How to Test Your PS4 Controller

If you have any doubts about the functionality of your PS4 controller or suspect that it is not functioning properly, you can always connect it to your Windows 10 computer and run diagnostics to determine the source of the problem. With the help of this emindsca article, you will be able to test the functionality of your PlayStation 4 controller with a Windows 10 computer.


1. Connect your PS4 controller to your computer using the included USB cable. Connect your controller to a USB port on your computer by connecting it with a USB to Micro-USB cable. These ports are typically located on the front or back of your computer tower, on the back of your monitor (if you’re using an all-in-one computer), and on the sides of laptops, among other places. The Micro-USB cable connects to your PS4 controller at the top of the controller.

2. Right-click on the Start logo to bring up the context menu. If you haven’t changed the location of the taskbar, you’ll see this logo in the bottom left corner of your screen.

When you move your mouse over the screen, a menu will appear.

3. Type “Control Panel.” As you type, the search window will show you results.

4. Click Control Panel to launch the app. You should see this listed as an app under “Best Results.”

If you don’t see it here, you can open the Run dialog (⊞ Win+R, enter “control panel” and press ↵ Enter.

5. Click View Devices and Printers. You’ll see this under the header, “Hardware and Sound.”

You’ll see a listing of all your connected devices.

6. Right-click Wireless Controller. You’ll see this with the picture of a controller that closely resembles your PS4.

7. Click Game controller Settings. This is usually the first listing in the drop-down menu.

Another window should pop up.

8. Click Properties. You’ll see this in the lower right corner of the window that pops-up.

9. When you press the buttons on your controller, you will see the computer screen react to your actions. There will be a bar that slides across the screen to show how hard you are pressing the button on your remote control.

For example, the graph on your computer screen should tell you how hard you’re pressing the trigger buttons on your controller when you’re playing video games.

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