How to Become a Nike Authorized Dealer

Nike is an athletic company based in Oregon that specialises in shoes and sportswear. From its humble beginnings in 1972, the company has grown rapidly and now sells products in 130 countries. If you want to sell Nike merchandise in your store, you must first fill out their online application. Create an account on their website before filling out the application. The process is quick, but you must have pertinent information about your company’s ownership, structure, and history.

Part 1 Getting Started

1. Comply with the fundamental requirements. You must have a physical store to become an authorised Nike dealer. Your establishment could be a shoe store, a sporting goods store, or a large retail outlet. You must have a business licence regardless of the type of store you own.

Online stores are not permitted to operate as an authorised Nike dealer.

2. Set up a user account. Before you can apply to be a Nike authorised dealer, you must first create a user profile with Nike by creating a username and password. A user profile can be created at US AccountRegistration. You must provide both personal and business information, such as:

Your full name

Your email address

Your home address

Your password

The address of your business

The name of your business

Additionally, you will need to agree to Nike’s terms and conditions.

3. Launch the application. The Electronic Retailer Application (ERA) can be downloaded from The first step is to access your account. Click “Start a New Retailer Application” in the left-hand pane. Then select “Account Survey.”

It is completely free to apply.

Part 2 Providing Business Information

1. Give information about your company. Nike requires information about your company before granting you authorised retailer status. You must complete a brief survey in order to provide this information. The following are some questions about the nature of your business:

Is your business home-based?

Is your business online?

Do you have a physical store that you sell products from?

When you’ve completed the survey, click “Save Application” at the bottom of the section.

2. Give your general account information. Click the number 2 from the main “Application Progress” screen. This will take you to the section for general account information. General account information is information about your company.

In this section of the application, enter the full name of the company as well as any relevant contact information.

In addition, enter your billing information. This is especially important if your company is billed to an address other than the address of its physical location.

When you’re finished, go to the bottom of the page and click the “Save Application” button.

3. Please provide a business profile. Click the number 3 from the main “Application Progress” screen. The business profile is the section of the application where you enter information about your type of business. Is this a sporting goods shop? Is it a department store? Is this a general footwear store? To select it, select the appropriate business type from the drop-down menu.

The text boxes below the business type drop-down menu allow you to provide additional information about your company. Enter the name of your business agent and a brief description of the company if desired.

More specifically, you will need to specify your company’s organisational structure. Is it an LLC, a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or another type of company? To select it, select the appropriate business type from the drop-down menu.

Provide the start date of the business as well as its tax ID.

When you’re finished, return to the main screen by clicking “Save Application.”

4. Give your ownership information. Click the number 4 from the main “Application Progress” screen. In this section, you must at the very least include the store or company’s owner’s first and last name, as well as their title within the company.

If desired, include additional information about the owner’s background, such as his or her driver’s licence number, phone number, Social Security number, and address.

Any business that is not a sole proprietorship must indicate what percentage of the business each owner owns.

Fill out this section thoroughly. If the application is approved, the owners must sign the contract.

If your company has more than one owner, you can add more by filling out the “Add New Owner” section again after you’ve completed the section for the first owner and clicking the “Add New Owner” button.

When you’ve finished the section, click “Add Owner,” then “Return to Application.”

5. Provide details about the proposed stores. In this section, you must specify where you intend to sell Nike products. Click the number 5 from the main “Application Progress” screen. Fill in the blanks with information about the store where you want to sell Nike products. The store’s name, address, city, state, zip code, country, and phone number are all required fields.

You could include a store number, a billing address, and a fax number if you want to provide more information.

If you want to sell Nike products at multiple locations owned by the same company, click the “Add New Store” button at the bottom of the section.

Once you’ve completed all of the fields, click “Add New Store,” then “Return to Application” at the bottom of the page.

Part 3 Finalizing Your Application

1. Provide images of the store. Four images of your store are required. One must be an exterior shot, while the other must be an interior shot. Color images are required.

Click the number 6 from the “Application Progress” screen.

To select an image from your hard drive, click the “Choose File” button. Select the image, then click the store location listed below to attach it to the correct store.

If you plan to be a retailer in multiple locations, you must provide four images of each location.

Images in.jpg,.png, or.gif format are acceptable.

When you’re finished, go to the bottom of the page and click “Save Application.”

2. Please upload your documentation. You must complete and upload Nike’s “Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate Multi-jurisdiction” form, as well as a resale certificate from the state in which your business is located. Based on the location of your business, the application will generate links to the appropriate forms. Simply fill out the forms by clicking on the links in the application.

You may need to print the forms, fill them out, and then scan them back in. You could fill out the forms directly on your computer if you have.pdf editing software.

Once they’re completed, click “Choose File” and select the appropriate file. When you’re finished, click “Upload Tax Certificate.” It makes no difference whether you start with the resale certificate or the “Uniform Sales” form.

Rep with the second file, then click “Save Application.”

3. Allow some time for the application to be processed. When the application is finished, it will be reviewed. Be patient as applications can take up to two months to process. Congratulate yourself if your application is approved; you are now an authorised Nike dealer. Continue the process by reviewing pricing and minimum order requirements.

If your application is denied, you must wait a year before reapplying.

Filling out non-required text fields with additional information may speed up the processing of your application.

Fill out the application in a clear and honest manner. Applications that contain errors, inconsistencies in information, or points of confusion will take longer to process than applications that provide accurate, truthful information.

If you are having problems with the application, please send an email to [email protected] with your question or problem.

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