How to Play Among Us

How to Play Among Us

Among Us is a murder-mystery game for iOS, Android, PC, and Nintendo Switch in which players take on one of two roles: the Impostor(s), whose goal is to kill everyone, or the Crewmates, whose job it is to fix the ship and vote the impostor(s) out. This article will teach you how to play Among Us.

Part 1 Joining a Game

1. Among Us can be downloaded and installed here. Among Us is available for download from the Google Play Store for Android devices, the App Store for iPhone and iPad, the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, and Steam for PC. Among Us is available for free on smartphones and tablets, as well as the Nintendo Switch and PC. It will be available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles in 2021. To download and install Among Us, follow these steps:

Open the digital store for your platform.

Use the search function to search for “Among Us”.

Click or tap the Among Us icon.

Click or tap the option to download or purchase the game.

Click or tap the option to install the game.

2. Come Among Us. It has an icon of a red crew member in a spacesuit. To open Among Us, click or tap the icon. It has an icon on Nintendo Switch that looks like a group of crew members wearing different coloured suits.

3. Select Local or Online on the main menu. These should be the top two options on the title screen.

Local: Select this option if you want to play with friends sharing the same Wi-Fi network.

Online: Select this option to play with random players over the internet.

4. At the top of the screen, type your name. You must complete this before you can begin the game. It is up to you what you enter, but avoid entering personal information or profanity.

If you play on Nintendo Switch, your online username will be used as your name by default.

5. Select Find Game (public game only). This searches for public games in which you can participate.

If you know the room code, tap Enter code below “Private” and enter the code to join a private game.

If you get disconnected from a game, you can quickly reconnect by tapping the arrow under Private (without entering a code).

Alternatively, you can create your own game by selecting Create Game under “Host.” You must choose the game map, the number of imposters, the chat language, and the maximum number of players. Then, using the computer in the lobby, you can customise the game settings. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the game before creating your own.

6. Choose a map to play on. There are currently four maps available in Among Us; tap on one of the options at the top of the screen to select it. The following are the four maps:

Skeld (The Skeld): This is the original Among Us map, and it’s a good place to start for newcomers. It’s a large spaceship level with plenty of escape vents for impostors. Security cameras are also installed and can be viewed from the security room.

Mira HQ: This is a smaller map with an interconnected vent system that spans the entire map, providing impostors with numerous opportunities to get around the level and cut off other players. It also has a decontamination room, which slows crew members down.

Polus: This is a large map with two decontamination rooms and cameras covering a large portion of the map. This map is more suitable for experienced players.

Airship: This is a very perplexing map with a unique shape. There are no visuals, allowing crewmates to vote at random if necessary. It also has new transportation, such as a platform and three ladders. Furthermore, this is the first time you can see yourself on security cameras. The security functions in the same way as the security on Polus. This also includes multiple areas to repair the light sabotage, giving an impostor much less time to flee. Beware, crewmates: impostors are very likely to chase you down in this map. This map should only be attempted by the best of the best.

7. Choose the number of imposters. A game can have 1-3 impostors. At the top of the screen, tap a number next to “Impostors” to select how many you want. Tap Any to choose a number of impostors at random.

8. Select your chat language. Use the drop-down menu next to “Chat” to select the primary language for the in-game chat.

9. Choose a lobby to join. If there are spaces available, you will be added to the game’s lobby; otherwise, you will be notified that the game is full and you must join another lobby.

When you join a game, you must wait in the lobby until enough players have joined for the game to begin.

When the game begins, each player is assigned a role as either a crewmate or an impostor at random.

Part 2 Playing as a Crewmate

1. Recognize the role of a crewmate. Your objective as a crewmate is to complete randomly assigned tasks without being killed by the imposter. Crew members should also be on the lookout for suspicious (or “suspicious”) or incriminating behaviour. This could include murdering other crew members, venting (entering or exiting a vent), acting out tasks, or using suspicious dialogue during emergency meetings.

If an emergency meeting is called, crewmates will be able to vote on who they believe is the imposter. The person who receives the most votes is ejected from the ship. The crewmates win if all imposters are ejected from the ship or all tasks are completed. If the imposter(s) murder enough crewmates to equal the number of crewmates, the imposters win.

2. To move, use the joystick icon on the left. It’s the icon with a circle within a larger circle. To walk, tap and drag it in the direction you want to go. The walking speed will vary depending on the game settings of the host.

