How to Support an Artist When You’re on a Budget

Artists express themselves through their work, whether it is drawing and painting, sculpture, music, or any other form of creative expression. However, we understand that purchasing artwork that you enjoy can be quite costly. It’s fine if you can’t afford to buy anything right now, but there are plenty of other ways you can help them out. Continue reading for a variety of free ways to promote any local or mainstream artist you know!

1. Spread the word about their amazing work.

Encourage your friends to check out the artists you enjoy. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to get the person’s name out to the people you care about. Show their work to your friends, family, and anyone else you think will enjoy it in order to gain new followers.

2. Share their work online.

Reposting the artist on your own feed will allow you to reach out to more of your friends. If you haven’t already, follow the artists you like on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Share their posts so that other people who follow you can learn about their work. That way, you can get your friends and family excited about the project, which will help them gain more followers.

Rather than creating a new post with the image, try sharing the post directly from the person’s account. As a result, the artist will be able to see how popular their posts are, and you will be able to ensure that they are properly credited for their efforts.

3. Leave positive comments on their social media posts.

Let the person know you appreciate their efforts so they can feel encouraged. Look for posts that you really like on the artist’s social media pages. Like the post and leave a comment about how the piece makes you feel. You don’t have to comment on every single one of their posts, but even one positive message can make someone feel like they’re doing well.

For instance, you could say, “I adore the colours in this piece! I’m excited to see more!”

If you want to show your support for a musician, you could say something like, “That guitar solo in the chorus is insane! I can’t wait for you to release an album!”

4. Tag artists in social media posts.

To drive traffic to their page, include a link to the work in social media posts. If the artist you want to talk about is on social media, look for their username and include it in your post. They will be notified that you tagged them and will know you support them, but you will also make it easier for people who follow you to find more of their work.  You can either create your own post or respond to a thread in which someone is seeking recommendations.

For even more visibility, try incorporating a hashtag into your post. For example, for the hashtag “#10Days10Albums,” share a photo and a link to one of your favourite albums every day for ten days. Then, to persuade others to listen, write a short caption about why you like it.

5. Stream their work.

To show your support, watch videos, listen to music, and participate in livestreams. Look up the artist on websites such as YouTube and Twitch, and if they have a channel, subscribe to it. Tune in and watch them whenever they post a new video or go live. If you want to help a musician, see if you can listen to their music on streaming services like Bandcamp, Apple Music, or Spotify. This can help boost their views and popularity, exposing more people to their work.

Keep an eye on the artist’s social media pages to see when new content is released.

6. Write a fun blog post about the artist.

More specifically, describe what you admire about the creator and their work. If you already have a blog, consider including a post in your regular feed for your readers. When writing about the artist, discuss what you like about the art and how it makes you feel in order to persuade others to check it out. Include a few images of the work, making sure to obtain permission and credit the creator. Include links to all of the artist’s social media pages so that anyone reading can easily find them.

For instance, you could write blog posts titled “5 Digital Artists You Should Follow Right Now” or “My Favorite Indie Albums of 2020.”

7. Go to free shows and receptions.

If the artist and their work are in the area, go see them in person. Check the artist’s website or social media pages to see if any public showings have been announced. A gallery opening, art talk, closing reception, or concert could all take place. If possible, invite a few friends and try to attend for a short period of time to get other people in your community interested in their work.

Many artists base future appearances or performances on the number of people who attend. If a large crowd attends, they may be more willing to return for future performances.

8. Connect them with potential customers.

Give the artist’s contact information to those who require their services. If you meet an artist you like in person, try to find their contact information or ask for a business card. If you know someone who is looking for a commission or who is looking for one-of-a-kind artwork, please pass along the information you have. That way, someone who does have the funds to support the artist can do so.

For example, if you have a painter friend, you could say something like, “Oh, my friend does these really amazing abstract paintings that are exactly what you’re looking for.” Allow me to hand you his business card.”

9. Lend them a hand.

Volunteer to assist an artist friend with any work that needs to be done. Reach out to your local art friends and see what you can offer them, such as assisting with set-up for a show or posing for their work. If they do require assistance, offer it without expecting anything in return. Even if you can’t afford their pieces, they’ll be grateful that you’re assisting them.

10. Offer helpful critiques.

If you are close to the artist and also a creative, provide feedback. Only give direct criticism to people if you are friends with them and they respect your opinion. Give the artist your honest feedback about how the art makes you feel whenever they are working on new pieces. Discuss any ideas you have for the piece with them. That way, you demonstrate that you genuinely care about their work and wish the best for them.

For instance, you could say, “The colour red comes across as aggressive or angry in this piece.” Is that what you had in mind?”

Some people may be less receptive to your criticism than others. Remember that it is their art, and they are not required to listen to any feedback you provide.

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