How to Stop Sweaty Hands While Gaming

It’s a common enough problem: you’ve been concentrating on your game for a few hours, but your hands have become distractingly sweaty. This can make it difficult to hold your controller, which will most likely affect your gameplay. While there is no way to completely stop sweating, there are a few quick fixes. Read our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions about sweaty hands while gaming.

1. How do I prevent my hands from sweating?

To improve your grip, apply grip-enhancer lotion to your hands. Apply a drop of lotion to your palms and rub them together for 15 seconds. Continue to rub the product across your palms and fingers until they are dry. The lotion can help to reduce sweating, making it easier to hold your controller.

Look for a lotion that contains antiperspirant, isopropyl alcohol, silica, glycerin, xanthan gum, and silica.

Apply cornstarch to your clean hands. To remove dirt, grease, and bacteria from your hands, wash them with soap and thoroughly dry them. Shake some cornstarch into your palms and rub them together. Work the cornstarch between your fingers to completely coat your hands. Wait about 15 minutes for the cornstarch to completely dry your hands. Before you begin playing, take a dry cloth and wipe away any excess cornstarch.

You can substitute baby powder for cornstarch, but look for talcum-free products because studies show that talc contains asbestos, which can cause cancer.

To make it easier to grip your controller, rub a piece of athletic chalk onto your palms.

2. Can I put antiperspirant on my hands?

Yes, before you play, spray antiperspirant on your palms. When your skin begins to sweat, the antiperspirant kicks in. It is drawn down into your sweat glands and clogs them. This sends a signal to your body to stop sweating.

If your hands become irritated or you experience a burning sensation, discontinue use of the antiperspirant and consult your doctor.

You’ve probably heard that the aluminium in antiperspirants causes cancer. The American Cancer Society, on the other hand, claims that there is no clear link between aluminium and cancer.

3. What do gamer gloves do?

They’re made of moisture-wicking material to keep your hands dry. When you feel the surface of the gloves, you’ll notice that it’s covered in bumpy dots that help you grip the controller. The majority of them also have finger grips along the pads of your fingertips, allowing you to use the gloves on a variety of gaming platforms.

You could also use gripping gloves for gymnastics or golf.

Buy gamer gloves at game stores, athletic supply stores, or online.

4. What can I do when my hands get sweaty?

Use a clean cloth or napkin to dry them. Even after taking precautions, you may find that you still sweat a little. Keep a hand towel near your gaming area so you can wipe your hands dry as soon as they start to sweat.

Try it every time you reach a loading screen. It can keep your hands from becoming so sweaty that the controller feels slick to hold.

Take breaks to allow yourself to relax. It’s no surprise that you sweat more when you’re anxious or tense—emotions you’re probably experiencing all the time when you’re gaming! Make an effort to take frequent breaks. Even taking a short break can help you clear your mind and reduce stress. You could walk around the room or simply stand up and stretch.

Even pausing the game and taking a few deep breaths can help you relax.

5. Is there anything I can put on my controller?

Yes, a silicone anti-slip cover for your controller is a good idea. Many of these have bumpy, textured surfaces to give your hands something to grip onto while playing. Simply slide the controller cover onto your controller and adjust it so that the buttons and sticks aren’t covered.

These grippy covers can be found at your local game store or online.

Many of these include grippy circular covers for the controller’s sticks. Place them on the sticks so that your thumbs don’t slide off if your hands get sweaty.

6. Do Botox injections help with sweaty hands?

Botox injections can be used to temporarily treat your hands. You’ll need to get a medical exam, and if your doctor diagnoses you with hyperhidrosis, Botox injections may be recommended. They’ll numb your hands before injecting Botox into each of your palms. Botox temporarily paralyses the nerves in your skin that cause sweating, with the effects lasting 6 to 12 months.

Discuss the risks of this treatment with your doctor; some people experience temporary muscle weakness.

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