Try to stick with a group. This can help reduce suspicions that you are the impostor and is especially useful for visual tasks like scanning or emptying the trash because others will see you doing it.

3. Look for your tasks at the top of the screen. When the game begins, your tasks should appear in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. The number of tasks assigned will vary depending on how many the game’s host selects.

4. Tasks must be completed. Items highlighted in yellow will appear as you move around the map. Approach them and press the triangle-shaped Use button in the lower-right corner of the screen. This will either start a mini-game, which usually consists of simple puzzles or objects to move, or it will exit the game.

Some tasks are divided into several parts. Where to go to complete tasks is indicated by yellow arrows on the screen or yellow exclamation marks on the map.

If visual tasks are enabled, certain tasks will display an animation that other players can see (e.g., Medbay scan, shooting asteroids, Dumping trash in the Skeld storage room, etc.). Perform these tasks in front of other players to prove that you are not an imposter. Imposters are incapable of performing tasks.

If the Task Bar Updates option is set to Always, the bar in the top right will gradually fill as tasks are completed. Keep in mind that some tasks (for example, fixing wires, aligning engines, uploading data, and so on) have multiple sections and will only update the bar once the last section is completed.

5. If you come across a dead body, select Report. This summons all participants (impostors and crew) to an emergency meeting. You can chat with other crew members here and vote on who you believe is the impostor.

Pay attention to who is in the vicinity of a body. Bring it up in the chat if you see blue walking out of electrical and then walk in to find a body.

If you’re standing near the body and don’t report it, but someone else does, you’ll be accused of being the impostor. This is why it is critical to report a body as soon as you see one.

6. To convene an emergency meeting, use the “Emergency Meeting” console. If you suspect that one of the crew members is acting suspiciously, you can call an emergency meeting to discuss your concerns. Approach the “Emergency Meeting” console, which is located at the table where all players are gathered at the beginning of the game. To convene an emergency meeting, tap Use.

Avoid calling emergency meetings for nonsense like accusing someone of being an impostor with no evidence or for anything unrelated to the game. You’ll either be voted out or kicked off the show.

If you see someone killing or using a vent, report it immediately in the chat because only impostors can kill or use vents.

7. To chat during an emergency meeting, tap the speech box icon in the upper-right corner. When an emergency meeting is called, this is the time to talk to your crew members about your suspicions. To open the chat, tap the icon that looks like a speech bubble in the upper-right corner.

For the sake of convenience, players are usually identified by their colour. Pay attention if other crew members say things like “It’s red,” “I saw black kill,” “I saw lime vent,” or “Pink is sus,” but be aware that they could be lying.

8. To chat, use the text field at the bottom. To chat, tap the text field at the bottom and type a message using the on-screen keyboard. To post a message in the chat, tap the triangular icon to the right.

9. Vote for who you believe is the impostor. You will be given time to discuss your suspicions if an emergency meeting is called. When the discussion timer expires, you can either vote on who you believe is the impostor or skip your vote if you don’t believe there is enough evidence. Tap the player you believe is the impostor, then tap the checkmark icon to cast your vote.

The votes will be tallied once everyone has voted or the allotted time has expired. Whoever receives the most votes is ejected from the map.

When reports arrive, inquire as to where the body was discovered and what people were doing at the time. Take note of what everyone says and point out anything that appears suspicious.

Depending on the settings, players may or may not be notified if an ejected player was an impostor.

Take note of who people vote for and when they vote. Before voting, some impostors check to see which way the vote is going.

10. Make use of the Admin table. This allows you to see who is in which room. To use it, approach the table and tap the ADMIN button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. This will display a green map with players instead of tasks.

The map does not display the identities of the players, nor does it display players in hallways.

If a light goes out in a room and then reappears somewhere else, the person is venting.

If a light blips (flashes quickly off and on) in a room with two or more people, it is very likely that a crewmate has just been killed. Normal player movement causes the lights to blink more slowly.

11. Utilize the Door Logs (Mira HQ only). This gives you a sense of how the players move between the three sections of the map. To use it, approach the computer and press the DOOR LOGS button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Certain sensors can only be tripped in a particular order.

 For example, if someone trips the top sensor, then the left sensor, then the right sensor, they’re a complete impostor because that can only be accomplished by venting (ie. players must pass the same sensor when exiting an area).

