How to Create a Family Meal Plan in Excel

How to Create a Family Meal Plan in Excel

Making a meal plan for your family can help you save money on food while also ensuring that everyone is satisfied with what they are eating. This article will show you how to use Microsoft Office Excel to plan a meal for your family. The exact button layout may differ depending on the version of Excel you’re using, but the steps are the same.

Part 1 Making the Plan

1. Open Microsoft Excel. The icon is green.

2. Plan. Determine how you want the chart to be classified. This is determined by the number of meals and the amount of time you want the plan to cover.

For this demonstration, we will design a three-day meal plan for a family that eats together for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3. Choose a blank WorkBook. If you are using Microsoft Office Excel 2013, the start page will ask you whether you want to create a new WorkBook from scratch or use a template.

4. Label. Label the meals across the top of the chart. Label the days that you will follow the plan on the sides.

5. If desired, colour in the columns and rows. It may be helpful to colour in the sections of the chart that are headings so that it does not become confusing and cluttered.

Click the letter or number that corresponds to a column or row to select it.

Click the paint can near the top of the screen. It is under the font selector.

The default color is yellow, but you can change it by clicking the downwards triangle to the right of the paint can.

6. Make a plan for what you’re going to eat. A family meeting is a good way to accomplish this. Make sure your chart is up and ready, and write down your decision. To complete the chart, click the cell that corresponds to the meal and day you’ve chosen and start typing.

You can be as brief or as detailed as you need to be. You can use a simple label like “stew” or get specific about the ingredients and side dishes. If desired, you can even find recipes online and copy the links to them into the chart.

7. Expand the Cell Width in case the text are too long to display. Drag the line between the cells to adjust its width.

8. Complete the meal plan. Input the days from Monday to Sunday and put the desired meal according to your preferences.

Part 2 Customizing Your Design

1. To make the header more visible, highlight the top row and then click the “Align to Center” button in the toolbar.

2. Select the cell with the name of days from Monday to Sunday.

3. Change the colour of the font. Change the colour of the button next to the Fill Color button to whatever you want.

4. Select the rows of the day. Select Rows 2 to 8

5. Change the background color. Click on the Fill Color button and change it into any color your want.

6. Select the cell with the names of the days from Monday to Sunday once more and change its colour to match the colour of the header column.

7. Make the table more presentable. You can add grid lines or any other color depends on what you want.

8. Change the strategy as needed. Change the plan from week to week, or even during the week, to use up leftover ingredients, accommodate a change in daily routine/schedule, or adjust based on preferences or cravings. When this occurs, make sure to plan ahead of time, but don’t be afraid to be adaptable. A meal plan should not bind your family to a rigid schedule.

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