princess, the news did not appear to have an impact on her, and thus it did not matter to her. However, when she was informed that she would not be able to see the man she had fallen in love with again, she lost her cool and ran to her room to cry. This was something she was extremely passionate about. Be like this by simply showing deep affection for things that are important to you, such as your family, a talent you possess, pets, and so on.

10. Quirks. There are many things that Aurora does that distinguish her from other people. She employs hand gestures on a regular basis, such as cupping her hands together to her chest and placing a soft hand on her collar bone, among other things. Aurora has very distinct arched brows, which she uses to express herself in a variety of ways. When she is expressing emotion, her brows are the main focus of attention. She also waves by extending her arm in front of her at about a 45-degree angle and waving with her right wrist. She manages to do this with such elegance. An additional characteristic she possesses is the ability to smirk, as she did when the guardians instructed her to go pick some berries (again), and she realised they were up to something. Start doing these things on a regular basis, and you’ll find that they become second nature to you!

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