How to Get Download Games in the Background (While Xbox Is Off)

It takes significantly longer to download the bytes and bits of an entire game over the internet. While it’s understandable that your Xbox needs some time to download the game, this could cause your connection to slow down during a crucial moment in Call of Duty. To avoid this problem, you can learn how to configure your Xbox so that it continues to download games even after you turn it off.

Method 1 Xbox One

1. Return to the main screen. This is the main menu for the X-box, and it is the first thing you see when the console is turned on. If you want to return home, press the X button in the centre of your controller and select “Go Home.”

2. Press the Menu button on the controller. It is the small center-right button.

3. “Power & Startup” can be found in the Settings menu. Select “Settings” “Power and Startup” from the drop-down menu. When you turn off your Xbox, you can choose whether or not it should go into stand-by mode. It will search for and complete downloads and updates on its own initiative.

4. Select “Instant-On Power Mode” from the drop-down menu. This will keep the Xbox One in standby mode, allowing it to complete your downloads even if the console is turned off.

Method 2 Xbox 360

1. If you’ve already started a download, make sure to finish it before shutting down in “Low-Power” mode. The 360 can only complete downloads that you begin while the system is turned on. Because it is enabled by default, if you begin a download and then turn off your Xbox, the game will continue to download later.

If you believe that low-power mode has been disabled, the steps in the following section will show you how to enable it.

2. Hit the center X button and select “Settings.” You can do this from any screen.

3. Select “Systems Settings,” then “Console Settings.” From here you can change your power settings.

4. Make sure that “Background Downloads” are enabled by going to the “Background Downloads” menu. It can be found in the “Startup and Shutdown” section of the settings menu bar. Your downloads will be enabled at this point.

Method 3 Xbox

1. Go to the Xbox Dashboard. Do this by selecting “Home” from the upper right corner.

2. Select Console Settings from the dropdown menu.

3. Navigate to the Startup and Shutdown menus. This will display the options for when you turn off your Xbox and will allow you to enable downloads if you have them enabled.

4. Choose to download while turned off.

5. Turn off your Xbox when you’re done playing.

The Xbox will not fully shut off and the power button will flash.

The game will download at a 1/4 of the speed as when the Xbox is on.

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