How to Have Great Conversation at Family Dinners

How to Have Great Conversation at Family Dinners

Many sons and daughters have dreaded returning home from school or work because of the inevitable family dinner discussions. Who knows, you might end up next to your great-aunt Kate, who obsesses over her cats, or next to cousin Joey, who has earned the title of prank king. If you read this article, you’ll have an easier time, and you might even enjoy these dinners!

Part 1 Review the Seating

1. Consider whether there is any family rivalry. Or do some people just don’t mesh? If this is the case, place them on opposite sides of the table!

2. Attempt to change the mood to one of happiness. Who wants to spend an entire night chatting with their adversary? It could also turn out to be dangerous…

3. Sit in a comfortable chair. Put yourself in the company of friends and people with whom you feel comfortable being yourself.

4. Make a special area for children. It’s very annoying when small children bug you throughout dinner, so make sure they have toys to play with and other children to scream with.

Part 2 Always Have an Escape

1. Plan your escape. There will inevitably be casualties, so make sure you have an escape plan if you end up with a very boring or annoying person as your side person. Some suggestions are provided below to assist you.

2. Make a phoney phone call. You can say your friend is having a homework crisis, or you can be even less private and simply say it’s important.

3. Assume you want to check in on your 3-year-old cousin or, in some cases, your son. Because they require so much care and attention, children are a great diversion from family dinners. But be careful, you might end up spending the rest of the night with Johnny!

4. Make use of the restrooms. Nobody can make you stay if you desperately need to use the restroom. Just make sure you don’t go too far away.

Part 3 Bring Another Person in the Conversation

1. Include someone else if you’re having trouble keeping the conversation going. Group chats can be much more convenient and enjoyable because you can simply sit back and listen (or not).

Part 4 Being properly engaged

1. Make eye contact. Many people expect you to be making eye contact, so do that.

2. Stand up straight. This basically shows the person respect.

3. If you don’t have a proper excuse, don’t be the one to end the conversation. The person may return later and will not give up until you have heard everything.

4. Be amusing. It’s so much more fun to talk to someone who is funny! Make jokes and laugh when necessary, but don’t go overboard.

Even if you don’t get the joke, laughing makes people feel appreciated.

5. Be a good listener. Nod when necessary, cry when necessary, and even yell if necessary! The talker requires a confidence boost in order to keep both sides interested in his or her storey.

6. Be polite. Don’t interrupt unless the speaker asks you a question.

7. Find a good topic to discuss. When both parties are interested and involved in the conversation, it is much easier to speak.

8. Don’t be pessimistic. Don’t try to see everything from a skewed perspective; it degrades the environment for you and the other guests. Try to have fun, and you will most of the time.

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