How to Put Your Arm Around a Girl

Putting your arm around a girl for the first time can be intimidating. Often, the most difficult part is deciding when and where to do it. You can take this important relationship step easily and confidently if you pay attention to her cues and choose scenarios that allow you to be smooth rather than awkward.

Method 1: Preparing for It

1. Keep an eye out for signals. The most important thing to remember when putting your arm around a girl is to make sure she wants you to. Have you ever hung out as more than just friends? Has she been the one to invite you to hang out? Does she smile, meet your gaze, and appear pleased to see you when you see her? Do you text and talk to each other on a daily basis? If that’s the case, she’s probably ready for you to wrap your arm around her.

She likes you if she seems to take every opportunity to “accidentally” brush up against you or otherwise make physical contact. If you put your arm around her, she will most likely be overjoyed.

Wait if you’ve just met her or if you don’t know her well.

If she’s flirting with you but hasn’t taken it any further, you should probably wait until she gives you a few more solid signals.

2. Make sure she appears happy and at ease. Sneak a peek at her when you’re hanging out and you feel like it could be your moment. What is her expression like? Is she at ease and content? Does she appear at ease in your presence? Is she already leaning in for a closer look? These are all indications that it is time to make a move.

If she appears uneasy, stressed, or unhappy, it’s probably not a good time to put your arm around her, especially if you’ve never done so before.

Make certain she is fully immersed in the moment.

It’s not the right time, for example, if she’s engrossed in her phone, not interacting with you at all, and not sitting even remotely close to you.

3. Experiment with a preliminary arm touch. When you’re in the midst of a good conversation or a good laugh, test the waters by quickly and lightly touching her on the forearm. What is her reaction? Putting your arm around her if she flinches or withdraws suddenly is a bad idea.

If, on the other hand, she looks you in the eyes, smiles, or moves in closer to you when you touch her forearm, go for it!

You’re giving her a subtle heads up that you’re thinking about trying something a little more intimate by touching her forearm first.

She will most likely appreciate this gesture, whether or not she wants you to put your arm around her. It’s usually preferable to be prepared rather than caught off guard.

4. Be physically close enough to each other. It may appear to be a no-brainer, but before you go for it, take a quick look to ensure you can easily and smoothly put your arm around her. If you aren’t close enough to pull off the move smoothly, the gesture will most likely be awkward for both of you.

When you finally put your arm around her, you want it to look natural and comfortable.

If getting your arm around her seems like a stretch due to the distance, move closer to her and see how she reacts.

Making Your Move at the Movies, Method 2

1. On a Friday or Saturday night, go. Because most dates take place at night, choose an evening showing over a matinée. Furthermore, go see the movie on a Friday or Saturday night, as those are considered date nights by most people. You want to convey to her that you do, in fact, consider this to be a date.

If she agrees to go to the movies with you on a Friday or Saturday night, it’s a good sign that she sees you as more than just a friend.

Your courage should be boosted simply by her presence!

2. Choose between a romantic and a scary film. Either of these films will create an atmosphere conducive to wrapping your arm around a girl. A raunchy comedy or documentary, on the other hand, may not create the most romantic atmosphere.

Scary movies, in particular, work well because when people go through frightening experiences together, even if it is only a movie and not “real,” it creates a sense of closeness.

Before you take her to a horror movie, make sure she enjoys them. You want the experience to be enjoyable for her rather than terrifying.

3. Check to see if the seating will accommodate your movement. Examine the seating arrangement once the two of you have settled into the theatre. Are the seats sufficiently close together? Are they at ease? Do the seats make any strange or awkward sounds when you shift your weight? Is there an armrest between your seats, and if so, will it interfere with your movement? These are all things to think about.

If any of the scenarios listed above appear to be impeding your progress or creating an awkward situation, postpone them until a better time comes.

You’ll be able to pull off the move smoothly if your shoulders are touching when you sit in your seats.

4. Choose the appropriate time. The best time to make your move is during a romantic or scary scene in which she might appreciate some comfort. Avoid attempting to put your arm around her during a sex scene, as this could be awkward and send the wrong message.

Another bad time to try is during a pivotal or climactic scene, because your move may be more of a distraction to her than a romantic gesture if she’s engrossed in the movie.

Don’t get too caught up in the timing and end up not doing it!

5. Maintain a relaxed and informal demeanour. You will most likely be nervous, but try not to show it. If you are visibly stressed, your date will most likely feel the same way, which is not a good situation. Try to breathe slowly and evenly, and maintain a calm demeanour. If necessary, mentally remind yourself to relax every now and then.

Avoid fidgeting, which indicates nervousness.

To pull this off smoothly, try to make the move appear spontaneous to her (even if you planned every detail).

If you put your arm around her and it feels forced, she will notice, and it will most likely create an awkward, uncomfortable atmosphere.

Method 3: Creating Additional Opportunities

1. Take a walk together. When you go for a walk, you have the opportunity to spend some quality time together. It’s also a natural time to have a meaningful or sweet conversation with her, and because you’ll be walking side by side, it’s an ideal situation for you to put your arm around her.

Avoid bringing up anything heavy or negative. Walk slowly and with a relaxed body language.

Suggest going for a walk with her in a nearby park on a nice afternoon.

Another good reason to go for a walk is to do some window shopping or run an errand.

2. Keep a close eye on her. Wherever you are or whatever you are doing, always try to sit or stand close to her when it makes sense to do so. Obviously, don’t follow her into the bathroom or anything, but staying by her side creates a “couple” atmosphere and gives you plenty of opportunities to put your arm around her.

Give it a rest if she seems uncomfortable with your proximity or makes excuses to get away. You want her to feel liked rather than stalked.

3. Give her your coat. Be a gentleman and offer her your jacket if she appears cold or if you happen to be out together on a windy or overcast day. Not only will she think you’re romantic, but slipping your jacket over her shoulders allows you to sneak your arm around her.

Place the jacket delicately around her shoulders, then rest your arm naturally around them.

After you’ve wrapped your arm around her, smile at her and squeeze her shoulder.

When you do this, she will most likely look up at you, and the two of you will share a genuine moment of intimacy.

4. Use the traditional stretch and yawn move. If all else fails, try this timeless classic! Yawn a little and stretch your arms as casually as you can. Put one of your arms around her shoulders as you lower your arms. If this seems a little obvious, you can always overact the move in a cheesy, obvious way.

This will most likely make her laugh, and you should as well!

Sharing a laugh will break the ice and create a sense of comfort and ease between the two of you, and you’ll have your arm around her snugly.

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