Playing osu!

1. To activate the circles, click on them. When the ring around the circle comes to a close, click on it. This will be counted as a successful hit.

When this occurs, you should see one of the four symbols shown below: a blue 300, a green 100, an orange 50, or a red “X.”

2. Drag the sliders to the desired position. Click and drag your cursor to stay within the slider circle/ball when the ring around the circles at the beginning of the sliders is completely closed.

If you see an arrow pointing in the opposite direction of where you want to go, move your cursor back to the beginning of the page. It’s possible that you’ll have to oscillate the slider for a while.

3. Toss the spinners around. When a spinner appears, click your mouse and drag it around in circles as quickly as you can to complete the task. It is possible to earn more points by spinning at a faster pace.

Playing osu!taiko

1. To the beat, make circles with your hands. When the smaller circle by the drum overlaps the larger circle by the drum, press the corresponding key. For red circles, press the X or C key. For blue circles, press Z or V on your keyboard.

2. To the beat, make larger circles with your hands. When a larger circle extends beyond the area in front of the drum, press the two appropriate keys together to stop the drum from spinning. To create red circles, press the X and C keys at the same time. To create blue circles, press the Z and V keys at the same time.

3. Make a drumrolling motion. Spam the X or C key as soon as a yellow line approaches the drummer’s drum. In the event that a large yellow line approaches the drum, spam ZX or CV until the drumroll is completed.

Important: Only notes played to the beat of the small circles located in centre of drumroll line will be counted toward your total score.

4. Remove the shakers from the table. To do so, alternate between pressing Z and X or C and V on your keyboard. Continue to do so until the shaker is completely empty (i.e. the number is down at zero).

5. To complete the map, you must have 50 percent or more health. If your health bar falls below 50 percent, you will fail the map and be kicked out. By completing taiko notes, you’ll be able to gain health. Accuracy is also a factor in gaining points.

Playing osu!catch

1. Left and right arrow keys are used to move your catcher. Some notes cannot be reached using either of those keys, so you will need to use the Shift key to dash in order to access them. Some notes are inaccessible even with the Shift key held down, in which case the note before it is highlighted in red, which when hit will provide you with a boost while dashing, allowing you to hit the next note more easily.

Big fruits will add 300 points to your total score, but if you miss one, your combo will be reduced to zero and your accuracy will be reduced. Middle-sized fruits, or ticks, will add 100 points to your total score if you get them all in, and if you miss any of them, your total score will be reduced to zero and your accuracy will be reduced. The smallest fruits will contribute 10 points to your total, and the amount of points you receive will remain constant throughout the map. If they are missed, they will not bring your combo down, but they will still reduce your accuracy.

Spinners, also known as bananas, add 1100 points to your total score throughout the entire map, and if you miss one, it will not bring your combo down to zero, nor will it reduce your accuracy.

Playing osu!mania

1. When the note reaches the line of judgement, press the appropriate key on your keyboard. There can be anywhere from one to nine keys on a key map, but the four key and seven key maps are the most common. The controls for these are located as shown, starting with the leftmost track and progressing to the right.

4 Keys: D F J K

7 Keys: S D F Space J KL

When a tap note comes into contact with the judgement line, press the key that corresponds to the note’s position. Hold notes are created by pressing and holding the key until the end of the note reaches the judgement line, at which point the key must be released.

For each note, there are six possible outcomes in terms of scores: a rainbow 300, a rainbow 200, a rainbow 100, a miss, and a miss. In comparison to a regular 300, the rainbow 300 awards a few more points. The highest possible score for a beatmap is one million thousand thousand dollars.

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