How to Attend TED Talks

The opportunity to listen to, share, and interact with great thinkers from all over the world in a variety of fields will make attending a TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) conference a potentially life-changing experience. In the event that you have a US$5,000 budget and want to attend a large event, you can submit a written application to be considered for admission to the TED Conference. For those who are looking for a more affordable option and would prefer a more local experience, you can purchase tickets to a TEDx Event in your area. Whichever type you choose, you can have a full TED Talk experience in just a few steps and discover for yourself what all the fuss is about in just a few minutes.

Method 1 Applying to Attend a TED Talk Conference

1. Create a profile to share your ideas with the world. To be considered for an invitation to a TED Talk Conference, you must first create a profile on their website, which can be found at It is necessary for you to provide your first and last name, your email address, and a password in order to set up your account.

2. Choose the TED Talk that you’d like to attend. There is a list of upcoming talks available at conferences/ted-conference on the company’s website. TED Talks are described in detail on their respective websites; choose one that feels relevant to your interests and goals.

TED Talks tend to sell out several months in advance, so choose a talk that is several months away in order to maximise your chances of getting in. You can then submit your application as early as possible in order to increase your chances of being included on the attendance list.

3. Select your preferred level of membership. Attendees can choose from four different levels of membership: Vanguard, Standard, Donor, and Patron, among others. If you have never attended a TED Talk Conference before, you should select the Vanguard option, which is designed specifically for first-time attendees. Because it costs US$5,000, it is also the most affordable of the four options in terms of price.

The other three options are more expensive and come with more perks, with prices ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 USD.

4. Make sure you have at least 2 hours set aside for the application. The application is comprised of six short essay questions, each of which you will be expected to respond to in detail. Concentrating on the application for two hours will ensure that you give each question the attention and consideration it deserves. You will be required to submit a biography as well as answer questions about your professional goals, accomplishments, and previous work experience.

As you save and return to your application through your account, you may choose to break up the application and work on it in small chunks.

5. Discuss 1-3 long-term professional objectives. Indicate to the reviewers what you hope to accomplish professionally throughout your career, including both short- and long-term objectives. Maintain the focus on your specific goals and how they relate to your professional work.

If you want to track the effects of human activity on ocean coral, you could set short-term goals such as “Building an app that tracks the effects of human activity on ocean coral” and long-term goals such as “Connecting human activity with human responsibility for the ocean.”

6. List at least 1-3 professional honours and accomplishments that you have received. Include any grants, fellowships, or other recognition you’ve received in your field, as well as any publications you’ve published. This will demonstrate to the reviewers that you are ambitious and committed to your work.. You can also include any fellowships or grants that you expect to receive in the near future that will assist you in achieving your objectives.

For example, you might write, “As the team leader, I was awarded a $15,000 USD grant to support research into ocean sustainability in local communities.”

7. Describe how you intend to make a contribution to the TED community. Inform the reviewers of what you can bring to the TED talk as an audience member by submitting a statement. Explain how the theme of the TED talk for which you are applying relates to your professional work and personal interests in a paragraph or two. This will demonstrate to the reviewer that you will be an important participant in the discussion.

Consider the following: “My work on an app about ocean sustainability relates to several aspects of the upcoming TED Talk, “The Future You,” which will combine activism with science and social media engagement in a novel way.”

8. Include links to your social media accounts in your submission. If you have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, make sure to include the social media handles for each of these accounts in your application. Make certain that your social media accounts portray a positive and engaged image of your professional work, as the reviewers are likely to pay close attention to these accounts.

Ideally, you should go over your social media accounts before submitting your application to ensure that they are a good representation of your professional work as well as your interests and goals.

9. Provide a bio that is personable and interesting. In your biography, you introduce yourself and provide details about your background, your interests, and your work experience. Your biography is an important section of your application. Keep your website and social media pages from looking stale by simply copying and pasting an existing bio. Make your biography personable and detailed so that you stand out from the crowd, while maintaining a professional and friendly tone. Your bio should be between 200 and 500 words in length.

Consider the following: rather than writing, “My name is Jane Flowers, and I work as a microbiologist,” you could write, “As a microbiologist studying the impact of human activity on the ocean, I am all about examining the hidden details, and I am fascinated by the creatures that live beneath the surface of the ocean.”

