How to Treat Your Girlfriend Like a Celebrity

Do you want your girlfriend to be pleased with you and how you treat her? So, here’s how to do it quickly and easily, with a few flowers thrown in for good measure.


1. She deserves your respect! Respect her opinions and avoid making fun of what she says to show her how much you care. It’s great if you and your partner share similar interests and dislikes! However, try to get used to what she enjoys doing and, eventually, try it for yourself.

2. Pay attention to what she says. Girls talk a lot about how they feel about you, their friends, and their family, so if she’s upset, let her vent to you. Check to see if she is comfortable telling you both the good and the bad. If she sobs, wipe her tears away and hug her while holding her hand. Make her feel secure in your presence! Not at all.

3. Go with her if she’s going to audition! Even if you have to stand outside the door while she is waiting or performing, always, always, ALWAYS be there for her. Stand by her side and protect her regardless of the audition, even if you despise what she’s trying out for.

4. Bring her small gifts for every occasion. Examples? Bring her a lovey build a bear for Valentine’s Day. Bring her some sweet treats for Halloween. Make her feel special this Christmas by bringing her a little rain deer (fake, of course) from Santa! It’s impossible to forget her birthday on her birthday! She is going to cry. Bring her something she enjoys! For example, my girlfriend adores dogs; therefore, if your girlfriend adores dogs, bring her a stuffed dog!

5. Hold hands in public, regardless of how silly you feel. In fact, if you’re feeling silly, you and your partner aren’t ready for true love yet! You should be proud of your love and relationship, so show it! ‘They ain’t going to take your perfect lady!’ you want people to know. Keep that in mind. Don’t kiss in public; a smooch now and then is fine. You can hug as much as you want. Parents with children do not want their children to witness two people kissing each other’s lips in public. For that, go somewhere more private.

6. Experiment with something new with her! Zip line, ATV ride, and visit the zoo in the new Koala bear exhibit at the San Diego Zoo! Just don’t take her to the national spider convention.

7. Sing a song together at a choir performance or anywhere you’re legally allowed to sing if she sings and you sing! (Yes, legally, unless you want to spend ten years in jail with your girlfriend.)

8. Make a lot of dates. The girls who are supposed to come up with dates and times rant. Girls despise doing this. It’s very popular among men. To be a gentleman, I intend to take her to the movies and purchase the items for her.

9. Make certain that your love is genuine for both of you. It is usually the case, but be cautious. Don’t tell her anything. Stay true to yourself and to her. Be yourself; that’s why she chose you over the other guys! Man! She adores YOU, and you adore her in return! And don’t do anything if she says no! That will make her feel uneasy, so don’t do it.

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