How to Do Watercolor from Inside a Car

It is possible and even enjoyable to create watercolour paintings from inside your car. Consider it your mobile art studio. Everything visible from the car is fair game for painting. When a scene is perfect, you’ll know it. Gather your materials and get started. Any discomfort quickly fades as you become absorbed in your work. Have fun and start saving the scenes you’ve painted in your sketchbook.


1. Find a scene that appeals to you.

2. Remove paints, a water brush, a pencil, and a Sharpie marker from a mini backpack that has been filled with art supplies.

3. Make use of a waterbrush. This removes the need for a cup of water, which could easily spill inside the car.

4. Place a wad of tissues near the door. Use them to clean your waterbrush and for drips by pressing to send water through it onto the tissue.

5. Open your sketchbook and do a sketch of the scene.

6. Wet each pad of color in your watercolor set.

7. Start painting where ever you wish.

8. Paint a strip of colour near the top of large expanses like the building. Paint stripes of plain water below immediately and observe how the water pulls the colour down. Seeing how the water helps move the colour around is one of the most enjoyable aspects of watercoloring.

9. Dab runs and wipe away mistakes away with a tissue.

10. Make the sky. Use one shade of blue first, skipping the others to allow some white paper to show through. While it’s still wet, add some strokes of a different shade of blue. This results in a more realistic-looking sky.

11. Paint the building.

12. Make the lettering for the storefront. Use a fine-line Sharpie or another indelible black marker to draw the lines. If you use an indelible marker, you can paint directly over the lettering and it will not smear.

13. Paint the car.  Pick a color that contrasts with the building so it will stand out.

14. Continue painting until all the portions of the scene are colored.

15. Finish your painting by sketching over parts of it with the fine line Sharpie.

16. Allow the artwork to dry.  Turn to the next page and do another scene.

17. Almost anything you see out your car window can be turned into a fun sketch or watercolour.

18. Notice how, almost magically, the more you sketch and paint, the more possibilities appear.

19. Working from your car on a regular basis will quickly fill your sketchbook. Continue on your journey, and you will discover a new hobby or pastime. Have fun and be proud of your accomplishments.

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