10. List at least two to three professional references who can speak to your objectives and interests. You should include professional references from your field who you have worked directly with or for, such as a professor, a peer, a boss, or a mentor. Using a reference who is related to you or your spouse is discouraged because it may not come across as very professional.

If you have a reference who has attended a TED Talk Conference in the past or who is affiliated with TED in some way, please make sure to include their name and contact information in your application.

In the application, you will be asked to list the names and contact information of three people who have worked with you in the past.

11. Submit your application through the internet. Applying to attend a TED Talk Conference is completely free.

Method 2 Getting Tickets for a TEDx Event

1. Look for a TEDx event in your neighbourhood. TEDx Events are organised by non-profit organisations in collaboration with TED to host TED-style events and discussions in their communities. Look for a TEDx event using the search tool on TEDx events can be found here. Examine events based on their location, date, and whether or not there are any available spaces.

Look for an event that appears to be both interesting and relevant to your job description. Make certain that the event is being held at a local venue on a date that is convenient for you so that you do not have to travel to attend it.

2. Tickets for the TEDx event can be purchased at Tickets for TEDx Events can be purchased on an individual basis through, as there is no requirement to submit an application in order to attend a TEDx Event. Tickets will be significantly less expensive than those for a TED Talk Conference, with prices ranging from $75 to $100 USD depending on the event.

In order to increase your chances of obtaining tickets, start looking for them a few weeks or months before the event. Some TEDx events sell out quickly or have a limited number of seats available.

3. If you are unable to find tickets on, you can purchase them online through TEDx partners. TEDx events are usually advertised online, and organisations that partner with TED often sell tickets for the event on their own websites. Some organisations will also make tickets available to their followers through their social media accounts, as well.

Method 3 Attending the TED Talk

1. Make a budget for the TED Talk’s admission fee. If your application for a TED Talk Conference is accepted, you will be required to pay the conference admission fee in order to attend the talk. The cost of attending is determined by the type of membership you selected when you applied for membership. Attending a TED Talk starts at US$5,000 and goes up from there. Through their TED Fellows Program, TED offers discounted ticket prices to young innovators. The application for this programme is available at (in English).

2. Remember to factor in the cost of travel and lodging to and from the TED Talk Conference. Travel and accommodations will be necessary if you plan to attend a TED Talk Conference. These conferences are typically held for several days in locations throughout North America and Europe, so you will need to plan ahead of time. Look for flight bargains on the internet, and opt for less expensive lodging options such as Airbnb, VRBO, or a budget hotel.

Because TEDx Events are held in their communities and typically last only a few hours, you may not have to worry about additional expenses such as travel and lodging. You will still need to factor in the cost of the TEDx talk ticket as part of your budget.

3. Choose three or four people from the guest list who you’d like to meet. A list of the speakers and other attendees will be provided to you as a thank you for attending the talk. Examine the list of attendees and do some online research on them to get a sense of their professional and personal interests. Identify three to four people with whom you would like to connect so that you can network during the talk. Read up on these three to four people so that you will be prepared with talking points and conversation starters when you meet them at the event.

Meet and greet sessions are usually held before and after the speakers at the TEDx Event and TED Talk Conference, allowing you to get to know other attendees as well as the speakers who will be speaking.

It’s also a good idea to make contact with other attendees and speakers before the talk, especially if they work in the same or a related field to you. Look for attendees who will be in your area and contact them so that you can meet up before the talk to get a feel for the environment.

4. Participate in the question and answer session with the TED Talk speakers. During the Q&A portion of the TED Talk, make a point of standing out from the crowd by asking a thought-provoking question or two. This will demonstrate to the speakers and other attendees that you have done your homework and are prepared to participate in the discussion.

It is possible that you will need to conduct preliminary research on the speakers and take notes during their presentation in order to prepare your questions.

5. Extra activities will be available at the TED Talk. Take advantage of them. TED Talks are more than just a collection of talks by famous people. Other activities include out of the office gatherings, networking events, meetups, and informal talks. Vendors and organisations will also have products and innovations on display, which you will be able to examine and try out. Make sure to take advantage of all of the different activities and add-ons available at the conference so that you can get the complete TED Talk experience.

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