How to Vinyl Wrap a Gas Cap

Wrapping your gas cap in vinyl is a great way to personalise your vehicle. It not only adds a splash of colour to your car, but it also helps you gain experience with vinyl wrap. This in-depth tutorial will walk you through all of the steps required to complete this project successfully, as well as help you gain confidence while modifying your car. It should be noted that depending on your level of experience, some steps may take longer than others for you.

Part 1 Preparation

1. Buy the needed materials (see Things You’ll Need below).

2. Wash the gas cap. Use the car soap and rinse with water.

3. Dry your gas cap. Use one of the microfiber towels to do so.

4. Clay obstructs the gas cap. Take out your clay bar kit. Spray the area with the provided spray. Then, using the clay bar, go over it again.

5. After you’ve finished decontaminating the paint with the clay, clean the area with isopropyl alcohol.

6. Cut a piece of vinyl wrap appropriate to the size of your gas cap.

Make sure you have an extra 1 inch of vinyl all around.

Part 2 Vinyl Wrapping Your Gas Cap

1. Peel the backing paper.

2. Stick the vinyl to the clean gas cap surface. Stretch the material pulling at opposite angles at each corner.

3. Use the squeegee to lay your vinyl to adhere to the surface.

4. Shrink the wrap around the corners with the heat gun. To avoid burning through the wrap, only use it in moderation, a few seconds at a time on the low setting.

5. To post-heat the surface, heat the vinyl wrap. Post-heating (heating after all previous steps have been completed) is used to extend the life of the wrap.

6. Trim the excess wrap using your utility knife.

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