How to Get Ready to Go Out in Less Than Two Hours (Women)

Most girls plan their lives down to the hour. They’ve jotted it down in a diary or entered it into their cell phones. They are aware of the time and location of appointments, classes, coffee dates, work schedules, and so on… But for that Saturday night when you’ve planned to sit on the couch and watch movies and your best friend calls and says, “I need you to come out with me tonight, no excuses!” because the guy she’s been stalking for three weeks is going to be at the same club she’s going to. And you start to worry because you haven’t planned what to wear and your hair is a mess. But don’t worry—here are a few quick steps to get you ready for an unexpected party night.


1. Dress up – Always keep an L.B.D. (Little Black Dress) in your closet. In case of an emergency, every girl should have an LBD in her closet. Make an effort to choose a dress that is both simple and elegant. A length just above the knee is ideal because it is both short enough for a nightclub outfit and long enough for a more formal occasion.

2. Find a suitable pair of shoes. Because of the L.B.D.’s versatility, you can now wear any pair of comfortable heels you want, as almost anything goes with an L.B.D.

3. Put on your makeup. Like most girls, you’ll look in the mirror and exclaim, “Yuck!” That is why companies like Revlon, Cover Girl, and M.A.C exist. Because you don’t have much time, tonight isn’t the night to experiment with make-up. A simple (and quick) make-up option is shown below:

Face should be rinsed with water and patted dry. Apply a light layer of moisturiser, but don’t go overboard or your foundation will look shiny.

Cover red marks or any other blemishes with concealer.

Apply foundation as usual.

Using an eye brush, lightly apply bronzer to your eyelids. This will give a bit more color.

Lightly bronze the cheeks.

Apply two thick coats of mascara.

Apply a clear or light-colored lip gloss.

4. Make your hair look nice. This scene could be every girl’s worst nightmare! When we go out, we usually wash our hair, blow dry it, and straighten it. But you don’t have time for all of that tonight. Follow these steps to quickly do your hair:

Obtain a salt spray. Priceline and other hair supply stores sell salt spray. If you don’t have any salt spray, a light hair spray will suffice.

Turn your head upside down and spray on and underneath your hair vigorously. Flip your head back up and scrunch your hair, paying special attention to the roots.

If your hair is looking a little oily, take some talcum powder and lightly dust the roots of your hair. The oil will be absorbed as a result of this.

Give your hair a good tease if it’s lacking in height. Otherwise, wear a headband and pull your hair back.

If you have long hair, tie it up in a messy bun.

5. Make sure your legs are covered. Don’t be alarmed if your legs are a little hairy. Stockings were created for a reason. Put on a pair of hole-free stockings (preferably in a neutral colour).

6. Select a bag. Now that you’ve chosen your outfit, shoes, makeup, hair, and legs, it’s time to choose a bag. Because you’re wearing an L.B.D., almost any bag will go with it. Choose the one you believe will look the best.

7. Finished. Check that you have your identification card, keys, mobile phone, and any other items you may need or want to bring. After that, you’re all set and ready to go!

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