How to Be a Classy Lady

How to Be a Classy Lady

Being a “lady” entails demonstrating class, manners, and good breeding. Being a classy lady does not imply being snobbish or stuck up, but rather displaying dignity, consideration, and moderation in your daily actions. Simply follow these steps to learn how to be a classy lady.

Part 1 Looking Classy

  1. Enhance your posture. Being classy necessitates having good posture. Maintain a straight back, whether you’re sitting or standing, and avoid slouching at all costs. Slouching is an indication of laziness and bad manners, so try to keep your spine straight and your head up as much as possible. Do not cross one leg over the other while sitting. Cross them at the feet rather than behind the chair.
    Try it when you’re alone, too, to get used to doing it in front of others.
  2. Maintain proper hygiene. This entails showering every day and always wearing clean, stain-free clothes. If you’re doing something that will get you dirty, change right away. If you’re going to be sweaty (for example, at a dance), bring an extra shirt just in case.
  3. Be well-dressed. Brush your hair several times per day if necessary, and be prepared to put it up again if bits fall out. However, don’t brush your hair in public because it may be perceived as undignified; instead, wait until you’re alone in the bathroom to do so.
  4. Makeup should be elegant (optional). If you enjoy wearing makeup, you should know how to apply it correctly. Natural-looking makeup is ideal for daytime wear. Smudged makeup is preferable to minimal makeup. Remember that too much or improperly applied makeup can make you look cheap.
  5. Dress formally and modestly. The key phrase here is “dress with dignity.” This does not have to be expensive. Maintain the condition of your clothes. Anything ripped or revealing may be considered inappropriate, depending on the event or the look you are going for. It is more important that your clothes fit you well, are wrinkle-free, appropriate for the occasion, and cover all of your essentials.
    This includes not wearing anything too short (short skirts or short shorts), too translucent, or anything that exposes your stomach.

If you must wear something revealing (deep neck, bare shoulders, or a high cut on the skirt), reveal only one thing. An evening top with a low neck, for example, should be paired with a long skirt/trousers and have proper sleeves that cover the shoulders.

When in doubt, remember that it’s better to be a little bit overdressed than a little bit underdressed. If you’re unsure about what to wear to an event, it’s better to look a little nicer than the other guests than to appear as if you didn’t put as much effort into your appearance as the others.

Part 2 Acting Classy

  1. Always use formal language. Don’t curse or use vulgar expressions. One of the least ladylike characteristics is profanity.
    If your conversation becomes tedious without the use of profanity, keep in mind that this is only temporary. As you replace profane expressions with non-profane expressions (of which there is an almost infinite supply), your language will become more specific, expressive, and interesting.
  2. Be a good public speaker. You must speak clearly, avoid mumbling or talking too loudly, and be grammatically correct if you want to sound classy. A lady of class speaks confidently and clearly enough for others to understand her. Avoid saying “um” or “like” every two seconds because it will make you appear unprofessional.
    For example, instead of saying “Sup Bro, did yo’ finish the homework cuz I didn’t!” (which is grammatically incorrect), say “Hi Jade, did you finish your homework for Science?”

Read on a regular basis to expand your vocabulary and range of expression.

  1. Remember to be considerate of others. This is the key to being classy, and if you don’t have it, you’ll be mistaken for a snob. Pay special attention to the needs of the elderly, and keep in mind that no one is beneath your notice. Always be courteous. Classy women never say anything hurtful or offensive to others.
    If you have to confront someone or put them in their place, speak the truth as you see it, but use moderate language and refrain from yelling. It is critical to select the appropriate time and location for such confrontations.

If you want to be a classy lady, you should treat waiters, strangers, friends of friends, or neighbours with the same level of respect as you would your closest friends.

  1. Make people feel at ease. Classy ladies are outgoing and comfortable around others. The key to accomplishing this is to make everyone you meet feel at ease and accepted. If this is difficult for you, work on improving your social skills and charisma.
    Improving your conversational skills is an excellent way to put people at ease and make an impression as a well-educated and well-informed lady.
  2. Improve your manners. A good place to start is to always be polite and to say thank you once too often rather than once too infrequently. A solid understanding of etiquette is also beneficial if you get nervous in social situations because you’ll always know how to act.
    To become more ladylike, learn dinner etiquette, party etiquette, workplace etiquette, and dating etiquette.

Remember that commenting on or making a fuss about other people’s lack of etiquette or manners is extremely impolite. Unless the situation truly warrants it (their behaviour may cause harm to themselves or others, or it is on the far side of moral and acceptable behaviour), graciously overlook their gaffes and flaws.

While chatting with new people, try to keep your hands out of your pockets. Also, after washing your hands, apply lotion to keep them from becoming dry or rough.

  1. Avoid spreading rumours about others. It is not ladylike to spread malicious gossip or speak negatively about others behind their backs. Even if you are upset with someone or feel wronged, gossiping about it to a third party will not solve your problems. If you want to be a classy lady, you must exercise restraint and avoid saying anything negative about other people unless you want to get into trouble.
    Maintain a high standard of decorum in your Facebook posts as well. Instead of ranting about “some people” who have wronged you, focus on the positive.
  2. Take a dignified stance for yourself. Being classy and polite does not imply being a pushover or expressing opposing viewpoints. If you believe your opinions are too strong or may be hurtful to those present, do not lie; instead, change the subject. If someone asks an impolite question, don’t feel obligated to respond; instead, make a joke or try to turn the question around.
    When you do stand up for yourself, make your case without using insults or becoming overly emotional.

Part 3 Going the Extra Mile

  1. Be a voracious reader. Read novels to find etiquette and good manners role models. Jane Austen is exceptional in her astute portrayal of good and bad manners and morals, and she is a must-read for anyone aspiring to be a proper lady. Reading classic novels will also make you a well-informed lady, and ignorance is not a classy trait.
    Being well-read will also allow you to engage in more sophisticated conversations.
  2. Make some classy friends. If you’re serious about being classy, you’ll seek out classy company. If your friends are bringing down your level of classiness or are not supportive of your new mindset, you may want to seek out new friends who will help you become your true classy lady self. These individuals should be self-assured, confident, and possibly a little older and more mature so that you can learn from them.
    Your friends should lift you up, not tear you down, so hang out with people who inspire you to be better than you are.
  3. Be a responsible citizen. Being a good, conscientious citizen is part of being classy. What does this even mean? A variety of things. Don’t leave your shopping cart in the parking lot after you’ve loaded your groceries into your trunk; instead, return it to the cart aisle. When driving, allow pedestrians to cross in front of you. Even if you’re in a hurry, hold the door open for the elderly.
    If you drop something in the supermarket, clean it up or notify an employee. Don’t simply walk away from your shambles.
  4. Drop the habits of an unclassy lady. If you’re really committed to being classy, then you have to get rid of a few things that may be making you look less classy than you really are. Here are some good things to avoid:
    Loudly smacking your gum
    Loudly chewing your food
    Burping in public
    Getting too drunk in public
    Giving people the finger
    Rolling your eyes
    Farting in public
    Picking your nose
    Kissing in public
  5. Accept personal responsibility for your actions. Being able to own what you’ve done in your life is the pinnacle of sophistication. It’s not polite to play the victim, to blame everyone else for your problems, or to say, “I would have been able to do thing X if only Y hadn’t…” Stop whining and making excuses, and realise that life is what you make of it, and that you have the power to be as classy as you want and to have the life you want.
    It’s not polite to complain about everything you don’t have. It’s polite to admit that you have a lot of work ahead of you in order to become the person you truly want to be.

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