How to Wear the Brown Scapular

Catholics wear a brown scapular to show their devotion to a life of faith. It’s essentially a necklace with two pictures on opposite ends, and anyone who dies wearing it “shall not suffer eternal fire.”  Wearing a brown scapular is simple, but if it’s your first one, it’s important to have it blessed by a priest before you put it on.

Method 1 Upholding Its Religious Meaning

1. Become a member of the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular. The Carmelite Order is affiliated with the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular, and the brown scapular is what they wear to show their devotion. To join the confraternity, speak with your priest and go through a short ceremony to become a member of the Brown Scapular. A brown scapular can be purchased at a Catholic bookstore or, if possible, from your priest.

To join the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular, you must be a practising Catholic.

The Carmelite Order is a Roman Catholic religious order.

2. Have a priest bless your first scapular. This will take place during the ceremony in which you join the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular. Bring your brown scapular to this ceremony; once blessed, it will be ready to wear. Having the scapular blessed will help ensure that you reap the benefits of wearing it.

If you replace your scapular after the first one wears out, you do not need to bless the new one. When your first scapular is blessed, you are blessed for life as the scapular’s wearer.

3. Make a decision to live a life of faith and devotion. Wearing the brown scapular will only assist you in reaching heaven if you also have a strong faith. Wearing the brown scapular requires you to commit to a life of devotion and prayer in order for the scapular to have the desired effect.

Every day, say a prayer, such as the Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, or Night Prayer.

4. Learn about the history of the brown scapular and the promises it holds. The brown scapular is thought to work because in 1251, Simon Stock, the superior general of the Carmelites, prayed to the Virgin Mary for help and protection, and she responded by giving him a scapular. She assured him that it was a safeguard and that if he died while wearing it, he would not face eternal fire. Because of their scapular, many Catholics are said to have been given a second chance at redemption or saved from hell.

For example, it is said that a priest who was shot at during a Mass was saved by his brown scapular, which had bullets embedded in it.

Wearing the brown scapular indicates that if you are dying and have sinned, the Virgin Mary will assist you in absolving your sins and dying in a state of grace.

5. Each morning, hold the scapular in your hand as you pray. Place the brown scapular around your neck and hold the front part in your hands when you go to do Morning Prayer. After you’ve addressed the Virgin Mary in your prayer, kiss the brown scapular and continue praying.

Do the same in your Evening Prayer.

Method 2 Situating the Scapular on Your Body

1. Wear the brown scapular around your neck like a necklace. The brown scapular is made up of two pieces of wool with images or wording on them that are connected by a thick string. To wear the necklace correctly, place it over your head.

2. Place one end against your chest and the other against your back. The two pieces of wool on the brown scapular are on opposite ends of the string, across from one another. When the scapular is wrapped around your neck, place one woollen picture on the front of your chest and the other on your back to keep the scapular balanced and hanging.

3. Hide the scapular beneath your clothing so that it is not visible. While it is not necessary for the brown scapular to touch your skin in order for it to work, it should be hidden beneath your shirt or other clothing. Place the two woollen ends beneath your clothes, but don’t be concerned if the strings are visible near your neck.

4. Do not pin or fasten the scapular to yourself. Wearing the brown scapular in any other way than around your neck will not provide you with any of the promises it contains. If your scapular becomes worn or breaks, it is best to replace it.

Because it is a sacred object, a worn out brown scapular should be buried or burned. Never throw away a brown scapular.

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