How to Decorate Car Windows for Sports

There are only a few days left until the big game, and you’ve got your jersey, your hat, and your foam finger—but what about your vehicle? In addition to showing your support in person, you can use your car to show your support whether you’re driving to a sporting event or watching it from the comfort of your own home. Use simple or elaborate decorations to wish your team good luck with their vehicle.

1. Stick on a few team decals.

Allow someone else to take care of the decorating for you. Install decals with your team’s name or mascot on your vehicle’s windows before the big game to show your support.

You can purchase small decals to leave on your car year-round, or you can purchase large decals that cover the entire window to display during special occasions.

Decals are usually available at most team stores or on the internet.

When looking for decals, make sure they are removable so that you can easily clean them up afterward.

2. Use bumper stickers for permanent team spirit.

Bumper stickers are difficult to remove, so only use them if you have a strong attachment to your favourite team. Take some from your local sports store and stick them on your back bumper to show your team pride all year long.

You can choose to be subtle with a single bumper sticker, or you can go all out with a variety of different bumper stickers.

Keep bumper stickers on your car’s bumper, not on the body of the vehicle (they can ruin your paint).

3. Write supportive messages with window paint.

Nothing quite captures the essence of team spirit like a heartfelt message! Grab a few window paint markers in the colours of your favourite team and use them to spell out your support for everyone to see.

Keep it straightforward with a “Go Team!” “Let’s Get This Done!” or “State Champions!”

Make sure you’re using window paint for this project! It is possible that real paint will cause damage to your car windows, and no one wants to have to deal with that.

Maintain the appearance of your windows with window paint. If it gets on the body of your car, it has the potential to damage the paint finish..

4. Draw simple shapes with your team colors.

It is not necessary to be an artist in order to decorate your car. Fill in the blanks with polka dots, lines, triangles, or squares to make your ride more visually appealing.

Make use of your team’s colours to keep the party on track as you add additional decorations.

Make certain that you can still see out of your windows.

5. Create pictures with window paint.

This is a great decoration idea if you want to express yourself creatively in your home. Make a drawing of your team’s mascot, a football, or a megaphone with your window paint.

Decorative objects such as baseball bats, cheerleading pom poms, soccer balls, and tennis racquets look fantastic when painted on the side of a window pane.

6. Tie streamers to your car for a festive look.

Your vehicle will appear to be the life of the party. Choose some streamers in your team’s colours and use painter’s tape to attach them to the windows of your house.

Create a fun parade look by wrapping your steamers around the side windows, or hook them to the front windshield and make them the centre of attention.

If you have a variety of colours, wind two streamers together to create a twisted design.

Painter’s tape will not cause any damage to your vehicle, so you can remove it with confidence.

7. Add flags to your windows for extra flair.

By waving your flag, you can demonstrate your support. Suction cup flags can be used to display your team’s name or mascot on the side of your vehicle.

It is recommended that you remove these flags before driving long distances because they are not very aerodynamically efficient.

You can use them on all four windows, or just the front two for a more straightforward appearance.

8. Tape shiny stars to your windows to turn heads.

With this decoration, you can tell the world that your team is a star. Find cardstock in the colours of your team’s uniforms, then cut out large stars and stick them on the back window of your car.

Shiny cardstock will reflect the light much more brightly in the sun.

It is possible that this decoration will become a little soggy in the rain, so keep an eye on the weather forecast.

Painter’s tape can be used to prevent streaking on the surface of your windows. Make sure you can still see out the back of your vehicle as well..

9. Use balloons to make your decorations pop.

Balloons are the perfect way to commemorate any occasion or holiday. Alternatively, you could blow some up in your team colours and tie them to the hood of your car for an additional entertaining decoration.

The use of balloons while driving is not recommended, so save them for after you return home from the big game.

If a friend or family member is a member of the team, make sure to include a few “Congratulations” balloons as well.

10. Make your car shine with LED lights.

You have the option of decorating your car from the inside out. To show your support, set up an LED light with your team’s name or logo printed on it, and then place it on your dashboard.

LED light boxes can be found at your team’s store or on the internet.

The majority of LED lights for the car are equipped with suction cups on the bottom to prevent them from rolling around.

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