12. Make use of the Vitals panel. This tells you who is alive and who is dead without the need for an emergency meeting.

If you see someone die on Vitals and immediately receive a report, it’s very likely a self-report.

Players are listed in the order in which they joined the lobby, from left to right. This can be used in conjunction with the ‘Insert Keys’ task to determine whether the Impostor is lying about their key number.

13. Utilize the security cameras (Skeld, Polus and Airship only). These are located in the corridors and allow you to view specific sections of the map in real time. To use them, walk up to the monitor and press the SECURITY button in the bottom right corner.

Skeld is equipped with four cameras: one outside Navigation (top left), one outside Administration (top right), one outside Medbay (bottom left), and one outside Security and Reactor (bottom right).

Polus has six cameras: three outside the Office (East, South, and Central), one near the rocket (Northeast), one outside the Boiler (Southwest), and one between the Electrical and the Dropship (Northwest).

On Skeld, you can view all cameras at once, but on Polus, you must switch between them using the FNAF method.

When someone uses the camera, a red light turns on, so use this to try to fool potential Impostors by turning them on and off. If they fall for it, you can convene an emergency meeting and summon them.

14. Continue to play as a ghost. If you are killed by an impostor or voted out, you can still traverse the map as a ghost and complete tasks to assist your crewmates in winning.

During emergency meetings, you are not permitted to vote or speak to any living players. This would make the game unbalanced.

You can communicate with other ghosts without waiting for an emergency meeting.

To win, both alive and dead crewmates must complete their tasks.

15. Win the game. Crewmates win by either voting out all the impostors or by finishing all their tasks.

Part 3 Playing as an Impostor

1. Recognize the role of imposters. You are an alien who has infiltrated the crew as an imposter. Your objective is to assassinate as many crew members as possible while remaining undetected. As an imposter, you are unable to complete tasks that your crewmates can. Imposters, on the other hand, have a few distinct abilities. They can travel around the map by using vents (venting). They can also sabotage specific map areas.

You can sabotage the map to set traps, draw crewmates away from bodies, or create critical malfunctions that will kill the crewmates if not repaired in time. If the imposter eliminates enough crew members to equal the number of crewmembers, the imposter wins.

2. To move, use the joystick icon on the left. It’s the icon with a circle within a larger circle. Drag it in the direction you want to walk in.

The walking speed will vary depending on the game settings of the host.

3. Avoid raising suspicions. If your crewmates suspect you’re the impostor, they’ll report you and eject you, so pretend to do tasks to blend in.

Some tasks, such as downloading and uploading (download always comes first) or dumping garbage on Skeld, must be completed in a specific order (Cafeteria then Storage). If you’re unsure, consult the Among Us Wiki’s task page.

Even if it’s set to “off,” avoid attempting to impersonate visual tasks. Not only can people point out that the animation isn’t playing (if it’s set to “on”), but crewmates with the same task can try to perform it while you’re faking it, which would be impossible if you were a crewmate.

Try to stick with a group. Because there will be people who can vouch for you, this can help reduce suspicion.

4. Pass through the vents. Vents are strategically placed throughout the map and can be used by Impostors to quickly move from one room to another. To use a vent, approach it and tap the Vent button in the lower-right corner to enter it, then tap one of the arrows to switch to another vent. Simply tap the Vent button again when you’re ready to exit the vent.

Do not let your crewmates see you enter or exit a vent. They will immediately recognise you as an impostor and will attempt to call an emergency meeting. If you see a crewmate in the same room as you, wait until they leave before coming out.

If you are discovered, try to slow them down by locking doors (Skeld and Polus) or performing critical sabotages, then kill them before you are discovered.

5. Room sabotage. Depending on the room, sabotage will have different effects. Tap the Sabotage button in the lower-right corner to bring up a red map with various sabotage options instead of tasks, then tap on the room you want to sabotage.

You can carry out the following types of sabotage:

Lock doors (with an X): Only on Skeld, Polus, and Airship (on Skeld, doors will reopen automatically after a few seconds, but on Polus and Airship, they must be unlocked again manually).

Cut the Lights (Lightning symbol): Effectively blinds crewmates as their FOV shrinks to a small circle immediately around them; to fix it, players must go to a panel in Electrical (Skeld & Polus), Office (Mira HQ), or Gap Room in Airship, and flip the switches so all the green indicators turn on).

