How to Find a Gym for the Whole Family

How to Find a Gym for the Whole Family

When your gym has something for everyone, your entire family can benefit from improved health. Selecting the best gym for the entire family necessitates a multifaceted approach. You can easily select the best choice for everyone in your family unit by investigating gym services, considering convenience and affordability, and evaluating the gym in person. Soon, your entire family will be spending quality time together while becoming healthier.

Part 1 Investigating Gym Services

1. Determine your requirements. Spend some time determining what you require before beginning your search for the ideal gym. Do you want to find a gym where your entire family can work out together? Or just one that everyone in your family wants to use? Are you looking for a gym where your kids can use the equipment/facilities, or a gym that will provide daycare while you work out? If you know what your family requires in a gym, you will be able to find it more easily.

Make a list of your wants and needs.

Obtain feedback from every member of the family.

Organize your needs from most important (non-negotiable) to least important (what you might be willing to give up).

2. Make a list of possibilities. Make a list of potential gyms to start your search for the best gym for your family. Use this list as a starting point, then narrow it down until you find the perfect gym for you.

Make a mental note of any gyms in your area.

Search the terms “gym membership” or “family-friendly gym” on the internet.

Seek advice from your friends.

3. Investigate the classes they provide. Many gyms offer fitness classes, but the variety of these classes varies greatly from location to location. Visit the websites of different gyms and/or call them to find out what classes they offer. You might be searching for:

Swimming lessons for children.

Mom and dad can benefit from spin classes.

Mom and baby yoga classes.

4. Look into childcare options. If you have small children, you may want to look for a gym that provides childcare. Call or check online to see if each gym provides childcare services. You could inquire about the ages of the children they care for.

Childcare hours.

Childcare costs (often this costs extra).

Additional rules and regulations.

5. Examine their age-based policies. Some gyms will have age-based policies that govern who can attend which classes, use which services, and use which machines. This may have the greatest impact on you if you have “tween” or teen-aged children. Investigate any age-based policies that each gym may have. For example, children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the sauna.

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the weight room equipment unsupervised.

Children under the age of 12 are only permitted to swim in the pool at certain times.

Part 2 Considering Convenience and Affordability

1. Consider the appropriate location. Time is one of the most significant barriers to greater fitness. If you have to drive 45 minutes to your gym with your family, you are less likely to go. Choose a gym in an area that is convenient for your family.

Choose a location that is close to your home.

Choose a location on your way to school or work.

Consider the cost and availability of parking.

2. Examine the gym hours and class schedule. You require that your gym be open when you have time to go. You also need the classes you want to take to be available when your family is.

Contrast the hours of the gym with those of your family.

Keep an eye out for late-night or early-morning class fees.

Determine whether or not the hours or class times are subject to change.

3. Inquire about additional amenities. Many gyms will provide additional amenities or services that may persuade you to join. Examine each gym’s website or speak with a representative about what else they may offer. Be aware that some of these services may incur additional charges. This can include items such as:

Equipment for rent.



A climbing wall.

A snack bar.

4. Compare prices. The cost of membership varies greatly depending on where you live (or even from package to package at the same gym). Furthermore, what is included versus what is extra can vary greatly from location to location. Before you sign anything, compare prices at various gyms and ask as many questions as you can! You might wonder:

”What if I need to exit my contract?”

”Do fitness classes cost extra?”

”Do I have to pay extra to rent a locker?”

”Can I pause my contract if I leave the country?”

5. Inquire about any available discounts. Investigate potential discount options to make your gym experience more affordable. Inquire at your gym and/or directly with other discount providers. These are some examples:

Discounts through your employer.

Discounts through your insurance company.

Family membership discount.

Deals on Groupon or Living Social.

Part 3 Seeing the Gym in Person

1. Register for a free trial. Many gyms will provide you with a brief free trial period and/or a guest pass to allow you to test out their facilities. Bring your entire family and try to get a sense of the place from everyone!

Instead of a free trial, some gyms may only offer you a tour or a day pass.

Some gyms will request credit card information. To avoid fees, make sure to “cancel” before your trial period expires.

2. Look for cleanliness and safety. While you are there, check the place for safety and sanitation. Keep an eye out for anything that seems dangerous, gross, or just off.

Does the facility seem clean?

Are members required to wipe down machines after using them?

Does the equipment seem to be functioning properly?

Does the equipment seem like it’s being maintained?

3. Examine the overall vibe. Ultimately, whether you enjoy going to the gym or not is a personal preference. You are far more likely to go if you enjoy being there. Talk to everyone in your family about what you liked and disliked about each gym.

Does the staff seem knowledgeable?

Were they helpful?

Do you feel comfortable there, or intimidated?

Can you see yourself working out there?

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