How to Improve a Relationship with Random Acts of Intimacy

While it is natural for relationships to become stale after a while, increasing your intimacy can strengthen and fulfil your relationship. You can become more intimate with your partner by communicating with them, touching them, and performing acts of kindness for them. Spend more time with them to strengthen your bond. Talk about sex more often and try new things in the bedroom if you want to improve your sex life.

Method 1: Making Contact with Your Partner

1. Every day, tell your partner how you feel about them. It’s natural to believe that your partner understands how you feel, but everyone has reservations. Make it a habit to express your emotions on a daily basis through spoken reminders and text messages. This will assist you and your partner in maintaining a close relationship.

For example, every time you part ways, tell them you love them.

Similarly, text them “Good morning, my love,” or check in with them throughout the day. You could text, “I adore you!” “How is your day treating you?”

2. Kissing, hugging, and holding hands are all ways to show affection. Intimacy may be associated with sex, but it also includes kissing, hugging, and touching. Kiss and hug your partner when you’re together. Hold their hand, sit next to them, and cuddle with them as well. This closeness will contribute to the strengthening of your bond.

When you part ways and reunite, make a habit of hugging and kissing.

Sit close to each other so that your bodies are touching while watching TV.

3. Thank them for the kind things they’ve done for you. It’s easy to overlook the little things your partner does for you. Recognize their actions and express your gratitude when they do something nice. Every day, try to thank your partner for something to show how much you appreciate them. This can help you get closer together.

For example, you could say, “Thank you so much for clearing the table,” “Thank you for picking up the groceries so I could work out,” or “I appreciate your assistance with dinner.”

4. Pay attention to your partner’s thoughts and feelings. While physical intimacy is desirable, emotional intimacy is equally important for a healthy relationship. Listen to what your partner is going through to strengthen your emotional connection. Ask them to open up more to you, and paraphrase what they say back to you so they know you heard them.

Encourage them to speak up by saying things like, “Tell me how things have been going at work recently,” or “I’ve noticed you’ve been upset.” Can we discuss it?”

Then, paraphrase what they say by saying things like, “It sounds like you’ve been really stressed lately,” or “Are you saying you’re worried we won’t have enough money?”

5. Show that you care by performing acts of kindness. Doing nice things for your partner shows them that you care about them. Set a goal of doing at least one nice thing for your partner each week to bring you closer together. For example, you could do one of the following:

Write a love letter to them.

Please do them a favour.

Give them a small token of your appreciation.

While you’re out getting takeout, pick up their favourite treat.

Send flowers to them at work.

Make a compliment to them.

6. To learn more about each other, ask each other deep personal questions. In order to build emotional intimacy, you should ask each other probing questions. Incorporate these conversations into your routine so that you are constantly getting to know one another. Spend a date night having a deep conversation, talk about your answers in the car, or ask and answer 1 question per day.

Make your own list or search for one online. For example, you could ask, “What are the top five rules you live by?” “How would you spend your ideal vacation?” “What would you do with a million dollars?” “Is there anything about yourself that you wish you could change?” and “How would you describe your ideal life?”

Tip: After being with someone for a while, you may feel as if you know everything about them. Asking each other deep questions helps you keep the excitement of getting to know someone alive in your relationship for a longer period of time.

Method 2: Spending Quality Time Together

1. At least once a week, go on a real date. Going on dates allows you and your partner to have intimate experiences. It also allows you to let loose and have fun together, which is essential in a relationship. Invite your partner out at least once a week, and look for enjoyable activities to do with them.

Look for flyers or Facebook events that sound interesting, such as festivals, live music, or holiday celebrations.

Be impulsive! For example, invite them to the park after dinner to watch the sunset.

Variation: There are times when going out is simply not an option. When this occurs, plan a date night at home. Prepare a candlelit dinner and dance to your favourite songs, for example. Share dinner and a movie via video call if you’re in a long-distance relationship.

2. Engage in a fun activity to bring you closer together. Playing together allows you to have more fun and feel more relaxed as a group. This allows you to enjoy your time together and grow closer. Playing sports, board games, going to an arcade, or taking an art class together are all fun ways to spend time together.

Make a list of fun activities that each of you would like to do. Include activities such as going to a theme park, playing beach volleyball, and bowling.

3. Make something as a group. Making something necessitates collaboration between you and your partner. This will help you become a better team member and may provide you with something to laugh about. Invite your partner to collaborate on a new project. Here are some suggestions:

Make a meal.

Create a work of art.

Decorate a space.

Make a birdhouse.

Make holiday ornaments.

Make a porch swing.

4. Create unique anniversaries to commemorate. You most likely already commemorate the day you began dating your partner. Your relationship, on the other hand, may have other anniversaries that you can commemorate. Having special anniversaries that only you and your partner share is special and may help you grow closer, so plan silly or personal celebration days with your partner.

Assume your first weekend trip together occurred on the second weekend of October. You could spend that weekend away every year.

Assume you tried sushi for the first time on your third date. You could make a note of that day and celebrate “sushi virgin” day every year by trying a new type of fish or a specialty roll.

Method 3: Enhancing Your Sexual Life

1. Send flirtatious texts to each other as part of your pre-play. You’re probably aware that foreplay is critical, but it can be difficult to light your partner’s fire. Text messages that are risqué or naughty may help you both get in the mood for sex later. Tell your partner about a fantasy you’re having or what you want to do to them later. If your partner is in a location where they can check their phone discreetly, send them a revealing photo of you.

You could text them something like, “I’m thinking about what I want to do to your body later,” or “You looked great getting out of the shower this morning.” I’m hoping we can do it again tonight.”

You could also send a picture of yourself pulling up your skirt or showing a bulge in your pants.

When you send the texts, keep in mind where your partner will be and what they might be doing. While they’re working, it’s probably okay to send them slightly flirtatious texts, but don’t send a nude photo or a highly risque text if you know they’re at work or doing something important.

2. Experiment in the bedroom to make things more interesting. After being with someone for a while, you may begin to feel that sex isn’t as exciting. This can reduce your sex drive and make you feel disconnected from your partner. Fortunately, trying new things may rekindle the fire in your relationship. Play around in the bedroom so that you and your partner can have some fun.

Get a Kama Sutra book, for example, and experiment with different positions.

Toys can be used to increase your enjoyment.

To spice things up, try sex dice.

Use handcuffs or rope to restrain yourself.

Eat each other’s food.

3. Talk about sex in your everyday life to arouse your desire. Make sex a regular topic of discussion with your partner. Discuss your previous encounters, fantasies, and things you’d like to try. This may make you both more interested in and excited about having sex. It also fosters emotional intimacy because you are sharing with each other.

You might say, “Remember when we did it in the kitchen?” I hope we can do it again the next time the house is empty,” or “I had a daydream in which you licked whipped cream off of me, and now I can’t stop thinking about it.”

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