Deactivate Communications/Comms (Wi-Fi symbol): Hides crewmate tasks and the task bar, as well as preventing use of the Admin Table, Cameras (Skeld Airship & Polus only), Door Logs (Mira HQ only; clears logs and prevents new ones from being recorded), and the Vitals Monitor (Polus only). This is fixed on Skeld, Polus, and Airship by turning a dial until the displayed frequency resembles a sine wave, whereas it is fixed on Mira HQ by entering a 5-digit passcode in both the Office and Communications rooms (the code resets every 10 seconds).

Oxygen Depletion (O2 symbol; Skeld & Mira HQ only): A critical sabotage that forces the crewmates to fix it within 30 seconds on Skeld and 45 seconds on Mira HQ, or lose the game. To resolve the issue, players must enter a 5-digit passcode in two different locations (O2 and Admin on Skeld, Greenhouse, and Hallway on Mira HQ).

Meltdown of Reactors (Skeld & Mira HQ)/Reset of Seismic Stabilizers (Polus; Radiation symbol): A critical sabotage that forces the crewmates to either fix it in time (30 seconds on Skeld, 45 seconds on Mira HQ, and 60 seconds on Polus) or lose the game. To repair it, two crew members must simultaneously place their hands on two separate scanners located in the reactor room (Skeld & Mira HQ) or at the top left and centre of the map (Polus).

You can’t sabotage while in the vents or using systems like the Admin table or Security Cameras.

6. Kill your crewmates. To kill a crew member, approach them and tap the KILL button in the lower-right corner of the screen, which will light up if they are in range.

After killing a crewmate, there will be a 10-60 second cooldown period, depending on the setting.

While in a vent, looking at the emergency button, using systems like the Admin table, or resolving sabotages, your kill cooldown freezes.

The kill range is also determined by the settings and can range from short to long.

Try not to kill in front of your crewmates. If you are caught killing, leaving a room with a dead body, or being discovered next to a body that you did not report, you will be called out and voted off.

7. Vote and discuss. Continue to try to appear innocent and frame crewmates.

Always be prepared to defend yourself in the event that you are accused. This could be in the form of another player’s testimony or you claiming to be in a room far away from the body.

You’ll only make yourself look suspicious if you try to frame crewmates who have already been cleared.

Don’t claim to be in a room where you know other players are because they can call your bluff.

If another Impostor is accused (their names will be displayed in red), be prepared to vote them out if necessary. Voting for someone else despite clear evidence against them will only make you appear suspicious.

8. Make use of the Admin table. This allows you to find lone crewmates to target, optimal sabotage strategies, and empty rooms to claim if questioned.

Avoid performing critical sabotages if other players are nearby, as they will be repaired much faster, leaving you with a smaller window of opportunity.

9. Utilize Door Logs (Mira HQ only). Vent into a room, murder a crew member, return to Comms, then walk to the body and pretend to “discover” it. Frame the person who was most recently in the area by claiming you saw both of them enter through the logs but only one of them leave.

Don’t use the above strategy and then sabotage Comms right after ejecting someone. It will make you appear suspicious.

10. Make use of the Vitals panel. This allows you to see how many crew members are still alive and to double-check your key number for the Insert Keys task in case you are asked.

Key numbers are assigned in the order that players joined the lobby, from top to bottom, left column first; players are listed in Vitals in the order that they joined the lobby, from left to right.

Vitals can be seen via the cameras, so if you want to kill someone there, sabotage Comms first.

11. Be cautious of security cameras. Cameras allow players to keep an eye on you from afar, effectively creating crewmate safe zones that are extremely dangerous for impostors.

When cameras are in use, they will flash a red light.

If there is only one player using the camera, lock the doors (Security in Skeld, Electrical on Polus), then kill the player with a vent kill.

Polus is less at risk when killing in front of cameras because only one camera can be viewed at a time. However, it is still not recommended.

Be wary of cameras that turn on and off frequently (not the normal blinking). The person on the other end is most likely trying to persuade you to reveal yourself.

12. Continue playing as a ghost. Getting voted out isn’t the end of the game as you can still sabotage to help your fellow impostor(s) win if at least one of you is still alive.

13. Take the victory. If the crewmates fail to repair a critical sabotage within the time limit, or if the number of impostors exceeds or equals the number of crewmates, the impostors win (either by killing them, voting them out, or by alive players leaving).

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