How to Beat Granny

Granny, the popular horror-survival game, is also one of the most difficult games to master. The goal of the game is to make it out of the house alive. To accomplish this, you must unlock all of the locks on the front door and flee. Granny will be looking for you and listening for any sound you make as you try to flee. If she catches you, she will attack you, and you will begin a new day in the top-floor bedroom. You only have five days to flee. This ehowto teaches you how to locate all of the items required to defeat Granny. Please keep in mind that the items you require are scattered throughout the house. When you start a new game, you have no idea where any item is. You must search the house for them. It’s possible that you won’t be able to find the items in the same order that they’re listed here.

Method 1 Opening the Front Door

1. Pick up the cutting pliers. Go back to where you last dropped the cutting pliers and pick them up.

2. Cut the wires behind the circuit box. The circuit box is located in the basement. This turns the bottom alarm light on the door green.

3. Remove the door alarm wires. The wires are located above the box, which has lights on the front door. Cut the wire with the cutting pliers to disable the door alarm. This turns the alarm’s top light green. The alarm has been turned off.

4. Pick up the padlock key. The padlock key is the key that has a blue handle.

5. Unlock the door’s padlock. To unlock the padlock on the door, use the blue padlock key. As a result, the bar at the top of the door falls.

Warning: This makes a lot of noise, which may wake Granny up.

6. Unlock the door’s number padlock. To open the number padlock, enter the code written on the yellow paper.

7. Pick up the hammer. Remember where you found the house and pick it up.

8. Break the bottom of the door’s wood. Break the wood that is blocking the front door with the hammer. To completely clear the wood, you will need to break it on both sides.

Warning: This makes a lot of noise, which may wake Granny up.

9. Take out the battery (Hard and Extreme mode only). If you are playing Hard or Extreme mode, or if you have extra locks, you must use the battery to unlock the door. Pick up the battery from where you found it.

10. Insert the battery into the compartment located on the front door (Hard and Extreme mode only). The vertical plank on the door is now removed.

Warning: This will make a lot of noise, which may wake Granny up.

11. Take out the screwdriver (Extreme mode only). If you’re playing in Extreme mode, you’ll need to use the screw driver to gain access to a lever that will allow you to open a lock on the front door.

12. Using the lever, open the box (Extreme mode only). Granny’s yard contains the box containing the lever. To open it, use the screwdriver.

13. Activate the Lever (Extreme mode only). This removes the metal lock from the door.

14. Pick up the master key. It is the key that has a red handle.

15. Open the master lock. To unlock the regular lock on the door, use the key with the red handle. This is the door’s final lock. This can be unlocked only after all of the other locks on the door have been removed. Congratulations! You can now leave the house and complete the game.

Method 2 Finding All the Items You Need

1. Find the padlock key. A blue key is used to open padlocks. This is used to open the front door’s padlock.

Check drawers, cabinets, chairs, sinks, toilets, and hidden areas and compartments for items. When you start a new game, you have no idea where an item is.

2. Find the Safe key. The handle of the Safe key is made of gold. It is used to open the Safe in the basement, which sometimes contains another key or item that you require.

3. Unlock the safe. The Safe is located in the basement. It usually contains another key or an item you need.

4. Locate the car key. The car key has a yellow handle. It’s used to unlock the trunk of the car.

5. Unlock the trunk of the car. The car is in the garage. The trunk often contains items that you need.

6. Locate the playhouse key. The playhouse key has a teal handle. You will need to search the house to find the key.

7. Open the playhouse. To open the playhouse, use the key with a teal handle. Granny’s yard contains the playhouse. It contains a machine.

8. Find the cogwheel. Look all over the house for the cog wheel. The cogwheel is a rusted round piece with jagged teeth around the outside.

9. Use the cogwheel on the playhouse machine. Granny’s yard contains the playhouse. This will reveal a compartment containing a key or an item you require.

10. Find the winch handle. Look around the house for the winch handle. The winch handle is made of a rectangular wooden piece with a wooden handle protruding from it.

11. On the well, use the winch handle. Granny’s yard contains the well. This raises a bucket containing a key or other useful item.

12. Locate the melon. Search throughout the house to find the melon.

13. Using the guillotine, cut the melon in half. Granny’s yard contains the guillotine. When you cut open the melon, you’ll find a key or another useful item.

14. Find the weapons key. The weapons key is made of wood and has a wooden handle. To find the key, look around the house.

15. Get the tranquillizer gun or shotgun. To get the next item, you’ll need the tranquillizer gun or shotgun. You can also use the tranquillizer gun or shotgun to render Granny unconscious for two minutes.

To obtain the tranquillizer gun, locate the weapons key and use it to open the compartment on the side of the secret staircase leading to the top floor. Inside are the tranquillizer gun and some darts.

Go through the door to the left of the room where you start each day to find the secret staircase. Enter the narrow closet that connects to another room on the floor. Push the box stack against the wall to reveal a hidden passage. Crouch, enter the passage, and descend the stairs. When you reach the stairwell, look to your right for the weapons compartment.

To get the shotgun, look around the house for three shotgun parts (the shotgun muzzle and some bullets are located on the table at the back of the garage). To assemble the shotgun, place the pieces in the shotgun mould in the basement.

16. Remove the screwdriver. The screwdriver is on a shelf in the main room, near the foyer and front door. As you descend the stairs, you will notice it twinkle from the top shelf on the wall. Shoot it down with a shotgun or tranquillizer gun.

17. Pick up the screwdriver. After you shoot down the screwdriver from the shelf, pick it up.

18. Open the compartment on the stairwell’s side. Open the compartment on the side of the stairs in the basement with the screwdriver.

19. Find the lock code. The lock code is written on a yellow piece of paper labelled “Code.” This can be hung on any wall or door, or hidden in a drawer, cabinet, or piece of furniture.

20. Make a note of the code. To unlock the front door, you must enter the code. Write it down or go to the front door and unlock the number padlock.

21. Locate the hammer. The hammer is located in one of the secret compartments throughout the house.

22. Locate the cutting pliers. The cutting pliers have a lime-green handle. 

23. Remove the fan wires. The fan can be found in the jail cell. Sometimes an item is hidden behind the fan.

Go to the attic to get to the jail cell. Remove the wooden planks that are blocking the way to the crib room and use them to bridge the gap between the broken floor and the jail cell.

Remember where you put the cutting pliers. You’ll need them to open the front door.

24. Find the battery (Hard and Extreme mode only). If you’re playing on Hard, Extreme, or Extra Locks, you’ll also need to find the battery in order to unlock the front door. The battery is a small black box with the word “Battery” written on the side.

25. Find the master key. The handle of the Master Key is red. It’s the last key you’ll need to open the front door and escape.

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