How to Display Nintendo Switch Games on a Chromebook

This ehowto will show you how to play Nintendo Switch on a Chromebook by using a Video Capture Card, which can be purchased from almost any electronics retailer, such as Best Buy or Amazon. Because the HDMI ports on the Switch and your Chromebook are both out ports, simply connecting the two will not work.


1. Place your Switch in the Dock. To make a secure connection, connect the Switch’s USB-C ports to the Dock.

Unplug any monitors or TVs that are connected to your Dock.

2. Connect the HDMI cable from your Dock to the capture card. Because your Dock only has an HDMI Out port, ensure that the other end of the HDMI cable is plugged into the “In” port on the capture card in order for the data to be transmitted to your computer.

3. On your Chromebook, launch the video capture card software. The packaging or user manual may have directed you to download this software. When you plug in the USB cable, your Chromebook may prompt you to download the necessary software.

4. Turn on your Switch. The POWER button is in the top left corner.

5. Connect your capture card’s USB cable to your Chromebook. If you don’t already have the software for your video capture card open, it will now. You should quickly see your Nintendo Switch screen on your Chromebook.

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