How to Have Fun During a Long Car Ride (Kids)

Dreading that long, family car ride? Boredom isn’t inevitable; in fact, a long car ride is an opportunity to do lots of fun things all from the comfort of your car seat!

Method 1 Activities

1. You should read a book. This may work for some people as long as they don’t get too car sick. Stop reading if you get car sick. Get yourself an action-packed book that will keep you occupied!

2. Make the most of your technology. Play games that don’t require the Internet if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod! Paintsparkle, talking friends apps (some of which require money), including Tom Heart Angela, Talking Larry, (Talking Larry may also require money), Talking Rex, Talking Lila, and Talking Hippo require money; other recommendations include the Garfield diner app, Pet Puppy, Angry Birds, Hungry Hippo, Zoom, and Math Puppy.

Use your digital tablet or portable DVD player to watch a movie or two.

3. Have some fun with your toys. Play a game of showing stuffed animals around the outside of the car if you brought them along. You can also play with any other toys you brought from home, such as dolls, barbies, and so on.

4. Play some music for yourself. Rather than listening to rock music, listen to calming music in the car. Try classical, hymns, acapella, and other styles! Experiment with different genres.

5. Take photos of the view out the window.

Method 2 Interacting with Others

1. Speak with your family. Share stories, recall amusing events or memories, or plan what you’ll do when you arrive at your destination. It will be nice to talk to family on the phone and catch up on what you have missed.

2. Play some driving games. I Spy, naming things you see that begin with each letter of the alphabet, making acronyms for licence plates, and playing hangman if you have some paper and a pencil or pen are some good ones. Or anything else that comes to mind!

3. Sing songs with one another. Play music on the car stereo and sing along. Or just sing songs that everyone knows. You might even be able to teach some new ones to your family. Bring a piece of paper and a pen to jot down fictitious song lyrics. Allow the children to try writing their own songs and singing them to the beat of familiar songs.

Method 3 Refreshing Yourself

1. Get some rest. If you’re on a long car ride, make sure you take some time to catch up on sleep!

2. Have something to eat. Make sure you’re eating enough, but if you’re travelling a long distance and your family stops for a meal, don’t overeat. Stay hydrated as well if you don’t want a pounding headache.

3. Drink water when you feel thirsty.

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